Kootenai County, Idaho

Commissioner Bob Bingham
District 3

Commissioner Chris Fillios
District 2

Commissioner Marc Eberlein
District 1

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P: (208) 446-1600

Physical Address:
451 Government Way
Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814
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Kootenai County Public Meeting Agendas

The Board of County Commissioners hold their weekly business meeting every Tuesday at 2:00pm on the 3rd floor of the Administration building at 451 Government Way, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho unless otherwise posted. The rest of the County public meetings, including the Business Meetings, may be found on the County's Public Meeting calendar. Minutes of the meetings may be found here.

Other agendas of meetings may be found at the following links:

Airport Advisory Board
Community Development
Parks and Waterways

The files listed below are in Adobe Acrobat Format. If you don't have the Acrobat Reader, you can get it here.

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Files from 2017

 View File  12/28/2017  Human Resources Personnel Changes  Agenda  Human Resources Personnel Changes  
 View File  12/26/2017  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  12/21/2017  Office of Emergency Management  Agenda  Office of Emergency Management  
 View File  12/21/2017  Human Resources  Agenda  Human Resources  
 View File  12/21/2017  Auditor  Agenda  Auditor  
 View File  12/20/2017  Elected Officials  Agenda  Elected Officials  
 View File  12/19/2017  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  12/19/2017  Building and Grounds  Agenda  Building and Grounds  
 View File  12/18/2017  Waterways Advisory Board Interviews  Agenda  Waterways Advisory Board Interviews  
 View File  12/18/2017  Debriefing  Agenda  Debriefing  
 View File  12/14/2017  Human Resources  Agenda  Human Resources  
 View File  12/14/2017  Eide Bailly  Agenda  Eide Bailly  
 View File  12/13/2017  Waterways Advisory Board Interview  Agenda  Waterways Advisory Board Interview  
 View File  12/13/2017  Request for Cancellation of Taxes  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  12/12/2017  Indigent Hearing  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  12/12/2017  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  12/11/2017  Debriefing  Agenda  Debriefing  
 View File  12/11/2017  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  12/11/2017  Airport Advisory Board Interviews  Agenda  Airport Advisory Board Interviews  
 View File  12/07/2017  Parks and Waterways  Agenda  Parks and Waterways  
 View File  12/07/2017  Human Resources Personnel Changes  Agenda  Human Resources Personnel Changes  
 View File  12/07/2017  County Assistance  Agenda  County Assistance  
 View File  12/05/2017  Indigent Appeals  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  12/05/2017  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  12/04/2017  Solid Waste  Agenda  Solid Waste   
 View File  12/04/2017  Debriefing  Agenda  Debriefing  
 View File  12/04/2017  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  11/30/2017  Human Resources Personnel Changes  Agenda  Human Resources Personnel Changes  
 View File  11/30/2017  Community Development Deliberations  Agenda  Community Development Deliberations  
 View File  11/29/2017  Prosecuting Attorney  Agenda  Prosecuting Attorney  
 View File  11/28/2017  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  11/28/2017  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  11/27/2017  Juvenile Probation Update  Agenda  Juvenile Probation Update  
 View File  11/27/2017  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  11/27/2017  Commissioners Debriefing  Agenda  Commissioners Debriefing  
 View File  11/22/2017  Parks and Waterways  Agenda  Parks and Waterways  
 View File  11/22/2017  Human Resources Personnel Changes  Agenda  Human Resources Personnel Changes  
 View File  11/21/2017  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  11/21/2017  Fair Board Monthly Update  Agenda  Fair Board Monthly Update  
 View File  11/21/2017  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  11/20/2017  Debriefing  Agenda  Debriefing  
 View File  11/20/2017  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  11/17/2017  Parks and Waterways  Agenda  Parks and Waterways  
 View File  11/16/2017  Human Resources Personnel Changes  Agenda  Human Resources Personnel Changes  
 View File  11/15/2017  Elected Officials  Agenda  Elected Officials  
 View File  11/14/2017  Vendor Proposal - Rustic Restaurant  Agenda  Vendor Proposal - Rustic Restaurant  
 View File  11/14/2017  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  11/14/2017  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  11/13/2017  Human Resources  Agenda  Human Resources  
 View File  11/13/2017  Debriefing  Agenda  Debriefing  
 View File  11/13/2017  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  11/09/2017  Information Technology  Agenda  Information Technology  
 View File  11/09/2017  Information Technology  Agenda  Information Technology  
 View File  11/09/2017  Human Resources Personnel Changes  Agenda  Human Resources Personnel Changes  
 View File  11/09/2017  City of Coeur d Alene  Agenda  City of Coeur d Alene  
 View File  11/08/2017  Request for Cancellation of Taxes  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  11/07/2017  Kootenai County Sheriffs Office  Agenda  Kootenai County Sheriffs Office  
