Kootenai County, Idaho

Commissioner Bob Bingham
District 3

Commissioner Chris Fillios
District 2

Commissioner Marc Eberlein
District 1

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P: (208) 446-1600

Physical Address:
451 Government Way
Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814
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Kootenai County Public Meeting Agendas

The Board of County Commissioners hold their weekly business meeting every Tuesday at 2:00pm on the 3rd floor of the Administration building at 451 Government Way, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho unless otherwise posted. The rest of the County public meetings, including the Business Meetings, may be found on the County's Public Meeting calendar. Minutes of the meetings may be found here.

Other agendas of meetings may be found at the following links:

Airport Advisory Board
Community Development
Parks and Waterways

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Files from 2014

 View File  12/30/2014  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Indigent Hearings  
 View File  12/30/2014  Business Meeting  Agenda  Business Meeting  
 View File  12/29/2014  Meeting Notice Dec 29 - Jan 2  Notices  Meeting Notice Dec 29 - Jan 2  
 View File  12/29/2014  Commissioners' Debriefing  Agenda  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  12/22/2014  Meeting Notice Dec 22 - Dec 26  Notices  Meeting Notice Dec 22 - Dec 26  
 View File  12/22/2014  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  12/22/2014  Business Meeting  Agenda  Business Meeting  
 View File  12/22/2014  Airport Advisory Board  Agenda  Airport Advisory Board  
 View File  12/19/2014  Planning Commission Interview  Agenda  Planning Commission Interview  
 View File  12/19/2014  Planning Commission Interview  Agenda  Planning Commission Interview  
 View File  12/19/2014  Annual Exit Audit Meeting  Agenda  Annual Exit Audit Meeting  
 View File  12/19/2014  Annual Exit Audit Meeting   Agenda  Annual Exit Audit Meeting   
 View File  12/18/2014  Paratransit Recommendations  Agenda  Paratransit Recommendations  
 View File  12/18/2014  Community Development Deliberations  Agenda  Community Development Deliberations  
 View File  12/18/2014  Airport Workshop Recap  Agenda  Airport Workshop Recap  
 View File  12/17/2014  Airport Presentation Preview  Agenda  Airport Presentation Preview  
 View File  12/17/2014  Airport Master Plan Workshop  Agenda  Airport Master Plan Workshop  
 View File  12/16/2014  Sun Up Bay Trespass Discussion  Agenda  Sun Up Bay Trespass Discussion  
 View File  12/16/2014  Business Meeting  Agenda  Business Meeting  
 View File  12/15/2014  Preparation Meeting - Airport Master Plan  Agenda  Preparation Meeting - Airport Master Plan  
 View File  12/15/2014  Fairgrounds Handicapped Parking  Agenda  Fairgrounds Handicapped Parking  
 View File  12/15/2014  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(a)  Agenda  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(a)  
 View File  12/15/2014  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  12/11/2014  Budget and VOIP Discussion  Agenda  Budget and VOIP Discussion  
 View File  12/10/2014  HR Action Items  Agenda  HR Action Items  
 View File  12/10/2014  Airport Billing Process Preview  Agenda  Airport Billing Process Preview  
 View File  12/09/2014  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Indigent Hearings  
 View File  12/08/2014  Meeting Notice Dec 8 - Dec 12  Notices  Meeting Notice Dec 8 - Dec 12  
 View File  12/08/2014  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(b)  Agenda  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(b)  
 View File  12/08/2014  Commissioners' Debriefing  Agenda  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  12/05/2014  Forest Service - Army Reserve Lease  Agenda  Forest Service - Army Reserve Lease  
 View File  12/03/2014  Requests for Cancellation of Taxes  Agenda  Requests for Cancellation of Taxes  
 View File  12/03/2014  Advisory Board Interviews 10am  Agenda  Advisory Board Interviews 10am  
 View File  12/03/2014  Advisory Board Interview 330pm  Agenda  Advisory Board Interview 330pm  
 View File  12/03/2014  Advisory Board Interview 1030am  Agenda  Advisory Board Interview 1030am  
 View File  12/03/2014  Advisory Board Applicant Review  Agenda  Advisory Board Applicant Review  
 View File  12/02/2014  Position Review Committee Recommendations  Agenda  Position Review Committee Recommendations  
 View File  12/02/2014  Indigent Agenda  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  12/02/2014  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  12/02/2014  Advisory Board Interview 4pm  Agenda  Advisory Board Interview 4pm  
 View File  12/02/2014  Advisory Board Interview 330pm  Agenda  Advisory Board Interview 330pm  
 View File  12/01/2014  Meeting Notice Dec 1 - Dec 5  Notices  Meeting Notice Dec 1 - Dec 5  
 View File  12/01/2014  Commissioners' Debriefing  Agenda  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  11/25/2014  Review of Budget Status Report  Agenda  Review of Budget Status Report  
 View File  11/25/2014  County Property Taxes and Fees  Agenda  County Property Taxes and Fees  
 View File  11/25/2014  CDA and Chilco Disposal Sites  Agenda  CDA and Chilco Disposal Sites  
 View File  11/25/2014  Business Meeting  Agenda  Business Meeting  
 View File  11/24/2014  Meeting Notice Nov 24 - Nov 28  Notices  Meeting Notice Nov 24 - Nov 28  
 View File  11/24/2014  Commissioners' Debriefing  Agenda  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  11/21/2014  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(a)  Agenda  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(a)  
 View File  11/20/2014  Refund Request  Agenda  Refund Request  
 View File  11/19/2014  Elected Officials  Agenda  Elected Officials  
 View File  11/19/2014  Department Heads  Agenda  Department Heads  
 View File  11/18/2014  Phone Promotion Discussion  Agenda  Phone Promotion Discussion  
