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Current News and Events

Kootenai County Public Meeting Calendar

9/1/2014 - Labor Day Closure

The Kootenai County County Courthouse, DMV and Administration Building will be closed on Monday, September 1 in recognition of Labor Day. Regular business hours will resume on Tuesday, September 2.

8/18/2014 - Sesquicentennial Essay Contest on Kootenai County History


Open to all public, private and home-schooled students living in Kootenai County enrolled in grades 7 - 8 (middle school category) and grades 9 - 12 (high school category). Details regarding the essay contest may be found here.

Rules and guidelines for the contest may be found by clicking here.

The purpose of this contest is to increase awarenes... [Read More]

8/6/2014 - 2015 Budget Hearing

The Kootenai County Commissioners are pleased to announce the proposed 2015 budget of $79,646,264 is complete with no tax increase planned. Of this amount, $41,278,987 will be funded from property tax. The proposed budget is an overall increase compared to the current adopted budget of $75,105,242. An explanation of the opportunities and challenges for the FY2015 budget may be found by clicking here.


The Magistrates Commission of the First Judicial District is seeking applicants for the position of Magistrate Judge for Kootenai County to replace Magistrate Judge Barry Watson who will retire in December 2014. This position will be chambered in the Kootenai County Courthouse in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. The position is available January 1, 2015. Please click here for the Notice of Magistrate Recruitment and here for the Magistrate Application.

9/7/2014 - Solid Waste Facilities to Close Early

All Kootenai County Solid Waste facilities will close at 1:00pm on Sunday, September 7, 2014 for an Employee Appreciation Gathering. Our staff works very hard providing services to Kootenai County 7-days per week in all kinds of weather. Therefore, we will close ALL Solid Waste facilities at 1:00 p.m. on Sunday, September 7, 2014. All facilities will resume normal operations at 8:00 a.m. on Monday, September 8, 2014.

7/18/2014 - Citylink to Build Transit Center in Coeur d'Alene

Tribe, County jointly purchase Riverstone lots

Citylink will soon have a permanent presence in Coeur d'Alene's Riverstone development.
Citylink began services with three buses in November 2005. The bus service has been operating out of a gravel lot in Riverstone since 2005. Over the past couple of years, Citylink has paid rent to Riverstone for use of the lot, but t... [Read More]

7/11/2014 - Public Awareness Program Aimed at Aquifer Protection

While most of us probably never consider it, liquids that flow into drywells and catch basins eventually end up in our drinking water-either directly or indirectly.

To raise awareness of this fact, the cities of Coeur d'Alene and Post Falls, in cooperation with Kootenai County, have invested $2,000 on stormwater disks that remind the public not to dump impure liquids.

The disks will soon be mounted on curbs and pavement next to drywells and catch basins in an effort to protect the Rathdrum Aquifer, which is the sole source of ... [Read More]

5/20/2014 - Primary Election Results

May 2014 Primary election results may be found here

4/30/2014 - Kootenai County Annual Boat Launch Pass

Please click here for your 2014 Annual Boat Launch Pass.
Your pass may be purchased on-line and the County Parks and Waterways Department will mail it to you.

Click here to view sites where Boat Launch Passes are required. Annual launch passes for your vehicle may be purchased for $20 for boats registered in Idaho, an... [Read More]

8/18/2014 - North Idaho Fair & Rodeo Celebrates Kootenai County's 150th Anniversary

The Kootenai County Commissioners and North Idaho Fair Board are pleased to announce this year's North Idaho Fair & Rodeo events which feature a milestone celebration that only occurs once in a lifetime. The Fair will commemorate Kootenai County's 150th Anniversary with the dedication of a new grand entryway into the facility. Features include a new Main Gate with state-of-the-art ticketing booths sponsored by Idaho Forest Group and the ACI Northwest Plaza with a monument designed by loc... [Read More]

4/9/2014 - 2013 Solid Waste Stream Analysis

The Solid Waste Department is pleased to present the 2013 Waste Stream Analysis. This is an important historical record and planning tool for Kootenai County. It provides historical perspective that helps us project future trends. All detailed reporting information can be viewed at the Idaho DEQ office in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho or at the Administration Office of the Kootenai County Solid Waste Department.

Download a pdf version of the annual report ... [Read More]

1/2/2014 - Coeur d'Alene Airport Master Plan

The Coeur d'Alene Airport has just completed an update to its 2000 Master Plan. Please click here to view the website for the 2012 Master Plan. This Plan provides information on historic and current airport activities, evaluates projected future airport activities, and identifies a plan to direct and accommodate airport improvement and development - all in an effort to expand Coeur d'Alene Airport's service to its users and its community.

10/1/2012 - Kootenai County Facility Master Plan

There was a public meeting held to discuss the Kootenai County Facility Master Plan in October of 2012. Additional information may be found in the press release listed here.

To preview the plan please click here.

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It is the mission of Kootenai County government to provide professional service with regard to public safety, essential service, preservation of natural resources and the responsible management of public assets for the common well-being of our citizens.

Vision Statement

An innovative, cost effective government the community can be proud of, committed to a high quality of life and excellence in public service.

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