 View File  11/07/2017  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  11/07/2017  Business Meeting Agenda  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  11/07/2017  Aquatic Weeds Management  Agenda  Aquatic Weeds Management  
 View File  11/06/2017  Juvenile Probation Update  Agenda  Juvenile Probation Update  
 View File  11/06/2017  Debriefing  Agenda  Debriefing  
 View File  11/02/2017  Transit  Agenda  Transit  
 View File  11/02/2017  ICRMP  Agenda  ICRMP  
 View File  11/02/2017  Human Resources Personnel Changes  Agenda  Human Resources Personnel Changes  
 View File  11/02/2017  Coroner  Agenda  Coroner  
 View File  10/31/2017  Office of Emergency Management  Agenda  Office of Emergency Management  
 View File  10/31/2017  Kootenai County Sheriffs Office  Agenda  Kootenai County Sheriffs Office  
 View File  10/31/2017  Business Meeting  Agenda  Business Meeting  
 View File  10/30/2017  Jobs Plus Quarterly Update  Agenda  Jobs Plus Quarterly Update  
 View File  10/30/2017  Human Resources  Agenda  Human Resources  
 View File  10/30/2017  Debriefing  Agenda  Debriefing  
 View File  10/30/2017  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  10/30/2017  Building and Grounds  Agenda  Building and Grounds  
 View File  10/26/2017  Human Resources Personnel Changes  Agenda  Human Resources Personnel Changes  
 View File  10/26/2017  Community Development Deliberations  Agenda  Community Development Deliberations  
 View File  10/25/2017  Tax Exemption Discussion  Agenda  Tax Exemption Discussion  
 View File  10/25/2017  Office of Emergency Management & Parks and Waterways  Agenda  Office of Emergency Management & Parks and Waterways  
 View File  10/24/2017  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  10/24/2017  Indigent Defense Grant  Agenda  Indigent Defense Grant  
 View File  10/24/2017  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  10/23/2017  Solid Waste Update  Agenda  Solid Waste Update  
 View File  10/23/2017  Debriefing  Agenda  Debriefing  
 View File  10/23/2017  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  10/20/2017  Human Resources  Agenda  Human Resources  
 View File  10/19/2017  Fair Board Update  Agenda  Fair Board Update  
 View File  10/19/2017  Community Development Deliberations  Agenda  Community Development Deliberations  
 View File  10/18/2017  Sheriffs Office  Agenda  Sheriffs Office  
 View File  10/18/2017  Elected Officials  Agenda  Elected Officials  
 View File  10/17/2017  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  10/16/2017  East Side Highway District  Agenda  East Side Highway District  
 View File  10/16/2017  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  10/12/2017  Human Resources  Agenda  Human Resources  
 View File  10/11/2017  Assessor  Agenda  Assessor  
 View File  10/10/2017  Parks and Waterways  Agenda  Parks and Waterways  
 View File  10/10/2017  Health and Welfare Update  Agenda  Health and Welfare Update  
 View File  10/10/2017  CDA Economic Development Corporation  Agenda  CDA Economic Development Corporation  
 View File  10/10/2017  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  10/05/2017  Panhandle Area Council  Agenda  Panhandle Area Council  
 View File  10/05/2017  Heritage Health  Agenda  Heritage Health  
 View File  10/04/2017  Request for Cancellation of Taxes  Agenda  Request for Cancellation of Taxes  
 View File  10/04/2017  Airport Continued  Agenda  Airport Continued  
 View File  10/03/2017  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Indigent Hearings  
 View File  10/03/2017  Business Meeting  Agenda  Business Meeting  
 View File  10/03/2017  Annual Treasurers Settlement  Agenda  Annual Treasurers Settlement  
 View File  10/03/2017  Airport  Agenda  Airport  
 View File  10/02/2017  OEM Update  Agenda  OEM Update  
 View File  10/02/2017  Executive Session 74-206 (1)(f)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206 (1)(f)  
 View File  10/02/2017  Debriefing  Agenda  Debriefing  
 View File  09/29/2017  Prosecuting Attorney continued  Agenda  Prosecuting Attorney continued  
 View File  09/28/2017  Prosecuting Attorney  Agenda  Prosecuting Attorney  
 View File  09/28/2017  Indigent Hearing  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  09/28/2017  Human Resources Personnel Changes  Agenda  Human Resources Personnel Changes  
 View File  09/26/2017  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  09/21/2017  Human Resources Personnel Changes  Agenda  Human Resources Personnel Changes  
 View File  09/20/2017   Executive Session 74-206 (1)(f)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206 (1)(f)  
 View File  09/19/2017  Fair Board Monthly Update  Agenda  Fair Board Monthly Update  
 View File  09/19/2017  Business Meeting   Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  09/19/2017  BOCC Department Merit Allocations  Agenda  BOCC Department Merit Allocations  
 View File  09/18/2017  Solid Waste  Agenda  Solid Waste   
 View File  09/18/2017  Debriefing  Agenda  Debriefing  
 View File  09/18/2017  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  09/14/2017  Tax Deed Property Discussion  Agenda  Tax Deed Property Discussion  
 View File  09/13/2017  Human Resources  Agenda  Human Resources  
 View File  09/12/2017  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  09/12/2017  Area Agency on Aging  Agenda  Area Agency on Aging  
 View File  09/11/2017  Transportation Improvement Program  Agenda  Transportation Improvement Program  