 View File  11/18/2014  Business Meeting  Agenda  Business Meeting  
 View File  11/17/2014  Meeting Notice Nov 17 - Nov 21  Notices  Meeting Notice Nov 17 - Nov 21  
 View File  11/17/2014  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  11/17/2014  Commissioners' Debriefing  Agenda  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  11/13/2014  Requests for Cancellation of Taxes  Agenda  Requests for Cancellation of Taxes  
 View File  11/13/2014  Canvass of November 4 Election  Agenda  Canvass of November 4 Election  
 View File  11/10/2014  Meeting Notice Nov 10 - Nov 14  Notices  Meeting Notice Nov 10 - Nov 14  
 View File  11/10/2014  Commissioners' Debriefing  Agenda  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  11/10/2014  Business Meeting  Agenda  Business Meeting  
 View File  11/07/2014  Facility Policy  Agenda  Facility Policy  
 View File  11/07/2014  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(b)  Agenda  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(b)  
 View File  11/06/2014  Community Development Deliberations  Agenda  Community Development Deliberations  
 View File  11/05/2014  Requests for Cancellation of Taxes  Agenda  Requests for Cancellation of Taxes  
 View File  11/05/2014  Discussion of Airport Issues  Agenda  Discussion of Airport Issues  
 View File  11/05/2014  Airport Discussion with FAA  Agenda  Airport Discussion with FAA  
 View File  11/04/2014  Justware Discussion  Agenda  Justware Discussion  
 View File  11/04/2014  Fleet Mgmt Task Force Bid Proposal  Agenda  Fleet Mgmt Task Force Bid Proposal  
 View File  11/04/2014  Business Meeting  Agenda  Business Meeting  
 View File  11/04/2014  Airport Advisory Board - Hiring  Agenda  Airport Advisory Board - Hiring  
 View File  11/03/2014  Meeting Notice Nov 3 - Nov 7  Notices  Meeting Notice Nov 3 - Nov 7  
 View File  11/03/2014  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  11/03/2014  Commissioners' Debriefing  Agenda  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  10/29/2014  District Court Procedures for Buildings & Grounds  Agenda  District Court Procedures for Buildings & Grounds  
 View File  10/28/2014  Business Meeting  Agenda  Business Meeting  
 View File  10/28/2014  Airport Advisory Board Update  Agenda  Airport Advisory Board Update  
 View File  10/27/2014  Commissioners' Debriefing  Agenda  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  10/22/2014  Elected Officials  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  10/21/2014  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  10/21/2014  Domino  Agenda  agenda  
 View File  10/21/2014  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  10/20/2014  Debriefing  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  10/20/2014  Community Development Update  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  10/17/2014  Solid Waste Recycling Fees  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  10/17/2014  CliftonLarsonAllen Planning Mtg  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  10/15/2014  Kootenai County Council on Aging  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  10/14/2014  Debriefing  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  10/14/2014  Commissioners' Debriefing  Agenda  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  10/14/2014  Business Meeting Agenda 10-14-14  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  10/13/2014  Meeting Notice Oct 13 - 17  Notices  Meeting Notice Oct 13 - 17  
 View File  10/10/2014  Meeting with Senator Crapo  Agenda  Meeting with Senator Crapo  
 View File  10/10/2014  FY14 Budget Amendment Hearing  Agenda  FY14 Budget Amendment Hearing  
 View File  10/09/2014  Community Development Hearing  Agenda  Community Development Hearing  
 View File  10/07/2014  PRC Advisory Board Recommendations  Agenda  PRC Advisory Board Recommendations  
 View File  10/07/2014  FTA System Discussion  Agenda  FTA System Discussion  
 View File  10/07/2014  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(f)  Agenda  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(f)  
 View File  10/07/2014  DEQ and BNSF Discussion  Agenda  DEQ and BNSF Discussion  
 View File  10/07/2014  Business Meeting  Agenda  Business Meeting  
 View File  10/07/2014  Annual Treasurer's Settlement  Agenda  Annual Treasurer's Settlement  
 View File  10/06/2014  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  10/06/2014  Commissioners' Debriefing  Agenda  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  10/02/2014  PRC Advisory Board Recommendations  Agenda  PRC Advisory Board Recommendations  
 View File  10/02/2014  Justware Case Management Timeline  Agenda  Justware Case Management Timeline  
 View File  10/01/2014  Water Adjudication Discussion  Agenda  Water Adjudication Discussion  
 View File  10/01/2014  Requests for Cancellation of Taxes  Agenda  Requests for Cancellation of Taxes  
 View File  10/01/2014  Grant Management Organization & Staffing  Agenda  Grant Management Organization & Staffing  
 View File  10/01/2014  Elected Officials  Agenda  Elected Officials  
 View File  10/01/2014  Department Heads  Agenda  Department Heads  
 View File  09/30/2014  Tax Exempt Applications  Agenda  Tax Exempt Applications  
 View File  09/30/2014  Business Meeting  Agenda  Business Meeting  
 View File  09/29/2014  Meeting Notice Sept 29 - Oct 3  Notices  Meeting Notice Sept 29 - Oct 3  
 View File  09/29/2014  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  09/29/2014  Commissioners' Debriefing  Agenda  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  09/23/2014  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Indigent Hearings  
 View File  09/23/2014  Business Meeting  Agenda  Business Meeting  
 View File  09/22/2014  Meeting Notice Sept 22 - 26  Notices  Meeting Notice Sept 22 - 26  
