Kootenai County, Idaho

Commissioner Bob Bingham
District 3

Commissioner Chris Fillios
District 2

Commissioner Marc Eberlein
District 1

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P: (208) 446-1600

Physical Address:
451 Government Way
Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814
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Kootenai County Public Meeting Agendas

The Board of County Commissioners hold their weekly business meeting every Tuesday at 2:00pm on the 3rd floor of the Administration building at 451 Government Way, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho unless otherwise posted. The rest of the County public meetings, including the Business Meetings, may be found on the County's Public Meeting calendar. Minutes of the meetings may be found here.

Other agendas of meetings may be found at the following links:

Airport Advisory Board
Community Development
Parks and Waterways

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Files from 2015

 View File  12/29/2015  BOCC  Agenda  Business Meeting  
 View File  12/22/2015  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Indigent Hearings  
 View File  12/22/2015  Business Meeting  Agenda  Business Meeting  
 View File  12/21/2015  Public Hearing FY15 Budget Amendment  Agenda  Public Hearing FY15 Budget Amendment  
 View File  12/21/2015  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  12/21/2015  Commissioners' Debriefing  Agenda  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  12/21/2015  Airport Advisory Board and Airport Update  Agenda  Airport Advisory Board and Airport Update  
 View File  12/18/2015  County Clerk  Agenda  County Clerk  
 View File  12/16/2015  Elected Officials  Agenda  Elected Officials  
 View File  12/16/2015  Compensation Policies  Agenda  Compensation Policies  
 View File  12/16/2015  Clerk  Agenda  Clerk  
 View File  12/15/2015  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  12/15/2015  Executive Session 74-206(1)(f) and (1)(a)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(f) and (1)(a)  
 View File  12/15/2015  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  12/15/2015  Advisory Board Interviews  Agenda  Advisory Board Interviews  
 View File  12/14/2015  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  12/14/2015  Commissioners' Debriefing  Agenda  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  12/14/2015  Advisory Board Interviews  Agenda  Advisory Board Interviews  
 View File  12/11/2015  Advisory Board Interviews  Agenda  Advisory Board Interviews  
 View File  12/09/2015  Homeowner's Repayment Appeal Hearing  Agenda  Homeowner's Repayment Appeal Hearing  
 View File  12/09/2015  Airport  Agenda  Airport  
 View File  12/08/2015  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  12/08/2015  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  12/07/2015  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  12/07/2015  Commissioners' Debriefing  Agenda  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  12/07/2015  Advisory Board Interview  Agenda  Advisory Board Interview  
 View File  12/04/2015  Assessor  Agenda  Assessor  
 View File  12/02/2015  Requests For Cancellatiion of Taxes  Agenda  Requests For Cancellation of Taxes  
 View File  12/02/2015  County Clerk  Agenda  County Clerk  
 View File  12/02/2015  Advisory Boards  Agenda  Advisory Boards  
 View File  12/01/2015  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  12/01/2015  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  11/30/2015  Commissioners' Debriefing  Agenda  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  11/24/2015  Sheriff  Agenda  Sheriff  
 View File  11/24/2015  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Indigent Hearings  
 View File  11/24/2015  Business Meeting  Agenda  Business Meeting  
 View File  11/23/2015  Quarterly Fire Protection Districts  Agenda  Quarterly Fire Protection Districts  
 View File  11/23/2015  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  11/23/2015  Commissioners' Debriefing  Agenda  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  11/20/2015  Human Resources  Agenda  Human Resources  
 View File  11/20/2015  Heritage Health  Agenda  Heritage Health  
 View File  11/18/2015  Elected Officials  Agenda  Elected Officials  
 View File  11/18/2015  Department Heads  Agenda  Department Heads  
 View File  11/18/2015  Buildings and Grounds  Agenda  Buildings and Grounds  
 View File  11/17/2015  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  11/17/2015  Executive Session 74-206(1)(b)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(b)  
 View File  11/17/2015  Executive Session 74-206(1)(b)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(b)  
 View File  11/17/2015  County Clerk  Agenda  County Clerk  
 View File  11/17/2015  Business Meeting   Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  11/16/2015  Solid Waste  Agenda  Solid Waste  
 View File  11/16/2015  Commissioners' Debriefing  Agenda  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  11/13/2015  Zions Public Finance  Agenda  Zions Public Finance  
 View File  11/12/2015  Office of Emergency Management  Agenda  Office of Emergency Management  
 View File  11/10/2015  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  11/10/2015  Human Resources  Agenda  Human Resources  
 View File  11/10/2015  Commissioners' Debriefing  Agenda  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  11/10/2015  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  11/09/2015  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  11/04/2015  Requests for Cancellation of Taxes  Agenda  Requests for Cancellation of Taxes  