 View File  09/11/2017  Office of Emergency Management  Agenda  Office of Emergency Management  
 View File  09/11/2017  Juvenile Probation Update  Agenda  Juvenile Probation Update  
 View File  09/11/2017  Debriefing  Agenda  Debriefing  
 View File  09/11/2017  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  09/07/2017  Human Resources Personnel Changes  Agenda  Human Resources Personnel Changes  
 View File  09/07/2017  Community Development Deliberations  Agenda  Community Development Deliberations  
 View File  09/06/2017  Request for Cancellation of Taxes  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  09/06/2017  Kootenai County Sheriffs Office  Agenda  Kootenai County Sheriffs Office  
 View File  09/06/2017  Executive Session 74-206 (1)(f)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206 (1)(f)  
 View File  09/06/2017  Commissioner Districts  Agenda  Commissioner Districts  
 View File  09/06/2017  Apex Insurance Services  Agenda  Apex Insurance Services  
 View File  09/05/2017  Kootenai County Sheriffs Office  Agenda  Kootenai County Sheriffs Office  
 View File  09/05/2017  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  09/05/2017  FY18 Budget Public Hearing Continuation  Agenda  FY18 Budget Public Hearing Continuation  
 View File  09/05/2017  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  09/05/2017  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  09/05/2017  Building and Grounds  Agenda  Building and Grounds  
 View File  08/31/2017  Human Resources Personnel Changes  Agenda  Human Resources Personnel Changes  
 View File  08/31/2017  FY18 Budget Public Hearing  Agenda  FY18 Budget Public Hearing  
 View File  08/31/2017  Community Development Deliberations  Agenda  Community Development Deliberations  
 View File  08/29/2017  Parks and Waterways  Agenda  Parks and Waterways  
 View File  08/29/2017  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  08/29/2017  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  08/28/2017  Kootenai County Sheriffs Office  Agenda  Kootenai County Sheriffs Office  
 View File  08/28/2017  Debriefing  Agenda  Debriefing  
 View File  08/28/2017  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  08/28/2017  Auditor  Agenda  Auditor  
 View File  08/28/2017  Airport and Advisory Board Update  Agenda  Airport and Advisory Board Update  
 View File  08/24/2017  Office of Emergency Management  Agenda  Office of Emergency Management  
 View File  08/24/2017  Human Resources Personnel Changes  Agenda  Human Resources Personnel Changes  
 View File  08/24/2017  Community Development Deliberations  Agenda  Community Development Deliberations  
 View File  08/24/2017  Assessor  Agenda  Assessor  
 View File  08/23/2017  Rutan Aerospace Learning Center  Agenda  Rutan Aerospace Learning Center  
 View File  08/23/2017  Executive Session 74-206 (1)(f)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206 (1)(f)  
 View File  08/22/2017  Extension Office  Agenda  Extension Office  
 View File  08/22/2017  Executive Session 74-206 (1)(b)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206 (1)(b)  
 View File  08/22/2017  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  08/22/2017  Airport  Agenda  Airport  
 View File  08/21/2017  Debriefing  Agenda  Debriefing  
 View File  08/21/2017  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  08/17/2017  Human Resources  Agenda  Human Resources  
 View File  08/17/2017  Hardship Hearing  Agenda  Hardship Hearing  
 View File  08/17/2017  District Court  Agenda  District Court  
 View File  08/16/2017  Elected Officials  Agenda  Elected Officials  
 View File  08/15/2017  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  08/15/2017  Fair Board Update  Agenda  Fair Board Update  
 View File  08/15/2017  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  08/14/2017  Debriefing  Agenda  Debriefing  
 View File  08/14/2017  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  08/10/2017  Transit  Agenda  Transit  
 View File  08/10/2017  Community Development Deliberations  Agenda  Community Development Deliberations  
 View File  08/08/2017  Public Defender Conflict Program  Agenda  Public Defender Conflict Program  
 View File  08/08/2017  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  08/07/2017  Solid Waste Update  Agenda  Solid Waste Update  
 View File  08/07/2017  Office of Emergency Management  Agenda  Office of Emergency Management  
 View File  08/07/2017  Executive Session 74-206 (1)(f)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206 (1)(f)  
 View File  08/07/2017  Debriefing  Agenda  Debriefing  
 View File  08/07/2017  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  08/03/2017  Hardship Hearing  Agenda  Hardship Hearing  
 View File  08/03/2017  Hardship Hearing  Agenda  Hardship Hearing  
 View File  08/03/2017  Community Development Deliberations  Agenda  Community Development Deliberations  
 View File  08/02/2017  Request for Cancellation of Taxes  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  08/02/2017  FY18 Budget Deliberations  Agenda  FY18 Budget Deliberations  
 View File  08/01/2017  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  07/31/2017  Kootenai County Sheriffs Office  Agenda  Kootenai County Sheriffs Office  
 View File  07/31/2017  Jobs Plus Quarterly Update  Agenda  Jobs Plus Quarterly Update  
 View File  07/31/2017  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  07/27/2017  Human Resources  Agenda  Human Resources  
 View File  07/27/2017  FY18 Budget Deliberations  Agenda  FY18 Budget Deliberations  