 View File  09/22/2014  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  09/22/2014  Commissioners' Debriefing  Agenda  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  09/22/2014  Airiport Advisory Board Update  Agenda  Airiport Advisory Board Update  
 View File  09/19/2014  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(b)  Agenda  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(b)  
 View File  09/19/2014  Customer Service Discussion  Agenda  Customer Service Discussion  
 View File  09/19/2014  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  09/18/2014  Community Development Deliberations  Agenda  Community Development Deliberations  
 View File  09/16/2014  Business Meeting  Agenda  Business Meeting  
 View File  09/15/2014  Meeting Notice Sept 15 - Sept 19  Notices  Meeting Notice Sept 15 - Sept 19  
 View File  09/12/2014  Kootenai County Transit Update  Agenda  Kootenai County Transit Update  
 View File  09/12/2014  District Court Budget Discussion  Agenda  District Court Budget Discussion  
 View File  09/10/2014  Airport Master Plan Discussion  Agenda  Airport Master Plan Discussion  
 View File  09/09/2014  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Indigent Hearings  
 View File  09/09/2014  Human Resources Update  Agenda  Human Resources Update  
 View File  09/09/2014  Business Meeting  Agenda  Business Meeting  
 View File  09/08/2014  Public Defender Space Design Review  Agenda  Public Defender Space Design Review  
 View File  09/08/2014  Meeting Notice Sept 8 - Sept 12  Notices  Meeting Notice Sept 8 - Sept 12  
 View File  09/08/2014  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(f)  Agenda  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(f)  
 View File  09/08/2014  Commissioners' Debriefing  Agenda  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  09/05/2014  Pro-QA Contract  Agenda  Pro-QA Contract  
 View File  09/04/2014  Waterways Advisory Board Update  Agenda  Waterways Advisory Board Update  
 View File  09/04/2014  Strategic Planning Meeting  Agenda  Strategic Planning Meeting  
 View File  09/04/2014  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(b)  Agenda  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(b)  
 View File  09/04/2014  Community Development Deliberations  Agenda  Community Development Deliberations  
 View File  09/03/2014  Requests for Cancellation of Taxes  Agenda  Requests for Cancellation of Taxes  
 View File  09/03/2014  Kootenai Area Planning Reconciliation  Agenda  Kootenai Area Planning Reconciliation  
 View File  09/03/2014  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  09/02/2014  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Indigent Hearings  
 View File  09/02/2014  ICRMP Renewal Presentation  Agenda  ICRMP Renewal Presentation  
 View File  09/02/2014  Commissioners' Debriefing  Agenda  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  09/02/2014  Business Meeting  Agenda  Business Meeting  
 View File  09/01/2014  Meeting Notices September 1-5  Notices  Meeting Notices September 1-5  
 View File  08/28/2014  KC Surplus Property  Agenda  KC Surplus Property  
 View File  08/27/2014  Matrices Lateral  Agenda  Matrices Lateral  
 View File  08/27/2014  Budget Public Hearing  Agenda  Budget Public Hearing  
 View File  08/27/2014  Airport Presentation Preview  Agenda  Airport Presentation Preview  
 View File  08/26/2014  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Indigent Hearings  
 View File  08/26/2014  Business Meeting Agenda  Agenda  Business Meeting Agenda  
 View File  08/25/2014  Meeting Notices August 25-29  Notices  Meeting Notices August 25-29  
 View File  08/25/2014  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  08/25/2014  BOCC Debriefing  Agenda  BOCC Debriefing  
 View File  08/19/2014  Tax Exempt Application Hearings  Agenda  Tax Exempt Application Hearings  
 View File  08/19/2014  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Indigent Hearings  
 View File  08/19/2014  Business Meeting Agenda  Agenda  Business Meeting Agenda  
 View File  08/18/2014  Meeting Notices August 18-22  Notices  Meeting Notices August 18-22  
 View File  08/18/2014  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  08/18/2014  BOCC Debriefing  Agenda  BOCC Debriefing  
 View File  08/18/2014  Airport Master Plan Update  Agenda  Airport Master Plan Update  
 View File  08/18/2014  Airport Audit Update  Agenda  Airport Audit Update  
 View File  08/14/2014  Community Development Deliberations  Agenda  Community Development Deliberations  
 View File  08/12/2014  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Indigent Hearings  
 View File  08/12/2014  Business Meeting Agenda  Agenda  Business Meeting Agenda  
 View File  08/11/2014  Sun Up Bay  Agenda  Sun Up Bay  
 View File  08/11/2014  Meeting Notices August 11-15  Notices  Meeting Notices August 11-15  
 View File  08/11/2014  BOCC Debriefing  Agenda  BOCC Debriefing  
 View File  08/08/2014  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(b  Agenda  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(b  
 View File  08/07/2014  HR Benefits Update  Agenda  HR Benefits Update  
 View File  08/07/2014  Community Development Deliberations  Agenda  Community Development Deliberations  
 View File  08/07/2014  Capturing County Indirect Costs  Agenda  Capturing County Indirect Costs  
 View File  08/06/2014  Requests for Cancellation of Taxes  Agenda  Requests for Cancellation of Taxes  
 View File  08/05/2014  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Indigent Hearings  
 View File  08/05/2014  Business Meeting Agenda  Agenda  Business Meeting Agenda  
 View File  08/04/2014  Meeting Notices Aug 4-8  Notices  Meeting Notices Aug 4-8  
 View File  08/04/2014  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(a)(b)  Agenda  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(a)(b)  
 View File  08/04/2014  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  08/04/2014  Architects West  Agenda  Architects West  
 View File  07/31/2014  Community Development Deliberations  Agenda  Community Development Deliberations  