 View File  11/03/2015  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  11/03/2015  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  11/02/2015  Office of Emergency Management Monthly Discussion  Agenda  Office of Emergency Management Monthly Discussion  
 View File  11/02/2015  Juvenile Probation Monthly Discussion  Agenda  Juvenile Probation Monthly Discussion  
 View File  11/02/2015  Commissioners' Debriefing  Agenda  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  10/29/2015  Request for Cancellation of Taxes  Agenda  Request for Cancellation of Taxes  
 View File  10/28/2015  Waterways Advisory Board  Agenda  Waterways Advisory Board  
 View File  10/28/2015  Parks and Waterways  Agenda  Parks and Waterways  
 View File  10/27/2015  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  10/27/2015  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  10/26/2015  Solid Waste Monthly Discussion  Agenda  Solid Waste Monthly Discussion  
 View File  10/26/2015  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  10/26/2015  Commissioners' Debriefing  Agenda  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  10/26/2015  Airport Advisory Board - Airport Monthly Discussion  Agenda  Airport Advisory Board - Airport Monthly Discussion  
 View File  10/21/2015  U of I Extension Office  Agenda  U of I Extension Office  
 View File  10/20/2015  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  10/20/2015  Executive Session 74-206(1)(b)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(b)  
 View File  10/20/2015  District Court  Agenda  District Court  
 View File  10/20/2015  County Clerk  Agenda  County Clerk  
 View File  10/20/2015  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  10/19/2015  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  10/19/2015  Commissioners' Debriefing  Agenda  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  10/16/2015  U of I Extension Office  Agenda  U of I Extension Office  
 View File  10/14/2015  Human Resources  Agenda  Human Resources  
 View File  10/14/2015  City of CDA  Agenda  City of CDA  
 View File  10/13/2015  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  10/13/2015  Executive Session 74-206(1)(b)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(b)  
 View File  10/13/2015  Commissioners' Debriefing  Agenda  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  10/13/2015  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  10/07/2015  Requests For Cancellation of Taxes  Agenda  Requests For Cancellation of Taxes  
 View File  10/07/2015  Jail Stakeholder's Meeting  Agenda  Jail Stakeholder's Meeting  
 View File  10/06/2015  Juvenile Justice Building  Agenda  Juvenile Justice Building  
 View File  10/06/2015  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  10/06/2015  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  10/06/2015  Annual Treasurer's Settlement  Agenda  Annual Treasurer's Settlement  
 View File  10/05/2015  Office of Emergency Management Monthly Discussion  Agenda  Office of Emergency Management Monthly Discussion  
 View File  10/05/2015  Juvenile Probation Monthly Discussion  Agenda  Juvenile Probation Monthly Discussion  
 View File  10/05/2015  District Court  Agenda  District Court  
 View File  10/05/2015  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  10/05/2015  Commissioners' Debriefing  Agenda  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  10/02/2015  Northern Idaho Crisis Center  Agenda  Northern Idaho Crisis Center  
 View File  09/28/2015  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  09/25/2015  District Court  Agenda  District Court  
 View File  09/23/2015  Elected Officials  Agenda  Elected Officials  
 View File  09/23/2015  Clerk  Agenda  Clerk  
 View File  09/23/2015  Airport  Agenda  Airport  
 View File  09/22/2015  Information Systems  Agenda  Information Systems  
 View File  09/22/2015  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  09/22/2015  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  09/21/2015  U of I Extension Office  Agenda  U of I Extension Office  
 View File  09/21/2015  Executive Session 74-206(1)(b)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(b)  
 View File  09/21/2015  Commissioners' Debriefing  Agenda  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  09/21/2015  Airport Advisory Board and Monthly Discussion  Agenda  Airport Advisory Board and Monthly Discussion  
 View File  09/17/2015  Executive Session 74-206(1)(b)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(b)  
 View File  09/15/2015  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Indigent Hearings  
 View File  09/15/2015  Executive Session 74-206(1)(b)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(b)  
 View File  09/15/2015  Business Meeting  Agenda  Business Meeting  
 View File  09/14/2015  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  09/14/2015  Commissioners' Debriefing  Agenda  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  09/11/2015  Advisory Boards  Agenda  Advisory Boards  
 View File  09/10/2015  Parks and Waterways  Agenda  Parks and Waterways  
 View File  09/09/2015  Parks and Waterways  Agenda  Parks and Waterways  
 View File  09/09/2015  OEM Monthly Discussion  Agenda  OEM Monthly Discussion  
 View File  09/09/2015  Juvenile Detention Update  Agenda  Juvenile Detention Update  
 View File  09/08/2015  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  09/08/2015  Executive Session 74-206(1)(c)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(c)  