 View File  07/25/2017  Stan Hora  Agenda  Stan Hora  
 View File  07/25/2017  Mark Tuula  Agenda  Mark Tuula  
 View File  07/25/2017  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  07/25/2017  Human Resources  Agenda  Human Resources  
 View File  07/25/2017  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  07/24/2017  Debriefing  Agenda  Debriefing  
 View File  07/24/2017  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  07/24/2017  City of Coeur d Alene  Agenda  City of Coeur d Alene  
 View File  07/24/2017  Airport and Advisory Board Update  Agenda  Airport and Advisory Board Update  
 View File  07/21/2017  Solid Waste   Agenda  Solid Waste   
 View File  07/21/2017  FY18 Budget Deliberations  Agenda  FY18 Budget Deliberations  
 View File  07/20/2017  Public Defense Commission  Agenda  Public Defense Commission  
 View File  07/20/2017  Human Resources  Agenda  Human Resources  
 View File  07/20/2017  Community Development Deliberations  Agenda  Community Development Deliberations  
 View File  07/19/2017  Elected Officials  Agenda  Elected Officials  
 View File  07/18/2017  Fair Board Monthly Update  Agenda  Fair Board Monthly Update  
 View File  07/18/2017  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  07/17/2017  Prosecuting Attorney  Agenda  Prosecuting Attorney  
 View File  07/17/2017  FY18 Budget Deliberations  Agenda  FY18 Budget Deliberations  
 View File  07/17/2017  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  07/14/2017  FY18 Budget Discussion - Alliant Benefits  Agenda  FY18 Budget Discussion - Alliant Benefits  
 View File  07/14/2017  FY18 Budget Deliberations  Agenda  FY18 Budget Deliberations  
 View File  07/14/2017  FY18 Budget Deliberations  Agenda  FY18 Budget Deliberations  
 View File  07/13/2017  Human Resources  Agenda  Human Resources  
 View File  07/13/2017  Executive Session 74-206 (1)(c)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206 (1)(c)  
 View File  07/12/2017  FY18 Budget Deliberations  Agenda  FY18 Budget Deliberations  
 View File  07/12/2017  Debriefing  Agenda  Debriefing  
 View File  07/11/2017  Executive Session 74-206 (1)(f)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206 (1)(f)  
 View File  07/11/2017  Elected Officials  Agenda  Elected Officials  
 View File  07/11/2017  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  07/10/2017  Kootenai County Sheriff   Agenda  Kootenai County Sheriff   
 View File  07/10/2017  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  07/10/2017  BOE Assessment Appeal Hearings  Agenda  BOE Assessment Appeal Hearings  
 View File  07/10/2017  BOE Assessment Appeal Hearing  Agenda  BOE Assessment Appeal Hearing  
 View File  07/07/2017  BOE Assessment Appeal Hearings  Agenda  BOE Assessment Appeal Hearings  
 View File  07/07/2017  BOE Assessment Appeal Hearings  Agenda  BOE Assessment Appeal Hearings  
 View File  07/06/2017  Human Resources  Agenda  Human Resources  
 View File  07/06/2017  Hardship Hearing 2017-08  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  07/06/2017  Hardship Hearing 2017-07  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  07/06/2017  Executive Session 74-206(1)(c)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(c)  
 View File  07/06/2017  BOE Assessment Appeal Hearings  Agenda  BOE Assessment Appeal Hearings  
 View File  07/05/2017  Requests for Cancellation of Taxes  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  07/05/2017  Business Meeting Agenda  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  07/05/2017  BOE Assessment Appeal Hearings  Agenda  BOE Assessment Appeal Hearings  
 View File  06/30/2017  BOE Assessment Appeal Hearings  Agenda  BOE Assessment Appeal Hearings  
 View File  06/29/2017  BOE Written Appeal Hearing Continuation  Agenda  BOE Written Appeal Hearing Continuation  
 View File  06/28/2017  Building and Grounds  Agenda  Building and Grounds  
 View File  06/28/2017  BOE Written Assessment Appeal Hearings  Agenda  BOE Written Assessment Appeal Hearings  
 View File  06/28/2017  BOE Assessment Appeal Hearings  Agenda  BOE Assessment Appeal Hearings  
 View File  06/27/2017  Parks and Waterways  Agenda  Parks and Waterways  
 View File  06/27/2017  Kootenai County EMS System  Agenda  Kootenai County EMS System  
 View File  06/27/2017  Indigent Appeals  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  06/27/2017  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  06/27/2017  BOE Timber Exemption Meeting  Agenda  BOE Timber Exemption Meeting  
 View File  06/26/2017  Human Resources  Agenda  Human Resources  
 View File  06/26/2017  FY18 Budget Deliberations   Agenda  FY18 Budget Deliberations   
 View File  06/26/2017  Debriefing  Agenda  Debriefing  
 View File  06/26/2017  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  06/26/2017  Airport and Advisory Board Update  Agenda  Airport and Advisory Board Update  
 View File  06/22/2017  Human Resources Personnel Changes  Agenda  Human Resources Personnel Changes  
 View File  06/22/2017  FY18 Budget Deliberations  Agenda  FY18 Budget Deliberations  
 View File  06/22/2017  Executive Session 74-206(1)(f)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(f)  
 View File  06/22/2017  Community Development Deliberations  Agenda  Community Development Deliberations  
 View File  06/21/2017  Elected Officials  Agenda  Elected Officials  
 View File  06/20/2017  Innovation Collective  Agenda  Innovation Collective  
 View File  06/20/2017  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Indigent Hearings  