 View File  07/29/2014  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Indigent Hearings  
 View File  07/29/2014  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(a)(b)  Agenda  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(a)(b)  
 View File  07/29/2014  Business Meeting Agenda  Agenda  Business Meeting Agenda  
 View File  07/29/2014  9-1-1 Staffing Salary Issues  Agenda  9-1-1 Staffing Salary Issues  
 View File  07/28/2014  Quaterly Highway District  Agenda  Quaterly Highway District  
 View File  07/28/2014  Meeting Notices July 28 - August 1  Notices  Meeting Notices July 28 - August 1  
 View File  07/28/2014  FY15 Budget Review  Agenda  FY15 Budget Review  
 View File  07/28/2014  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  07/28/2014  BOCC Debriefing  Agenda  BOCC Debriefing  
 View File  07/28/2014  Airport Advisory Board  Agenda  Airport Advisory Board  
 View File  07/23/2014  FAA Reps  Agenda  FAA Reps  
 View File  07/23/2014  Elected Officials Meeting  Agenda  Elected Officials Meeting  
 View File  07/23/2014  BOCC Department Heads  Agenda  BOCC Department Heads  
 View File  07/22/2014  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Indigent Hearings  
 View File  07/22/2014  Business Meeting Agenda  Agenda  Business Meeting Agenda  
 View File  07/22/2014  7-22-2014 Budget Deliberations  Agenda  7-22-2014 Budget Deliberations  
 View File  07/21/2014  Meeting Notices July 21-25  Notices  Meeting Notices July 21-25  
 View File  07/21/2014  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  07/18/2014  Jail Budget Deliberations  Agenda  Jail Budget Deliberations  
 View File  07/17/2014  BOCC Public Hearing AM Agenda District Court  Agenda  BOCC Public Hearing AM Agenda District Court  
 View File  07/16/2014  Requests for Cancellation of Taxes  Agenda  Requests for Cancellation of Taxes  
 View File  07/16/2014  Kim Edmondson- KCSD  Agenda  Kim Edmondson- KCSD  
 View File  07/16/2014  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(b)  Agenda  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(b)  
 View File  07/15/2014  Rose Lake Cemetery  Agenda  Rose Lake Cemetery  
 View File  07/15/2014  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Indigent Hearings  
 View File  07/15/2014  Business Meeting Agenda  Agenda  Business Meeting Agenda  
 View File  07/14/2014  Meeting Notices July 14-18  Notices  Meeting Notices July 14-18  
 View File  07/14/2014  Jody Bieze  Agenda  Jody Bieze  
 View File  07/14/2014  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  07/14/2014  BOCC Debriefing  Agenda  BOCC Debriefing  
 View File  07/14/2014  7-14-14 BOE Appeals 2  Agenda  7-14-14 BOE Appeals 2  
 View File  07/14/2014  7-14-14 BOE Appeals 1  Agenda  7-14-14 BOE Appeals 1  
 View File  07/11/2014  Tax Exempt Application Hearings  Agenda  Tax Exempt Application Hearings  
 View File  07/11/2014  IAC District 1  Agenda  IAC District 1  
 View File  07/11/2014  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(b)  Agenda  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(b)  
 View File  07/10/2014  Budget Deliberations  Agenda  Budget Deliberations  
 View File  07/10/2014  BOCC Public Hearing Agenda  Agenda  BOCC Public Hearing Agenda  
 View File  07/10/2014  7-10-14 BOE Appeals  Agenda  7-10-14 BOE Appeals  
 View File  07/09/2014  7-9-14 BOE Appeals  Agenda  7-9-14 BOE Appeals  
 View File  07/08/2014  Wellness Program Discussion Budget Deliberations  Agenda  Wellness Program Discussion Budget Deliberations  
 View File  07/08/2014  Business Meeting Agenda  Agenda  Business Meeting Agenda  
 View File  07/08/2014  7-8-14 BOE Appeals 2  Agenda  7-8-14 BOE Appeals 2  
 View File  07/08/2014  7-8-14 BOE Appeals 1  Agenda  7-8-14 BOE Appeals 1  
 View File  07/07/2014  Meeting Notices July 7-11  Notices  Meeting Notices July 7-11  
 View File  07/07/2014  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  07/07/2014  BOCC Debriefing  Agenda  BOCC Debriefing  
 View File  07/07/2014  7-7-14 BOE Appeals  Agenda  7-7-14 BOE Appeals  
 View File  07/02/2014  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(b)  Agenda  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(b)  
 View File  07/02/2014  7-2-14 BOE Appeals 3  Agenda  7-2-14 BOE Appeals 3  
 View File  07/02/2014  7-2-14 BOE Appeals 2  Agenda  7-2-14 BOE Appeals 2  
 View File  07/02/2014  7-2-14 BOE Appeals 1  Agenda  7-2-14 BOE Appeals 1  
 View File  07/01/2014  Business Meeting Agenda  Agenda  Business Meeting Agenda  
 View File  07/01/2014  7-1-14 BOE Appeals 3  Agenda  7-1-14 BOE Appeals 3  
 View File  07/01/2014  7-1-14 BOE Appeals 2  Agenda  7-1-14 BOE Appeals 2  
 View File  07/01/2014  7-1-14 BOE Appeals 1  Agenda  7-1-14 BOE Appeals 1  
 View File  06/30/2014  Meeting Notices June 30-4  Notices  Meeting Notices June 30-4  
 View File  06/30/2014  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  06/30/2014  BOCC Debriefing  Agenda  BOCC Debriefing  
 View File  06/30/2014  6-30-14 BOE Appeals  Agenda  6-30-14 BOE Appeals  
 View File  06/27/2014  BOE Appeals 2  Agenda  BOE Appeals 2  
 View File  06/27/2014  BOE Appeals 1  Agenda  BOE Appeals 1  
 View File  06/26/2014  Solid Waste Contract  Agenda  Solid Waste Contract  
 View File  06/26/2014  Comm Dev Deliberations  Agenda  Comm Dev Deliberations  
 View File  06/26/2014  BOE Appeals  Agenda  BOE Appeals  
 View File  06/25/2014  PRC Follow Up  Agenda  PRC Follow Up  
 View File  06/25/2014  BOCC Department Heads  Agenda  BOCC Department Heads  
 View File  06/25/2014  6-25-2014 Budget Deliberations - Benefits  Agenda  6-25-2014 Budget Deliberations - Benefits  
 View File  06/25/2014  6-25-2014 Budget Deliberation 2  Agenda  6-25-2014 Budget Deliberation 2  
 View File  06/24/2014  Business Meeting Agenda  Agenda  Business Meeting Agenda  
 View File  06/24/2014  Aquifer Protection Budget  Agenda  Aquifer Protection Budget  
 View File  06/23/2014  Meeting Notices June 23-27  Notices  Meeting Notices June 23-27  