 View File  09/08/2015  Commissioners' Debriefing  Agenda  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  09/08/2015  Business Meeting   Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  09/08/2015  Airport  Agenda  Airport  
 View File  09/04/2015  Executive Session 74-206(1)(b)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(b)  
 View File  09/03/2015  Personnel Policy  Agenda  Personnel Policy  
 View File  09/03/2015  Advisory Boards  Agenda  Advisory Boards  
 View File  09/02/2015  Requests For Cancellation of Taxes  Agenda  Requests For Cancellation of Taxes  
 View File  09/01/2015  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  09/01/2015  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  08/31/2015  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  08/31/2015  Commissioners' Debriefing  Agenda  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  08/26/2015  FY16 Budget Public Hearing  Agenda  FY16 Budget Public Hearing  
 View File  08/26/2015  Elected Officials Meeting  Agenda  Elected Officials Meeting  
 View File  08/26/2015  Department Heads Meeting  Agenda  Department Heads Meeting  
 View File  08/25/2015  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  08/25/2015  Hayden City Council Meeting  Agenda  Hayden City Council Meeting  
 View File  08/25/2015  Business Meeting   Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  08/24/2015  Treasurer Meeting  Agenda  Treasurer Meeting  
 View File  08/24/2015  Grant Management Office Discussion  Agenda  Grant Management Office Discussion  
 View File  08/24/2015  Commissioners' Debrieifing  Agenda  Commissioners' Debrieifing  
 View File  08/21/2015  Tax Exempt Applications  Agenda  Tax Exempt Applications  
 View File  08/21/2015  Conflict Attorney Contract Discussion  Agenda  Conflict Attorney Contract Discussion  
 View File  08/20/2015  Jail Policies Follow Up  Agenda  Jail Policies Follow Up  
 View File  08/20/2015  Airport MOU Discussion  Agenda  Airport MOU Discussion  
 View File  08/18/2015  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  08/18/2015  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  08/17/2015  Solid Waste Monthly Discussion  Agenda  Solid Waste Monthly Discussion  
 View File  08/17/2015  Extension Office Discussion  Agenda  Extension Office Discussion  
 View File  08/17/2015  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  08/17/2015  Commissioners' Debriefing  Agenda  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  08/17/2015  Airport Update  Agenda  Airport Update  
 View File  08/12/2015  FY16 Budget Review  Agenda  FY16 Budget Review  
 View File  08/11/2015  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  08/11/2015  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  08/10/2015  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  08/10/2015  Commissioners' Debriefing  Agenda  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  08/10/2015  City of Hayden Quarterly Meeting  Agenda  City of Hayden Quarterly Meeting  
 View File  08/05/2015  Request for Cancellation of Taxes  Agenda  Request for Cancellation of Taxes  
 View File  08/04/2015  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  08/04/2015  Business Meeting Agenda  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  08/03/2015  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  08/03/2015  Commissioners' Debriefing  Agenda  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  07/31/2015  FY16 Final Budget Review  Agenda  FY16 Final Budget Review  
 View File  07/30/2015  Tax Deed Property Easement  Agenda  Tax Deed Property Easement  
 View File  07/29/2015  FAA - Airport Meeting  Agenda  FAA - Airport Meeting  
 View File  07/28/2015  Proposed Jail Budget Changes  Agenda  Proposed Jail Budget Changes  
 View File  07/28/2015  Indigent Appeals  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  07/28/2015  District Court Renovation Follow Up  Agenda  District Court Renovation Follow Up  
 View File  07/28/2015  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  07/27/2015  Quarterly Highway District Meeting  Agenda  Quarterly Highway District Meeting  
 View File  07/27/2015  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  07/23/2015  Tax Deed Property Easement Issue  Agenda  Tax Deed Property Easement Issue  
 View File  07/22/2015  FY2016 Budget Deliberations - am  Agenda  FY2016 Budget Deliberations - am  
 View File  07/22/2015  FY16 Budget Deliberations  Agenda  FY16 Budget Deliberations  
 View File  07/22/2015  Coeur d'Alene Basin Restoration Partnership  Agenda  Coeur d'Alene Basin Restoration Partnership  
 View File  07/21/2015  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  07/21/2015  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  07/20/2015  Jail Policies Discussion  Agenda  Jail Policies Discussion  
 View File  07/20/2015  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  07/20/2015  Commissioners' Debriefing  Agenda  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  07/20/2015  Airport Monthly Discussion  Agenda  Airport Monthly Discussion  
 View File  07/17/2015  Parks and Waterways Project Update  Agenda  Parks and Waterways Project Update  
 View File  07/17/2015  FY16 Budget Deliberations  Agenda  FY16 Budget Deliberations  
 View File  07/16/2015  Hardship Hearing 15-01 Continuation  Agenda  Hardship Hearing 15-01 Continuation  
 View File  07/16/2015  Community Development Deliberations  Agenda  Community Development Deliberations  
 View File  07/15/2015  Solid Waste Monthly Discussion  Agenda  Solid Waste Monthly Discussion  