 View File  06/20/2017  Fair Board Update  Agenda  Fair Board Update  
 View File  06/20/2017  Business Meeting  Agenda  Business Meeting  
 View File  06/19/2017  FY18 Budget Deliberations  Agenda  FY18 Budget Deliberations  
 View File  06/19/2017  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  06/19/2017  Commissioners Debriefing  Agenda  Commissioners Debriefing  
 View File  06/16/2017  Office of Emergency Management  Agenda  Office of Emergency Management  
 View File  06/16/2017  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a) 3PM  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a) 3PM  
 View File  06/16/2017  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a) 2PM  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a) 2PM  
 View File  06/16/2017  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a) 1PM  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a) 1PM  
 View File  06/15/2017  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a) & (1)(b)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a) & (1)(b)  
 View File  06/15/2017  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  06/15/2017  Airport  Agenda  Airport  
 View File  06/14/2017  Parks & Waterways  Agenda  Parks & Waterways  
 View File  06/14/2017  FY18 Budget Deliberations   Agenda  FY18 Budget Deliberations   
 View File  06/13/2017  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  06/13/2017  FY18 Budget Deliberations   Agenda  FY18 Budget Deliberations   
 View File  06/13/2017  Debriefing  Agenda  Debriefing  
 View File  06/13/2017  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  06/12/2017  FY18 Budget Deliberations 9AM  Agenda  FY18 Budget Deliberations 9AM  
 View File  06/12/2017  FY18 Budget Deliberations 230PM  Agenda  FY18 Budget Deliberations 230PM  
 View File  06/12/2017  Executive Session 74-206(1)(b)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(b)  
 View File  06/09/2017  Request for Cancellation of Taxes  Agenda  Request for Cancellation of Taxes  
 View File  06/09/2017  FY18 Budget Discussion - Reprographics  Agenda  FY18 Budget Discussion - Reprographics  
 View File  06/09/2017  FY18 Budget Discussion - KC Fairgrounds  Agenda  FY18 Budget Discussion - KC Fairgrounds  
 View File  06/09/2017  FY18 Budget Discussion - Adult Misdemeanor Probation  Agenda  FY18 Budget Discussion - Adult Misdemeanor Probation  
 View File  06/09/2017  FY18 Budget Deliberations   Agenda  FY18 Budget Deliberations   
 View File  06/09/2017  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a) & (1)(b)   Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a) & (1)(b)  
 View File  06/09/2017  Executive Session 74-206 (1)(b)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206 (1)(b)  
 View File  06/05/2017  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  06/02/2017  FY18 Budget Discussion - Information Technology  Agenda  FY18 Budget Discussion - Information Technology  
 View File  06/02/2017  FY18 Budget Discussion - Aquifer Protection District  Agenda  FY18 Budget Discussion - Aquifer Protection District  
 View File  06/02/2017  FY18 Budget Deliberations  Agenda  FY18 Budget Deliberations  
 View File  06/01/2017  FY18 Budget Discussion - Office of Emergency Management  Agenda  FY18 Budget Discussion - Office of Emergency Management  
 View File  06/01/2017  FY18 Budget Discussion - District Court  Agenda  FY18 Budget Discussion - District Court  
 View File  06/01/2017  FY18 Budget Discussion - Airport  Agenda  FY18 Budget Discussion - Airport  
 View File  06/01/2017  FY18 Budget Deliberations  Agenda  FY18 Budget Deliberations  
 View File  06/01/2017  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a)&(1)(b)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a)&(1)(b)  
 View File  05/31/2017  FY18 Budget Discussion - Public Defender  Agenda  FY18 Budget Discussion - Public Defender  
 View File  05/31/2017  FY18 Budget Discussion - Parks and Waterways  Agenda  FY18 Budget Discussion - Parks and Waterways  
 View File  05/31/2017  FY18 Budget Discussion - Juvenile Probation  Agenda  FY18 Budget Discussion - Juvenile Probation  
 View File  05/31/2017  FY18 Budget Discussion - Juvenile Detention  Agenda  FY18 Budget Discussion - Juvenile Detention  
 View File  05/31/2017  FY18 Budget Discussion - Human Resources  Agenda  FY18 Budget Discussion - Human Resources  
 View File  05/31/2017  FY18 Budget Discussion - Grants Management  Agenda  FY18 Budget Discussion - Grants Management  
 View File  05/31/2017  FY18 Budget Discussion - Facilities  Agenda  FY18 Budget Discussion - Facilities  
 View File  05/31/2017  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  05/30/2017  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  05/30/2017  Human Resources  Agenda  Human Resources  
 View File  05/30/2017  Executive Session 74-206(1)(d) and 1(f)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(d) and 1(f)  
 View File  05/30/2017  Debriefing  Agenda  Debriefing  
 View File  05/30/2017  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  05/26/2017  Building and Grounds  Agenda  Building and Grounds  
 View File  05/26/2017   Executive Session 74-206 (1)(f)  Agenda   Executive Session 74-206 (1)(f)  
 View File  05/25/2017  Jail Expansion   Agenda  Jail Expansion  
 View File  05/25/2017  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a) & (1)(b)   Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a) & (1)(b)  
 View File  05/24/2017  FY18 Sheriff  Agenda  FY18 Sheriff  