 View File  06/23/2014  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  06/23/2014  All Hazard Mitigation Plan Update  Agenda  All Hazard Mitigation Plan Update  
 View File  06/23/2014  Airport Discussion  Agenda  Airport Discussion  
 View File  06/23/2014  Airport Advisory Board  Agenda  Airport Advisory Board  
 View File  06/20/2014  Quarterly Fire Protection District  Agenda  Quarterly Fire Protection District  
 View File  06/20/2014  Historic Preservation  Agenda  Historic Preservation  
 View File  06/19/2014  Community Development Deliberations  Agenda  Community Development Deliberations  
 View File  06/19/2014  6-19-2014 Budget Deliberations - Benefits  Agenda  6-19-2014 Budget Deliberations - Benefits  
 View File  06/18/2014  PCard Internal Audit  Agenda  PCard Internal Audit  
 View File  06/18/2014  6-18-2014 Budget Deliberation-DC-Specialty Court  Agenda  6-18-2014 Budget Deliberation-DC-Specialty Court  
 View File  06/18/2014  6-18-2014 Budget Deliberation 2  Agenda  6-18-2014 Budget Deliberation 2  
 View File  06/17/2014  Business Meeting Agenda  Agenda  Business Meeting Agenda  
 View File  06/17/2014  6-17-2014 Budget Deliberation  Agenda  6-17-2014 Budget Deliberation  
 View File  06/16/2014  Meeting Notices June 16-20  Notices  Meeting Notices June 16-20  
 View File  06/16/2014  BOCC Debriefing  Agenda  BOCC Debriefing  
 View File  06/11/2014  6-11-2014 Budget Deliberation  Agenda  6-11-2014 Budget Deliberation  
 View File  06/10/2014  Requests for Cancellation of Taxes  Agenda  Requests for Cancellation of Taxes  
 View File  06/10/2014  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Indigent Hearings  
 View File  06/10/2014  Business Meeting Agenda  Agenda  Business Meeting Agenda  
 View File  06/09/2014  Meeting Notices June 9-13  Notices  Meeting Notices June 9-13  
 View File  06/09/2014  Kootenai Area Planning Workshop Agenda  Agenda  Kootenai Area Planning Workshop Agenda  
 View File  06/09/2014  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  06/09/2014  Budget Meeting-Annual Benefits Renewal  Agenda  Budget Meeting-Annual Benefits Renewal  
 View File  06/09/2014  Budget Consideration - Wild life Services  Agenda  Budget Consideration - Wild life Services  
 View File  06/09/2014  BOCC Debriefing  Agenda  BOCC Debriefing  
 View File  06/09/2014  6-9-2014 Budget Deliberation  Agenda  6-9-2014 Budget Deliberation  
 View File  06/06/2014  Kestrel West  Agenda  Kestrel West  
 View File  06/06/2014  6-6-2014 Budget Deliberation  Agenda  6-6-2014 Budget Deliberation  
 View File  06/05/2014  Community Development Dilberations  Agenda  Community Development Dilberations  
 View File  06/05/2014  6-5-2014 FY15 Budget Meeting-EMS  Agenda  6-5-2014 FY15 Budget Meeting-EMS  
 View File  06/05/2014  6-5-2014 Budget Deliberation  Agenda  6-5-2014 Budget Deliberation  
 View File  06/04/2014  Judicial Confirmation Determination  Agenda  Judicial Confirmation Determination  
 View File  06/04/2014  6-4-2014 Budget Deliberation 2  Agenda  6-4-2014 Budget Deliberation 2  
 View File  06/04/2014  6-4-2014 Budget Deliberation 1  Agenda  6-4-2014 Budget Deliberation 1  
 View File  06/03/2014  PW User Fee  Agenda  PW User Fee  
 View File  06/03/2014  PD Space  Agenda  PD Space  
 View File  06/03/2014  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Indigent Hearings  
 View File  06/03/2014  External Bank Accounts Follow Up  Agenda  External Bank Accounts Follow Up  
 View File  06/03/2014  Business Meeting Agenda  Agenda  Business Meeting Agenda  
 View File  06/03/2014  6-3-2014 Budget Deliberation  Agenda  6-3-2014 Budget Deliberation  
 View File  06/02/2014  Meeting Notices June 2-6  Notices  Meeting Notices June 2-6  
 View File  05/28/2014  External Bank Accounts Follow Up  Agenda  External Bank Accounts Follow Up  
 View File  05/28/2014  Elected Officials  Agenda  Elected Officials  
 View File  05/28/2014  5-28-2014 FY15 Budget Meeting-Airport  Agenda  5-28-2014 FY15 Budget Meeting-Airport  
 View File  05/27/2014  Incident Management Team  Agenda  Incident Management Team  
 View File  05/27/2014  Business Meeting Agenda  Agenda  Business Meeting Agenda  
 View File  05/27/2014  BOCC Debriefing  Agenda  BOCC Debriefing  
 View File  05/27/2014  5-27-2014 FY15 Budget Meeting-Sheriff Support  Agenda  5-27-2014 FY15 Budget Meeting-Sheriff Support  
 View File  05/26/2014  Meeting Notices May 26-30  Notices  Meeting Notices May 26-30  
 View File  05/22/2014  Community Development Deliberations  Agenda  Community Development Deliberations  
 View File  05/22/2014  5-22-2014 FY15 Budget Meeting  Agenda  5-22-2014 FY15 Budget Meeting  
 View File  05/21/2014  Tax Exempt Application Hearings  Agenda  Tax Exempt Application Hearings  
 View File  05/21/2014  LCDC-Urban Renewal Study  Agenda  LCDC-Urban Renewal Study  
 View File  05/21/2014  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(b)  Agenda  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(b)  
 View File  05/21/2014  5-21-2014 FY15 Budget Meeting 2  Agenda  5-21-2014 FY15 Budget Meeting 2  
 View File  05/21/2014  5-21-2014 FY15 Budget Meeting 1  Agenda  5-21-2014 FY15 Budget Meeting 1  
 View File  05/20/2014  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Indigent Hearings  
 View File  05/20/2014  Executive Session 67-2345 (1)(a)  Agenda  Executive Session 67-2345 (1)(a)  
 View File  05/20/2014  CdA 2030 Vision Project  Agenda  CdA 2030 Vision Project  
 View File  05/20/2014  Business Meeting Agenda  Agenda  Business Meeting Agenda  
 View File  05/20/2014  5-20-2014 FY15 Budget Meeting  Agenda  5-20-2014 FY15 Budget Meeting  
 View File  05/19/2014  Meeting Notices May 19-23  Notices  Meeting Notices May 19-23  
 View File  05/19/2014  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  05/19/2014  BOCC Debriefing  Notices  BOCC Debriefing  
 View File  05/19/2014  5-19-2014 FY15 Budget Meeting  Agenda  5-19-2014 FY15 Budget Meeting  
 View File  05/16/2014  Executive Session 67-2345 (1)(a) 3  Agenda  Executive Session 67-2345 (1)(a) 3  