 View File  07/15/2015  Elected Officials Meeting  Agenda  Elected Officials Meeting  
 View File  07/15/2015  Conflict Attorney Process  Agenda  Conflict Attorney Process  
 View File  07/15/2015  BOCC Department Head Meeting  Agenda  BOCC Department Head Meeting  
 View File  07/14/2015  Prosecuting Attorney FY16 Budget  Agenda  Prosecuting Attorney FY16 Budget  
 View File  07/14/2015  Office of Emergency Management Monthly Discussion  Agenda  Office of Emergency Management Monthly Discussion  
 View File  07/14/2015  OEM Monthly Update  Agenda  OEM Monthly Update  
 View File  07/14/2015  Executive Session 74-206(1)(f)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(f)  
 View File  07/14/2015  Business Meeting  Agenda  Business Meeting  
 View File  07/13/2015  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  07/13/2015  Community Development Deliberations  Agenda  Community Development Deliberations  
 View File  07/13/2015  Commissioners' Debriefing  Agenda  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  07/13/2015  BOE Revocation Hearing  Agenda  BOE Revocation Hearing  
 View File  07/13/2015  BOE Assessment Appeal Hearings  Agenda  BOE Assessment Appeal Hearings  
 View File  07/10/2015  Treasurer FY16 Budget Requests  Agenda  Treasurer FY16 Budget Requests  
 View File  07/10/2015  BOE Assessment Appeal Hearings  Agenda  BOE Assessment Appeal Hearings  
 View File  07/09/2015  Community Development Deliberations  Agenda  Community Development Deliberations  
 View File  07/09/2015  BOE Assessment Appeal Hearings  Agenda  BOE Assessment Appeal Hearings  
 View File  07/08/2015  Requests for Cancellation of Taxes  Agenda  Requests for Cancellation of Taxes  
 View File  07/08/2015  FY16 Budget Deliberations  Agenda  FY16 Budget Deliberations  
 View File  07/08/2015  BOE Assessment Appeal Hearings  Agenda  BOE Assessment Appeal Hearings  
 View File  07/07/2015  Proposed Jail Budget Changes  Agenda  Proposed Jail Budget Changes  
 View File  07/07/2015  Business Meeting  Agenda  Business Meeting  
 View File  07/07/2015  BOE Appeal Hearings  Agenda  BOE Appeal Hearings  
 View File  07/06/2015  BOE Appeal Hearings  Agenda  BOE Appeal Hearings  
 View File  07/02/2015  BOE Assessment Appeal Hearings  Agenda  BOE Assessment Appeal Hearings  
 View File  07/01/2015  BOE Assessment Appeal Hearings  Agenda  BOE Assessment Appeal Hearings  
 View File  06/30/2015  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  06/30/2015  Executive Session 67-2345 (1b)  Agenda  Executive Session 67-2345 (1b)  
 View File  06/30/2015  Business Meeting Agenda  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  06/30/2015  BOE Assessment Appeal Hearings  Agenda  BOE Assessment Appeal Hearings  
 View File  06/29/2015  Homeowner's Exemption Hearing  Agenda  Homeowner's Exemption Hearing  
 View File  06/29/2015  Commissioners' Debriefing  Agenda  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  06/26/2015  BOE Assessment Appeal Hearings  Agenda  BOE Assessment Appeal Hearings  
 View File  06/25/2015  FY16 Budget Discussion  Agenda  FY16 Budget Discussion  
 View File  06/25/2015  Community Development Deliberations  Agenda  Community Development Deliberations  
 View File  06/24/2015  FY16 9-1-1 Budget Discussion   Agenda   FY16 9-1-1 Budget Discussion   
 View File  06/24/2015  BOE Assessment Appeal Hearings  Agenda  BOE Assessment Appeal Hearings  
 View File  06/23/2015  KCEMSS FY16 Budget Proposal  Agenda  KCEMSS FY16 Budget Proposal  
 View File  06/23/2015  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  06/23/2015  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  06/23/2015  Aquifer Protection District Budget Proposal  Agenda  Aquifer Protection District Budget Proposal  
 View File  06/22/2015  Grant Management Office Discussion  Agenda  Grant Management Office Discussion  
 View File  06/22/2015  Gifted View Drive Drainage  Agenda  Gifted View Drive Drainage  
 View File  06/22/2015  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  06/22/2015  Commissioners' Debriefing  Agenda  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  06/19/2015  FY16 Budget Discussion  Agenda  FY16 Budget Discussion  
 View File  06/18/2015  FY16 Budget Meeting - Solid Waste Operations  Agenda  FY16 Budget Meeting - Solid Waste Operations  
 View File  06/18/2015  Community Development Deliberations  Agenda  Community Development Deliberations  
 View File  06/17/2015  FY16 Budget Meeting - HR - Risk Mgmt  Agenda  FY16 Budget Meeting - HR - Risk Mgmt  
 View File  06/17/2015  FY16 Budget Meeting - HR - Health Insurance  Agenda  FY16 Budget Meeting - HR - Health Insurance  
 View File  06/17/2015  FY16 Budget Meeting - HR - Compensation  Agenda  FY16 Budget Meeting - HR - Compensation  
 View File  06/17/2015  Elected Officials Meeting  Agenda  Elected Officials Meeting  
 View File  06/16/2015  Tax Exempt Discussion  Agenda  Tax Exempt Discussion  
 View File  06/16/2015  Sheriff Administration FY16 Budget  Agenda  Sheriff Administration FY16 Budget  
 View File  06/16/2015  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  06/16/2015  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  06/15/2015  Commissioners' Debriefing  Agenda  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  06/11/2015  BOCC FY16 Departmental Budget  Agenda  BOCC FY16 Departmental Budget  
 View File  06/11/2015  Airport FY16 Budget  Agenda  Airport FY16 Budget  
 View File  06/08/2015  Public Defender FY16 Budget  Agenda  Public Defender FY16 Budget  
 View File  06/08/2015  Information Systems FY16 Budget  Agenda  Information Systems FY16 Budget  