 View File  05/24/2017  FY18 Sheriff - 1PM  Agenda  FY18 Sheriff - 1PM  
 View File  05/23/2017  Indigent Appeals  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  05/23/2017  Executive Session 74-206(1)(b) & (1)(f)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(b) & (1)(f)  
 View File  05/23/2017  Debriefing  Agenda  Debriefing  
 View File  05/23/2017  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  05/22/2017  Transit   Agenda  Transit  
 View File  05/22/2017  FY18 Prosecuting Attorney  Agenda  FY18 Prosecuting Attorney  
 View File  05/22/2017  FY18 Budget Deliberations   Agenda  FY18 Budget Deliberations  
 View File  05/22/2017  FY18 Assessor Departments  Agenda  FY18 Assessor Departments  
 View File  05/22/2017  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  05/22/2017  Airport Advisory Update  Agenda  Airport Advisory Update  
 View File  05/19/2017  Range  Agenda  Range  
 View File  05/19/2017  BOE Overview  Agenda  BOE Overview  
 View File  05/19/2017  Assessor  Agenda  Assessor  
 View File  05/18/2017  FY18 Solid Waste  Agenda  FY18 Solid Waste  
 View File  05/18/2017  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a) & (1)(b)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a) & (1)(b)  
 View File  05/18/2017  BOCC Delibs  Agenda  BOCC Delibs  
 View File  05/17/2017  Elected Officials  Agenda  Elected Officials  
 View File  05/16/2017  Innovation Collective  Agenda  Innovation Collective  
 View File  05/16/2017  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  05/16/2017  Fair Board Update  Agenda  Fair Board Update  
 View File  05/16/2017  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  05/15/2017  FY18 Discussion Clerk Departments  Agenda  FY18 Discussion Clerk Departments  
 View File  05/15/2017  FY18 Budget Discussion - Coroner  Agenda  FY18 Budget Discussion - Coroner  
 View File  05/15/2017  FY18 Budget Deliberations 8AM  Agenda  FY18 Budget Deliberations 8AM  
 View File  05/15/2017  FY18 Budget Deliberations 10AM  Agenda  FY18 Budget Deliberations 10AM  
 View File  05/15/2017  Debriefing  Agenda  Debriefing  
 View File  05/12/2017  BOCC FY18 Budget Discussion  Agenda  BOCC FY18 Budget Discussion  
 View File  05/11/2017  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a) & (1)(b)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a) & (1)(b)  
 View File  05/11/2017  Community Development Public Hearing  Agenda  Community Development Public Hearing  
 View File  05/11/2017  City of Hayden Update  Agenda  City of Hayden Update  
 View File  05/10/2017  Fiscal Year 2018 Budget Deliberations  Agenda  Fiscal Year 2018 Budget Deliberations  
 View File  05/10/2017  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a)  
 View File  05/10/2017  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  05/08/2017  Prelimminary Summary FY18 Budget  Agenda  Prelimminary Summary FY18 Budget  
 View File  05/08/2017  Debriefing  Agenda  Debriefing  
 View File  05/08/2017  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  05/04/2017  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a) & (1)(b)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a) & (1)(b)  
 View File  05/04/2017  BOCC Deliberations  Agenda  BOCC Deliberations  
 View File  05/03/2017  Requests for Cancellation of Taxes  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  05/03/2017  Fund Balance Policy Continuation  Agenda  Fund Balance Policy Continuation  
 View File  05/02/2017  Panhandle Health District  Agenda  Panhandle Health District  
 View File  05/02/2017  Kootenai County Sheriffs Office  Agenda  Kootenai County Sheriffs Office  
 View File  05/02/2017  KC Transit Public Hearing  Agenda  KC Transit Public Hearing  
 View File  05/02/2017  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Indigent Hearings  
 View File  05/02/2017  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  05/01/2017  Tax Exemption Hearing  Agenda  Tax Exemption Hearing  
 View File  05/01/2017  Office of Emergency Management  Agenda  Office of Emergency Management  
 View File  05/01/2017  Debriefing  Agenda  Debriefing  
 View File  05/01/2017  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  04/28/2017  Tax Exempt Applications  Agenda  Tax Exempt Applications  
 View File  04/28/2017  Revocation of Tax Exempt Status  Agenda  Revocation of Tax Exempt Status  
 View File  04/27/2017  State Public Defense Commission  Agenda  State Public Defense Commission  
 View File  04/27/2017  Prosecuting Attorney  Agenda  Prosecuting Attorney  
 View File  04/27/2017  Executive Session 74-206 (1)(a)   Agenda  Executive Session 74-206 (1)(a)   
 View File  04/27/2017  Auditor  Agenda  Auditor  
 View File  04/26/2017  Auditor  Agenda  Auditor  
 View File  04/25/2017  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  04/25/2017  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  04/24/2017  Transfer Station Proposal  Agenda  Transfer Station Proposal  
 View File  04/24/2017  Debriefing  Agenda  Debriefing  
 View File  04/24/2017  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  04/24/2017  Airport Advisory Update  Agenda  Airport Advisory Update  
 View File  04/20/2017  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a) & (1)(b)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a) & (1)(b)  
 View File  04/20/2017  BOCC Deliberations  Agenda  BOCC Deliberations  
 View File  04/19/2017  Executive Session 74-206 (1)(f)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206 (1)(f)  
 View File  04/19/2017  Elected Officials  Agenda  Elected Officials  