 View File  05/16/2014  Executive Session 67-2345 (1)(a) 2  Agenda  Executive Session 67-2345 (1)(a) 2  
 View File  05/16/2014  Executive Session 67-2345 (1)(a) 1  Agenda  Executive Session 67-2345 (1)(a) 1  
 View File  05/16/2014  5-16-2014 FY15 Budget Meeting  Agenda  5-16-2014 FY15 Budget Meeting  
 View File  05/15/2014  Community Development Public Hearing  Agenda  Community Development Public Hearing  
 View File  05/14/2014  5-14-2014 FY15 Budget Meeting  Agenda  5-14-2014 FY15 Budget Meeting  
 View File  05/13/2014  Business Meeting Agenda  Agenda  Business Meeting Agenda  
 View File  05/13/2014  5-13-2014 FY15 Budget Meeting  Agenda  5-13-2014 FY15 Budget Meeting  
 View File  05/13/2014  5-13-14 Executive Session 67-2345 (1)(a)  Agenda  5-13-14 Executive Session 67-2345 (1)(a)  
 View File  05/12/2014  Public Hearing Confirmation Jail  Agenda  Public Hearing Confirmation Jail  
 View File  05/12/2014  Meeting Notices May 12-16  Agenda  Meeting Notices May 12-16  
 View File  05/12/2014  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  05/12/2014  BOCC Debriefing  Agenda  BOCC Debriefing  
 View File  05/12/2014  5-12-2014 FY15 Budget Meeting  Agenda  5-12-2014 FY15 Budget Meeting  
 View File  05/09/2014  Twin Lks Channel Debris  Agenda  Twin Lks Channel Debris  
 View File  05/09/2014  Mica Bay Project-Phase II  Agenda  Mica Bay Project-Phase II  
 View File  05/09/2014  5-9-2014 FY15 Budget Meeting 1  Agenda  5-9-2014 FY15 Budget Meeting 1  
 View File  05/08/2014  Community Development Public Hearing  Agenda  Community Development Public Hearing  
 View File  05/08/2014  Community Development Deliberations  Agenda  Community Development Deliberations  
 View File  05/08/2014  Airport Audit  Agenda  Airport Audit  
 View File  05/08/2014  5-8-2014 FY15 Budget Meeting  Agenda  5-8-2014 FY15 Budget Meeting  
 View File  05/07/2014  Public Records Discussion  Agenda  Public Records Discussion  
 View File  05/07/2014  PRC Advisory Brd Recommendation  Agenda  PRC Advisory Brd Recommendation  
 View File  05/07/2014  Food Service Pre-Negotiation-KCSO  Agenda  Food Service Pre-Negotiation-KCSO  
 View File  05/07/2014  5-7-2014 FY15 Budget Meeting 1  Agenda  5-7-2014 FY15 Budget Meeting 1  
 View File  05/06/2014  Strategic Planning  Agenda  Strategic Planning  
 View File  05/06/2014  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Indigent Hearings  
 View File  05/06/2014  FY15 Budget Meeting Kick Off  Agenda  FY15 Budget Meeting Kick Off  
 View File  05/06/2014  Business Meeting Agenda  Agenda  Business Meeting Agenda  
 View File  05/05/2014  Meeting Notices May 5-9  Agenda  Meeting Notices May 5-9  
 View File  05/05/2014  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(b)  Agenda  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(b)  
 View File  05/05/2014  BOCC Debriefing  Agenda  BOCC Debriefing  
 View File  05/02/2014  PW User Fee  Agenda  PW User Fee  
 View File  05/02/2014  External Bank Accounts  Agenda  External Bank Accounts  
 View File  05/02/2014  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(b)  Agenda  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(b)  
 View File  05/01/2014  DC FY15 Budget Requests  Agenda  DC FY15 Budget Requests  
 View File  05/01/2014  Community Development Deliberations  Agenda  Community Development Deliberations  
 View File  04/30/2014  Union Pacific Railroad  Agenda  Union Pacific Railroad  
 View File  04/30/2014  PHD-Draft Budget  Agenda  PHD-Draft Budget  
 View File  04/30/2014  Letter of Support-BNSF  Agenda  Letter of Support-BNSF  
 View File  04/29/2014  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Indigent Hearings  
 View File  04/29/2014  Business Meeting Agenda  Agenda  Business Meeting Agenda  
 View File  04/29/2014  2014 Airport Audit  Agenda  2014 Airport Audit  
 View File  04/28/2014  Quaterly Highway District  Agenda  Quaterly Highway District  
 View File  04/28/2014  Meeting Notices April 28-May 2  Notices  Meeting Notices April 28-May 2  
 View File  04/28/2014  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  04/28/2014  BOCC Debriefing  Agenda  BOCC Debriefing  
 View File  04/28/2014  Airport Advisory Board  Agenda  Airport Advisory Board  
 View File  04/25/2014  HARSB-Expansion Phase 1  Agenda  HARSB-Expansion Phase 1  
 View File  04/25/2014  Consultant Issues-Airport Advisory Brd  Agenda  Consultant Issues-Airport Advisory Brd  
 View File  04/24/2014  Community Development Deliberations  Agenda  Community Development Deliberations  
 View File  04/23/2014  Natural Resource Advisory Board  Agenda  Natural Resource Advisory Board  
 View File  04/23/2014  Kestrel West  Agenda  Kestrel West  
 View File  04/23/2014  Elected Officials Meeting  Agenda  Elected Officials Meeting  
 View File  04/23/2014  BOCC Department Heads  Agenda  BOCC Department Heads  
 View File  04/22/2014  KC EMS Staff  Agenda  KC EMS Staff  
 View File  04/22/2014  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Indigent Hearings  
 View File  04/22/2014  CliftonLarsonAllen-Exit Audit Report  Agenda  CliftonLarsonAllen-Exit Audit Report  
 View File  04/22/2014  Business Meeting Agenda  Agenda  Business Meeting Agenda  
 View File  04/21/2014  Meeting Notices April 21-April 25  Notices  Meeting Notices April 21-April 25  
 View File  04/21/2014  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  04/18/2014  Mowry Park  Agenda  Mowry Park  
 View File  04/17/2014  Community Deliberations Agenda  Agenda  Community Deliberations Agenda  
 View File  04/16/2014  Indigent Hearings (continued)  Agenda  Indigent Hearings (continued)  
 View File  04/15/2014  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Indigent Hearings  
 View File  04/14/2014  Meeting Notices April 14-April 18  Notices  Meeting Notices April 14-April 18  
 View File  04/14/2014  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  04/14/2014  Business Meeting Agenda.  Agenda  Business Meeting Agenda.  