 View File  06/08/2015  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(f)  Agenda  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(f)  
 View File  06/08/2015  Business Meeting Agenda  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  06/05/2015  Solid Waste Monthly Discussion  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  06/05/2015  OEM Monthly Discusson  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  06/04/2015  Executive Session   Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  06/03/2015  Request for Cancellation of Taxes  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  06/03/2015  Justware Case Management   Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  06/02/2015  Quarterly Fire District  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  06/02/2015  District Ct. Remodel  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  06/02/2015  Business Meeting Agenda  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  05/28/2015  District Court FY16 Budget  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  05/28/2015  Canvass Results-Elections  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  05/27/2015  Treasurer FY16 Budget Requests  Agenda  Treasurer FY16 Budget Requests  
 View File  05/27/2015  Juvenile Detention FY16 Budget  Agenda  Juvenile Detention FY16 Budget  
 View File  05/27/2015  Grant Process Discussion  Agenda  Grant Process Discussion  
 View File  05/27/2015  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(b)  Agenda  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(b)  
 View File  05/27/2015  Community Development FY16 Budget  Agenda  Community Development FY16 Budget  
 View File  05/27/2015  Commissioners' Debriefing  Agenda  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  05/26/2015  Wild Life Services Discussion  Agenda  Wild Life Services Discussion  
 View File  05/26/2015  Post Falls Remodel Discussion  Agenda  Post Falls Remodel Discussion  
 View File  05/26/2015  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  05/26/2015  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  05/26/2015  Airport Monthly Update  Agenda  Airport Monthly Update  
 View File  05/22/2015  New Wellness Vendor Presentation  Agenda  New Wellness Vendor Presentation  
 View File  05/21/2015  FY16 Prosecutor Budget Discussion  Agenda  FY16 Prosecutor Budget Discussion  
 View File  05/21/2015  Community Development Public Hearing  Agenda  Community Development Public Hearing  
 View File  05/21/2015  Community Development Deliberations  Agenda  Community Development Deliberations  
 View File  05/20/2015  Public Defender Status Change Discussion  Agenda  Public Defender Status Change Discussion  
 View File  05/20/2015  OEM Budget   Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  05/20/2015  Grant Management Office FY16 Budget Requests  Agenda  Grant Management Office FY16 Budget Requests  
 View File  05/20/2015  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(f)  Agenda  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(f)  
 View File  05/20/2015  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(f) 2  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  05/20/2015  Elected Officials  Agenda  Elected Officials  
 View File  05/20/2015  Department Heads Meeting  Agenda  Department Heads Meeting  
 View File  05/20/2015  Buildings & Grounds FY16 Budget Requests  Agenda  Buildings & Grounds FY16 Budget Requests  
 View File  05/20/2015  Budget Process Check  Agenda  Budget Process Check  
 View File  05/19/2015  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  05/19/2015  Business Meeting Agenda  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  05/19/2015  2015 Appraisal Activity Briefing  Agenda  2015 Appraisal Activity Briefing  
 View File  05/18/2015  Sheriff Support Services FY16 Budget Requests  Agenda  Sheriff Support Services FY16 Budget Requests  
 View File  05/18/2015  Jail FY16 Budget Requests  Agenda  Jail FY16 Budget Requests  
 View File  05/18/2015  FY16 Assessor Budget Requests  Agenda  FY16 Assessor Budget Requests  
 View File  05/18/2015  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(b)  Agenda  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(b)  
 View File  05/18/2015  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  05/18/2015  Commissioners' Debriefing  Agenda  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  05/12/2015  Panhandle Health District Budget  Agenda  Panhandle Health District Budget  
 View File  05/12/2015  Clerk's Department FY16 Budget Request  Agenda  Clerk's Department FY16 Budget Request  
 View File  05/12/2015  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  05/11/2015  Solid Waste FY16 Budget Discussion  Agenda  Solid Waste FY16 Budget Discussion  
 View File  05/11/2015  GIS Programming Need  Agenda  GIS Programming Need  
 View File  05/11/2015  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(f)  Agenda  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(f)  
 View File  05/11/2015  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  05/11/2015  Commissioners' Debriefing  Agenda  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  05/08/2015  Lottery Fund Balance Discussion  Agenda  Lottery Fund Balance Discussion  
 View File  05/08/2015  FY2016 New Programs & Capital Requests  Agenda  FY2016 New Programs & Capital Requests  
 View File  05/07/2015  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(b)  Agenda  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(b)  
 View File  05/06/2015  Requests for Cancellation of Taxes  Agenda  Requests for Cancellation of Taxes  