 View File  04/18/2017  Fair Board Update  Agenda  Fair Board Update  
 View File  04/18/2017  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  04/17/2017  Request for Cancellation of Taxes  Agenda  Request for Cancellation of Taxes  
 View File  04/17/2017  Parks & Waterways  Agenda  Parks & Waterways  
 View File  04/17/2017  Grants Management Office  Agenda  Grants Management Office  
 View File  04/17/2017  Debriefing  Agenda  Debriefing  
 View File  04/17/2017  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  04/13/2017  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a) & (1)(b)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a) & (1)(b)  
 View File  04/13/2017  BOCC Public Hearing - Delibs  Agenda  BOCC Public Hearing - Delibs  
 View File  04/12/2017  Kootenai County Sheriffs Office  Agenda  Kootenai County Sheriffs Office  
 View File  04/11/2017  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Indigent Hearings  
 View File  04/11/2017  Human Resources  Agenda  Human Resources  
 View File  04/11/2017  Debriefing  Agenda  Debriefing  
 View File  04/11/2017  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  04/10/2017  Public Meetings - Transit 2017  Agenda  Public Meetings - Transit 2017  
 View File  04/10/2017  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  04/06/2017  Information Technology  Agenda  Information Technology  
 View File  04/06/2017  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a) & (1)(b)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a) & (1)(b)  
 View File  04/06/2017  BOCC Deliberations  Agenda  BOCC Deliberations  
 View File  04/05/2017  Request for Cancellation of Taxes  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  04/05/2017  Hardship Hearing  Agenda  Hardship Hearing  
 View File  04/05/2017  Coeur d Alene Lake Management  Agenda  Coeur d Alene Lake Management  
 View File  04/04/2017  Indigent Hearing  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  04/04/2017  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  04/03/2017  OEM Update  Agenda  OEM Update  
 View File  04/03/2017  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a)  
 View File  04/03/2017  Debriefing  Agenda  Debriefing  
 View File  04/03/2017  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  03/31/2017  Prosecuting Attorney  Agenda  Prosecuting Attorney  
 View File  03/31/2017  Jobs Plus Discussion  Agenda  Jobs Plus Discussion  
 View File  03/31/2017  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a) & (1)(b)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a) & (1)(b)  
 View File  03/29/2017  Fund Balance Policy Discussion  Agenda  Fund Balance Policy Discussion  
 View File  03/29/2017  Fairgrounds-RV Park  Agenda  Fairgrounds-RV Park  
 View File  03/29/2017  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a)  
 View File  03/28/2017  Indigent Hearing  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  03/28/2017  Executive Session 74-206 (1)(c)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206 (1)(c)  
 View File  03/28/2017  Emergency Meeting - North Idaho Flooding  Agenda  Emergency Meeting - North Idaho Flooding  
 View File  03/28/2017  Business Meeting Agenda  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  03/28/2017  Board of Community Guardians  Agenda  Board of Community Guardians  
 View File  03/27/2017  Idaho Panhandle National Forests  Agenda  Idaho Panhandle National Forests  
 View File  03/27/2017  Debriefing  Agenda  Debriefing  
 View File  03/27/2017  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  03/27/2017  Airport Advisory - Monthly  Agenda  Airport Advisory - Monthly  
 View File  03/24/2017  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a)  
 View File  03/23/2017  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a) & (1)(b)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a) & (1)(b)  
 View File  03/23/2017  BOCC Deliberations  Agenda  BOCC Deliberations  
 View File  03/22/2017  Jail Expansion Project  Agenda  Jail Expansion Project  
 View File  03/22/2017  FY16 Financial Audit Exit  Agenda  FY16 Financial Audit Exit  
 View File  03/21/2017  Site Disturbance Permit Discussion  Agenda  Site Disturbance Permit Discussion  
 View File  03/21/2017  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  03/21/2017  Fair Board Update  Agenda  Fair Board Update  
 View File  03/21/2017  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  03/20/2017  Prosecuting Attorney  Agenda  Prosecuting Attorney  
 View File  03/20/2017  Panhandle Health District  Agenda  Panhandle Health District  
 View File  03/20/2017  Office of Emergency Management  Agenda  Office of Emergency Management  
 View File  03/20/2017  Debriefing  Agenda  Debriefing  
 View File  03/20/2017  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  03/17/2017  Solid Waste Update  Agenda  Solid Waste Update  
 View File  03/16/2017  Kootenai Recovery Community Center  Agenda  Kootenai Recovery Community Center  
 View File  03/16/2017  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a) & (1)(b)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a) & (1)(b)  
 View File  03/16/2017  BOCC Deliberations  Agenda  BOCC Deliberations  
 View File  03/15/2017  Information Technology  Agenda  Information Technology  
 View File  03/15/2017  Executive Session 74-206(1)(f)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(f)  
 View File  03/15/2017  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a)  