 View File  04/14/2014  BOCC Debriefing  Agenda  BOCC Debriefing  
 View File  04/11/2014  Title VI  Agenda  Title VI  
 View File  04/11/2014  Roger Saterfiel-Property Purchase-Use of Transfer Station  Agenda  Roger Saterfiel-Property Purchase-Use of Transfer Station  
 View File  04/11/2014  HR Department Updates  Agenda  HR Department Updates  
 View File  04/11/2014  Harrison Boat Launch  Agenda  Harrison Boat Launch  
 View File  04/11/2014  Executive Session 67-2345 (1)(f)  Agenda  Executive Session 67-2345 (1)(f)  
 View File  04/10/2014  Process for Judicial Confirmation  Agenda  Process for Judicial Confirmation  
 View File  04/10/2014  Community Development Deliberations  Agenda  Community Development Deliberations  
 View File  04/09/2014  NIC Commission  Agenda  NIC Commission  
 View File  04/09/2014  Hayden Lake Site Inspection  Agenda  Hayden Lake Site Inspection  
 View File  04/08/2014  Process for Judicial Confirmation  Agenda  Process for Judicial Confirmation  
 View File  04/08/2014  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Indigent Hearings  
 View File  04/08/2014  HARSB  Agenda  HARSB  
 View File  04/08/2014  Clerks Division Issues (continued)  Agenda  Clerks Division Issues (continued)  
 View File  04/08/2014  Business Meeting Agenda  Agenda  Business Meeting Agenda  
 View File  04/07/2014  Rose Lake Cemetery  Agenda  Rose Lake Cemetery  
 View File  04/07/2014  Meeting Notices April 7-April 11  Notices  Meeting Notices April 7-April 11  
 View File  04/07/2014  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  04/07/2014  BOCC Debriefing  Agenda  BOCC Debriefing  
 View File  04/04/2014  IAC District 1  Agenda  IAC District 1  
 View File  04/03/2014  Community Development Deliberations  Agenda  Community Development Deliberations  
 View File  04/02/2014  Shawn Riley - Parking Project-Sewer System  Agenda  Shawn Riley - Parking Project-Sewer System  
 View File  04/02/2014  Requests for Cancellation of Taxes  Agenda  Requests for Cancellation of Taxes  
 View File  04/02/2014  Historic Preservation Commission  Agenda  Historic Preservation Commission  
 View File  04/01/2014  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Indigent Hearings  
 View File  04/01/2014  Conference Call-Kestrel West  Agenda  Conference Call-Kestrel West  
 View File  04/01/2014  Business Meeting Agenda  Agenda  Business Meeting Agenda  
 View File  03/31/2014  Meeting Notices March 31-April 4  Notices  Meeting Notices March 31-April 4  
 View File  03/31/2014  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  03/31/2014  BOCC Debriefing  Agenda  BOCC Debriefing  
 View File  03/27/2014  Sheriff's Staffing Request  Agenda  Sheriff's Staffing Request  
 View File  03/27/2014  Community Development Deliberations Agenda  Agenda  Community Development Deliberations Agenda  
 View File  03/27/2014  Clerks Division Issues  Agenda  Clerks Division Issues  
 View File  03/26/2014  Elected Officials Meeting  Agenda  Elected Officials Meeting  
 View File  03/26/2014  BOCC Department Heads  Agenda  BOCC Department Heads  
 View File  03/25/2014  Tax Exempt Application Hearings  Agenda  Tax Exempt Application Hearings  
 View File  03/25/2014  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Indigent Hearings  
 View File  03/25/2014  Business Meeting Agenda  Agenda  Business Meeting Agenda  
 View File  03/24/2014  Meeting Notices March 24-28  Agenda  Meeting Notices March 24-28  
 View File  03/24/2014  Executive Session 67-2345 (1)(c)  Agenda  Executive Session 67-2345 (1)(c)  
 View File  03/24/2014  BOCC Debriefing  Agenda  BOCC Debriefing  
 View File  03/24/2014  Airport Advisory Board  Agenda  Airport Advisory Board  
 View File  03/20/2014  Community Development Deliberations  Agenda  Community Development Deliberations  
 View File  03/19/2014  Executive Session 67-2345 (1)(a) 4pm  Agenda  Executive Session 67-2345 (1)(a) 4pm  
 View File  03/19/2014  Executive Session 67-2345 (1)(a) 3pm  Agenda  Executive Session 67-2345 (1)(a) 3pm  
 View File  03/19/2014  Executive Session 67-2345 (1)(a) 2pm  Agenda  Executive Session 67-2345 (1)(a) 2pm  
 View File  03/19/2014  Executive Session 67-2345 (1)(a) 1pm  Agenda  Executive Session 67-2345 (1)(a) 1pm  
 View File  03/19/2014  Bureau of Land Management Update-Kurt Pavlat  Agenda  Bureau of Land Management Update-Kurt Pavlat  
 View File  03/18/2014  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Indigent Hearings  
 View File  03/18/2014  Business Meeting Agenda  Agenda  Business Meeting Agenda  
 View File  03/17/2014  Meeting Notices March 17-21  Notices  Meeting Notices March 17-21  
 View File  03/17/2014  Health Care Contracts  Agenda  Health Care Contracts  
 View File  03/17/2014  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  03/17/2014  BOCC Debriefing  Agenda  BOCC Debriefing  
 View File  03/14/2014  Waterways Advisory Brd Update  Agenda  Waterways Advisory Brd Update  
 View File  03/14/2014  HR Dept Update  Agenda  HR Dept Update  
 View File  03/14/2014  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(b)  Agenda  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(b)  
 View File  03/14/2014  Budget Workshop-Elected Officials  Agenda  Budget Workshop-Elected Officials  
 View File  03/14/2014  Budget Workshop-Department Heads  Agenda  Budget Workshop-Department Heads  
 View File  03/13/2014  Cemetery Obligations  Agenda  Cemetery Obligations  
 View File  03/11/2014  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Indigent Hearings  
 View File  03/11/2014  Business Meeting Agenda  Agenda  Business Meeting Agenda  
 View File  03/10/2014  Meeting Notices March 10-14  Notices  Meeting Notices March 10-14  
 View File  03/10/2014  Kootenai County Board of Community Guardians  Agenda  Kootenai County Board of Community Guardians  
 View File  03/10/2014  Greg Delavan-Airport Grant  Agenda  Greg Delavan-Airport Grant  
 View File  03/10/2014  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(b)  Agenda  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(b)  
 View File  03/10/2014  Executive Session 67-2345 (1)(f)  Agenda  Executive Session 67-2345 (1)(f)  
 View File  03/10/2014  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  03/10/2014  BOCC Debriefing  Agenda  BOCC Debriefing  
 View File  03/06/2014  Community Development Deliberations  Agenda  Community Development Deliberations  
 View File  03/05/2014  Requests for Cancellation of Taxes  Agenda  Requests for Cancellation of Taxes  
 View File  03/04/2014  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Indigent Hearings  
 View File  03/04/2014  DOT Compliance  Agenda  DOT Compliance  
 View File  03/04/2014  Business Meeting Agenda  Agenda  Business Meeting Agenda  
 View File  03/03/2014  Position Review Committee  Agenda  Position Review Committee  
 View File  03/03/2014  Meeting Notices March 3-7  Notices  Meeting Notices March 3-7  
 View File  03/03/2014  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  03/03/2014  BOCC Debriefing  Agenda  BOCC Debriefing  