 View File  05/06/2015  LCDC Strategic Planning Session  Agenda  LCDC Strategic Planning Session  
 View File  05/06/2015  Juvenile Detention Contract Discussion  Agenda  Juvenile Detention Contract Discussion  
 View File  05/06/2015  FY2016 Personnel Requests  Agenda  FY2016 Personnel Requests  
 View File  05/05/2015  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  05/05/2015  Hardship Hearing 2015-02  Agenda  Hardship Hearing 2015-02  
 View File  05/05/2015  Hardship Hearing 2015-01  Agenda  Hardship Hearing 2015-01  
 View File  05/05/2015  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  05/04/2015  Joint Workshop with City of CDA  Agenda  Joint Workshop with City of CDA  
 View File  05/04/2015  Airport Issues Discussion  Agenda  Airport Issues Discussion  
 View File  05/01/2015  FY16 Budget Overview  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  04/30/2015  Tax Deed Parcel Discussion  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  04/30/2015  Hardship Hearing Process   Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  04/29/2015  Tax Exempt Application Hearing  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  04/29/2015  HR Updates  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  04/28/2015  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  04/28/2015  Airport Discussion  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  04/27/2015  Vessel Fund Discussion  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  04/27/2015  Quarterly Highway District Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  04/27/2015  Commissioners Debriefing  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  04/24/2015  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(f)  Agenda  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(f)  
 View File  04/24/2015  Coordination Meeting Invoice Review  Agenda  Coordination Meeting Invoice Review  
 View File  04/23/2015  Lakeshore Drive Discussion  Agenda  Lakeshore Drive Discussion  
 View File  04/23/2015  CDA Restoration Update  Agenda  CDA Restoration Update  
 View File  04/21/2015  Juvenile Detention Briefing  Agenda  Juvenile Detention Briefing  
 View File  04/21/2015  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  04/21/2015  Attorney-Client Policy  Agenda  Attorney-Client Policy  
 View File  04/20/2015  Developers Infrastructure Exemption  Agenda  Developers Infrastructure Exemption  
 View File  04/20/2015  Commissioners Debriefing  Agenda  Commissioners Debriefing  
 View File  04/20/2015  Area Agency on Aging Update  Agenda  Area Agency on Aging Update  
 View File  04/17/2015  PERSI Rule of 80 Discussion  Agenda  PERSI Rule of 80 Discussion  
 View File  04/17/2015  AMP Justware Case Management Project  Agenda  AMP Justware Case Management Project  
 View File  04/16/2015  Attorney-Client Policy  Agenda  Attorney-Client Policy  
 View File  04/15/2015  Possible Tax Exempt Revocation  Agenda  Possible Tax Exempt Revocation  
 View File  04/15/2015  Elected Officials Meeting  Agenda  Elected Officials Meeting  
 View File  04/15/2015  CDA Garbage - Recycling  Agenda  CDA Garbage - Recycling  
 View File  04/14/2015  LPI-Unitech Parking Area  Agenda  LPI-Unitech Parking Area  
 View File  04/14/2015  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  04/14/2015  Human Resources Update  Agenda  Human Resources Update  
 View File  04/14/2015  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  04/14/2015  Aalfs Estate Issue  Agenda  Aalfs Estate Issue  
 View File  04/13/2015  Tax Exemption Application  Agenda  Tax Exemption Application  
 View File  04/13/2015  OEM Monthly Discussion  Agenda  OEM Monthly Discussion  
 View File  04/13/2015  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  04/13/2015  Commissioners' Debriefing  Agenda  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  04/09/2015  Access  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  04/08/2015  Executive Session 1bdi  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  04/08/2015  City of Hayden  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  04/08/2015  Board of Guardians  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  04/07/2015  Debriefing  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  04/07/2015  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  04/06/2015  Solid Waste  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  04/06/2015  Reprographics   Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  04/06/2015  Juvenile Probation Monthly Discussion  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  04/06/2015  External Audit  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  04/06/2015  Executive Session 1f  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  04/02/2015  LPI-Unitech Parking Area Issues  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  04/01/2015  Waterways Advisory Board Update  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  04/01/2015  Requests for Cancellation of Taxes  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  03/31/2015  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  03/31/2015  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  03/30/2015  Senator Crapo  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  03/30/2015  Equipment Surplus Discussion  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  03/30/2015  Debriefing  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  03/30/2015  Community Development  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  03/25/2015  Prosecutors Safety Improvement Discussion  Agenda  Prosecutors Safety Improvement Discussion  
 View File  03/24/2015  Business Meeting  Agenda  Business Meeting  
 View File  03/23/2015  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  03/23/2015  Commissioners Debriefing  Agenda  Commissioners Debriefing  
 View File  03/18/2015  Department Heads  Agenda  Department Heads  
 View File  03/17/2015  KCSO Pay Increase  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  03/17/2015  Indigent Hearing  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  03/17/2015  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  03/16/2015  Debriefing  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  03/16/2015  Community Development Update  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  03/12/2015  Community Development Public Hearing  Agenda  Community Development Public Hearing  
 View File  03/12/2015  Community Development Deliberations  Agenda  Community Development Deliberations  
 View File  03/10/2015  Multi-Function Printer Discussion  Agenda  Multi-Function Printer Discussion  
 View File  03/10/2015  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  03/10/2015  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  03/09/2015  Justice Building HVAC  Agenda  Justice Building HVAC  
 View File  03/09/2015  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  03/09/2015  Commissioners' Debriefing  Agenda  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  03/06/2015  NEOGOV Discussion  Agenda  NEOGOV Discussion  
 View File  03/05/2015  HARSB Joint Powers Meeting  Agenda  HARSB Joint Powers Meeting  
 View File  03/04/2015  Requests for Cancellation of Taxes  Agenda  Requests for Cancellation of Taxes  
 View File  03/04/2015  Old Public Defender Office  Agenda  Old Public Defender Office  
 View File  03/04/2015  Impact Fee Refund Discussion  Agenda  Impact Fee Refund Discussion  
 View File  03/04/2015  Clerk Processes Discussion  Agenda  Clerk Processes Discussion  
 View File  03/03/2015  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  03/03/2015  Discretionary Spending Discussion  Agenda  Discretionary Spending Discussion  
 View File  03/03/2015  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  03/02/2015  Veterans' Services Discussion  Agenda  Veterans' Services Discussion  
 View File  03/02/2015  Solid Waste Discussion  Agenda  Solid Waste Discussion  
 View File  03/02/2015  Snowmobile Advisory Board  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  03/02/2015  Reprographics Discussion  Agenda  Reprographics Discussion  
 View File  03/02/2015  Public Defender Discussion  Agenda  Public Defender Discussion  
 View File  03/02/2015  Parks and Waterways Discussion  Agenda  Parks and Waterways Discussion  
 View File  03/02/2015  Office of Emergency Management Discussion  Agenda  Office of Emergency Management Discussion  
 View File  03/02/2015  Juvenile Probation Discussion  Agenda  Juvenile Probation Discussion  
 View File  03/02/2015  Juvenile Detention Discussion  Agenda  Juvenile Detention Discussion  
 View File  03/02/2015  Information Systems Discussion  Agenda  Information Systems Discussion  
 View File  03/02/2015  Human Resources Discussion  Agenda  Human Resources Discussion  
 View File  03/02/2015  Grant Management Office Discussion  Agenda  Grant Management Office Discussion  
 View File  03/02/2015  Community Development Discussion  Agenda  Community Development Discussion  
 View File  03/02/2015  Buildings and Grounds Discussion  Agenda  Buildings and Grounds Discussion  
 View File  03/02/2015  Airport Discussion  Agenda  Airport Discussion  
 View File  03/02/2015  Adult Misdemeanor Probation Discussion  Agenda  Adult Misdemeanor Probation Discussion  
 View File  02/27/2015  Office Access Discussion  Agenda  Office Access Discussion  
 View File  02/26/2015  Tax Exempt Applications  Agenda  Tax Exempt Applications  
 View File  02/26/2015  Former Public Defender Office  Agenda  Former Public Defender Office  
 View File  02/26/2015  Community Development Deliberations  Agenda  Community Development Deliberations  
 View File  02/25/2015  Surplus Funds Discussion  Agenda  Surplus Funds Discussion  
 View File  02/25/2015  Elected Officials Meeting  Agenda  Elected Officials Meeting  
 View File  02/25/2015  Department Heads Meeting  Agenda  Department Heads Meeting  
 View File  02/25/2015  Canyon County Consent Decree Presentation  Agenda  Canyon County Consent Decree Presentation  
 View File  02/24/2015  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  02/24/2015  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(b)  Agenda  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(b)  
 View File  02/24/2015  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  02/23/2015  Quarterly Fire Protection District Update  Agenda  Quarterly Fire Protection District Update  
 View File  02/23/2015  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  02/23/2015  Commissioners' Debriefing  Agenda  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  02/23/2015  Airport Advisory Board Update  Agenda  Airport Advisory Board Update  
 View File  02/20/2015  Public Defender Request  Agenda  Public Defender Request  
 View File  02/20/2015  Panhandle Forest Meeting  Agenda  Panhandle Forest Meeting  
 View File  02/19/2015  HARSB Joint Powers Meeting  Agenda  HARSB Joint Powers Meeting  
 View File  02/18/2015  Idaho Dept Juvenile Corrections  Agenda  Idaho Dept Juvenile Corrections  
 View File  02/18/2015  Commissioners' Debriefing  Agenda  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  02/17/2015  Business Meeting Agenda  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  02/17/2015  Budget Discussion  Agenda  Budget Discussion  