 View File  02/27/2014  Area Agency on Aging - Semi-Annual Update  Agenda  Area Agency on Aging - Semi-Annual Update  
 View File  02/26/2014  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(b)  Agenda  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(b)  
 View File  02/26/2014  Elected Officials Meeting  Agenda  Elected Officials Meeting  
 View File  02/26/2014  BOCC Department Heads Meeting  Agenda  BOCC Department Heads Meeting  
 View File  02/25/2014  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Indigent Hearings  
 View File  02/25/2014  Home Land Security-General Brad Richy  Agenda  Home Land Security-General Brad Richy  
 View File  02/25/2014  Business Meeting Agenda  Agenda  Business Meeting Agenda  
 View File  02/24/2014  Quaterly Fire Protection District  Agenda  Quaterly Fire Protection District  
 View File  02/24/2014  Meeting Notices February 24-28  Notices  Meeting Notices February 24-28  
 View File  02/24/2014  Manatron Carryover  Agenda  Manatron Carryover  
 View File  02/24/2014  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  02/24/2014  Airport Advisory Board  Agenda  Airport Advisory Board  
 View File  02/21/2014  Tax Exempt Application Hearings  Agenda  Tax Exempt Application Hearings  
 View File  02/21/2014  Strategic Planning Meeting  Agenda  Strategic Planning Meeting  
 View File  02/21/2014  ID Dept of Juvenile Corrections Annual Update  Agenda  ID Dept of Juvenile Corrections Annual Update  
 View File  02/21/2014  BOCC Debriefing  Agenda  BOCC Debriefing  
 View File  02/20/2014  Executive Session 67-2345 (1)(a)  Agenda  Executive Session 67-2345 (1)(a)  
 View File  02/20/2014  Community Development Deliberations  Agenda  Community Development Deliberations  
 View File  02/20/2014  Bureau of Land Management Update-Kurt Pavlat  Agenda  Bureau of Land Management Update-Kurt Pavlat  
 View File  02/19/2014  Judge Simpson-Judicial Slection Committee  Agenda  Judge Simpson-Judicial Slection Committee  
 View File  02/19/2014  BOE Procedures  Agenda  BOE Procedures  
 View File  02/18/2014  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Indigent Hearings  
 View File  02/18/2014  Executive Session 67-2345 (1)(f)  Agenda  Executive Session 67-2345 (1)(f)  
 View File  02/18/2014  Business Meeting Agenda  Agenda  Business Meeting Agenda  
 View File  02/17/2014  Meeting Notices February 17-21  Notices  Meeting Notices February 17-21  
 View File  02/14/2014  BOCC Debriefing  Agenda  BOCC Debriefing  
 View File  02/13/2014  Steve Hill Jim Koon  Agenda  Steve Hill Jim Koon  
 View File  02/13/2014  Community Development Deliberations  Agenda  Community Development Deliberations  
 View File  02/12/2014  Grant and Transit Discussion  Agenda  Grant and Transit Discussion  
 View File  02/11/2014  Jail Deactivation Request for Qualification Review  Agenda  Jail Deactivation Request for Qualification Review  
 View File  02/11/2014  Business Meeting Agenda  Agenda  Business Meeting Agenda  
 View File  02/11/2014  2014 Rose Lake Cemetery Discussion  Agenda  2014 Rose Lake Cemetery Discussion  
 View File  02/10/2014  Mercer-Affordable Care Act  Agenda  Mercer-Affordable Care Act  
 View File  02/10/2014  Meeting Notices February 10-14  Notices  Meeting Notices February 10-14  
 View File  02/10/2014  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  02/07/2014  Requests for Cancellation ofTaxes  Agenda  Requests for Cancellation ofTaxes  
 View File  02/07/2014  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Indigent Hearings  
 View File  02/07/2014  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(b)  Agenda  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(b)  
 View File  02/03/2014  Meeting Notices February 3-7  Notices  Meeting Notices February 3-7  
 View File  02/03/2014  Business Meeting Agenda  Agenda  Business Meeting Agenda  
 View File  01/31/2014  PRC Findings  Agenda  PRC Findings  
 View File  01/30/2014  Community Development Deliberations Agenda  Agenda  Community Development Deliberations Agenda  
 View File  01/29/2014  Elected Officials Meeting  Agenda  Elected Officials Meeting  
 View File  01/29/2014  BOCC Department Heads  Agenda  BOCC Department Heads  
 View File  01/28/2014  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Indigent Hearings  
 View File  01/28/2014  Grant and Transit Discussion  Agenda  Grant and Transit Discussion  
 View File  01/28/2014  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(b)  Agenda  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(b)  
 View File  01/28/2014  Business Meeting Agenda  Agenda  Business Meeting Agenda  
 View File  01/27/2014  Senior Officials Workshop  Agenda  Senior Officials Workshop  
 View File  01/27/2014  Meeting Notices January 27-31  Notices  Meeting Notices January 27-31  
 View File  01/27/2014  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  01/27/2014  BOE Continuation Agenda  Agenda  BOE Continuation Agenda  
 View File  01/27/2014  BOCC Debriefing  Agenda  BOCC Debriefing  
 View File  01/22/2014  Tax Exempt Application Hearings  Agenda  Tax Exempt Application Hearings  
 View File  01/22/2014  State of the County Address Preparation  Agenda  State of the County Address Preparation  
 View File  01/21/2014  Business Meeting Agenda  Agenda  Business Meeting Agenda  
 View File  01/21/2014  BOE Agenda  Agenda  BOE Agenda  
 View File  01/20/2014  Meeting Notices January 20-24  Notices  Meeting Notices January 20-24  
 View File  01/16/2014  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(b)  Agenda  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(b)  
 View File  01/16/2014  Community Development Deliberations  Agenda  Community Development Deliberations  
 View File  01/14/2014  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Indigent Hearings  
 View File  01/14/2014  Business Meeting Agenda  Agenda  Business Meeting Agenda  
 View File  01/13/2014  Meeting Notices January 13-17  Notices  Meeting Notices January 13-17  
 View File  01/13/2014  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  01/13/2014  BOCC Debriefing  Agenda  BOCC Debriefing  
 View File  01/09/2014  Community Development Deliberations  Agenda  Community Development Deliberations  
 View File  01/07/2014  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Indigent Hearings  
 View File  01/07/2014  Business Meeting Agenda  Agenda  Business Meeting Agenda  
 View File  01/06/2014  Meeting Notices January 6-10  Notices  Meeting Notices January 6-10  
 View File  01/06/2014  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  01/06/2014  Budget Item Discussion  Agenda  Budget Item Discussion  
 View File  01/03/2014  State of the County Address Preparation  Agenda  State of the County Address Preparation  
 View File  01/03/2014  BOCC Commissioners Debriefing  Agenda  BOCC Commissioners Debriefing  
 View File  01/02/2014  Requests for Cancellation of Taxes  Agenda  Requests for Cancellation of Taxes  
 View File  01/02/2014  Community Development Deliberations  Agenda  Community Development Deliberations  

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