 View File  02/17/2015  Basin Commission Update  Agenda  Basin Commission Update  
 View File  02/13/2015  Idaho Panhandle Forest Plan  Agenda  Idaho Panhandle Forest Plan  
 View File  02/13/2015  BLM Annual Briefing  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  02/11/2015  Strategic Planning Meeting  Agenda  Strategic Planning Meeting  
 View File  02/11/2015  HARSB Overview  Agenda  HARSB Overview  
 View File  02/11/2015  Grail License Revocation Hearing  Agenda  Grail License Revocation Hearing  
 View File  02/10/2015  Sustainability Plan Meeting  Agenda  Sustainability Plan Meeting  
 View File  02/10/2015  Indigent Hearing  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  02/10/2015  Business Meeting   Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  02/09/2015  Sheriff's Office Pay Plan Proposal  Agenda  Sheriff's Office Pay Plan Proposal  
 View File  02/09/2015  Requests for Cancellation of Taxes  Agenda  Requests for Cancellation of Taxes  
 View File  02/09/2015  Meeting Notice Feb 9 - Feb 13  Notices  Meeting Notice Feb 9 - Feb 13  
 View File  02/09/2015  Fund Balance Presentation  Agenda  Fund Balance Presentation  
 View File  02/09/2015  Commissioners' Debriefing  Agenda  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  02/05/2015  Human Resources Admin Meeting  Agenda  Human Resources Admin Meeting  
 View File  02/05/2015  Community Development Follow Up  Agenda  Community Development Follow Up  
 View File  02/05/2015  Board Meeting - Employee Contract  Agenda  Board Meeting - Employee Contract  
 View File  01/30/2015  Grant Management Discussion  Agenda  Grant Management Discussion  
 View File  01/30/2015  Basin Commission Update  Agenda  Basin Commission Update  
 View File  01/29/2015  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(a) and (1)(b)  Agenda  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(a) and (1)(b)  
 View File  01/29/2015  Community Development Deliberations-Hearing  Agenda  Community Development Deliberations-Hearing  
 View File  01/28/2015  Vanguard Cleaning  Agenda  Vanguard Cleaning  
 View File  01/28/2015  Public Defender Staffing Request  Agenda  Public Defender Staffing Request  
 View File  01/28/2015  Natural Resource Advisory Board Overview  Agenda  Natural Resource Advisory Board Overview  
 View File  01/28/2015  FY16 Budget Discussion  Agenda  FY16 Budget Discussion  
 View File  01/27/2015  Employee Recognition Committee Discussion  Agenda  Employee Recognition Committee Discussion  
 View File  01/27/2015  Business Meeting  Agenda  Business Meeting  
 View File  01/26/2015  Quarterly Highway District Update  Agenda  Quarterly Highway District Update  
 View File  01/26/2015  Meeting Notice Jan 26-30 2015  Notices  Meeting Notice Jan 26-30 2015  
 View File  01/26/2015  Employee Contract Discussion  Agenda  Employee Contract Discussion  
 View File  01/26/2015  Commissioners' Debriefing  Agenda  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  01/23/2015  Panhandle Health Presentation  Agenda  Panhandle Health Presentation  
 View File  01/23/2015  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(a) and (1)(f)  Agenda  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(a) and (1)(f)  
 View File  01/21/2015  Grant Management Office Overview  Agenda   Grant Management Office Overview  
 View File  01/21/2015  Elected Officials Meeting  Agenda  Elected Officials Meeting  
 View File  01/21/2015  BOCC Department Head Meeting  Agenda  BOCC Department Head Meeting  
 View File  01/20/2015  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  01/20/2015  Community Development Overview  Agenda  Community Development Overview  
 View File  01/20/2015  Commissioners' Debriefing  Agenda  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  01/20/2015  Business Meeting Agenda  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  01/16/2015  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(f)  Agenda  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(f)  
 View File  01/16/2015  Aquifer Atlas Discussion  Agenda  Aquifer Atlas Discussion  
 View File  01/14/2015  Solid Waste Overview  Agenda  Solid Waste Overview  
 View File  01/14/2015  City of Hayden Quarterly Meeting  Agenda  City of Hayden Quarterly Meeting  
 View File  01/13/2015  Liquor License Revocation - Sheriff  Agenda  Liquor License Revocation - Sheriff  
 View File  01/13/2015  Business Meeting Agenda  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  01/12/2015  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(b)  Agenda  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(b)  
 View File  01/12/2015  Commissioners' Debriefing  Agenda  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  01/07/2015  Requests for Cancellation of Taxes  Agenda  Requests for Cancellation of Taxes  
 View File  01/07/2015  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(b)  Agenda  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(b)  
 View File  01/06/2015  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  01/06/2015  Business Meeting Agenda  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  01/05/2015  Meeting Notice Jan 5 - Jan 9  Notices  Meeting Notice Jan 5 - Jan 9  
 View File  01/05/2015  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(b)  Agenda  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(b)  
 View File  01/05/2015  Commissioners' Debriefing  Agenda  Commissioners' Debriefing  

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