 View File  03/15/2017  Elected Officials  Agenda  Elected Officials  
 View File  03/14/2017  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  03/14/2017  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a)  
 View File  03/14/2017  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a) 345PM  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a) 345PM  
 View File  03/14/2017  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  03/13/2017  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a)  
 View File  03/13/2017  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  03/10/2017  Public Defender  Agenda  Public Defender  
 View File  03/10/2017  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a)  
 View File  03/10/2017  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a)  
 View File  03/10/2017  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a) 300 PM  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a) 300 PM  
 View File  03/10/2017  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a) 100 PM  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a) 100 PM  
 View File  03/09/2017  Executive Session 74-206(1)(b)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(b)  
 View File  03/09/2017  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a)  
 View File  03/09/2017  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a) and (1)(b)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a) and (1)(b)  
 View File  03/09/2017  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a) 1000 AM  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a) 1000 AM  
 View File  03/08/2017  Tax Exemption Discussion  Agenda  Tax Exemption Discussion  
 View File  03/07/2017  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  03/07/2017  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  03/06/2017  Office of Emergency Management  Agenda  Office of Emergency Management  
 View File  03/06/2017  Debriefing  Agenda  Debriefing  
 View File  03/03/2017  Public Defender Conflict Attorneys  Agenda  Public Defender Conflict Attorneys  
 View File  03/03/2017  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a)  
 View File  03/02/2017  Executive Session 74-206(1)(f)   Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(f)   
 View File  03/02/2017  Executive Session 74-206(1)(b)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(b)  
 View File  03/02/2017  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a)  
 View File  03/02/2017  Bureau of Land Management  Agenda  Bureau of Land Management  
 View File  03/01/2017  Request for Cancellation of Taxes  Agenda  Request for Cancellation of Taxes  
 View File  03/01/2017  KCSO Sworn Personnel Assessment  Agenda  KCSO Sworn Personnel Assessment  
 View File  03/01/2017  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a) & (1)(b)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a) & (1)(b)  
 View File  02/28/2017  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Indigent Hearings  
 View File  02/28/2017  Executive Session 74-206 (1)(f)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206 (1)(f)  
 View File  02/28/2017  Business Meeting  Agenda  Business Meeting  
 View File  02/27/2017  Debriefing  Agenda  Debriefing  
 View File  02/27/2017  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  02/24/2017  Executive Session 74-206(1)(b)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(b)  
 View File  02/24/2017  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a)  
 View File  02/23/2017  Parks and Waterways  Agenda  Parks and Waterways  
 View File  02/23/2017  Executive Session 74-206(1)(b)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(b)  
 View File  02/22/2017  Treasurer  Agenda  Treasurer  
 View File  02/22/2017  Executive Session 74-206(1)(b)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(b)  
 View File  02/22/2017  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a)  
 View File  02/22/2017  Debriefing  Agenda  Debriefing  
 View File  02/22/2017  Adult Misdemeanor Probation  Agenda  Adult Misdemeanor Probation  
 View File  02/21/2017  Jail Discussion  Agenda  Jail Discussion  
 View File  02/21/2017  Fair Board Monthly Update  Agenda  Fair Board Monthly Update  
 View File  02/21/2017  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  02/16/2017  Executive Session 74-206(1)(b)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(b)  
 View File  02/16/2017  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a)  
 View File  02/16/2017  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(a)  
 View File  02/15/2017  Elected Officials  Agenda  Elected Officials  
 View File  02/14/2017  Parks & Waterways  Agenda  Parks & Waterways  
 View File  02/14/2017  Lien Release Request  Agenda  Lien Release Request  
 View File  02/14/2017  Information Systems  Agenda  Information Systems  
 View File  02/14/2017  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  02/14/2017  Business Meeting   Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  02/13/2017  Debriefing  Agenda  Debriefing  
 View File  02/13/2017  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  02/10/2017  Fleet Management  Agenda  Fleet Management  
 View File  02/06/2017  Solid Waste Update  Agenda  Solid Waste Update  
 View File  02/06/2017  Juvenile Probation Update  Agenda  Juvenile Probation Update  
 View File  02/06/2017  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  02/03/2017  Building and Grounds  Agenda  Building and Grounds  
 View File  02/02/2017  Executive Session 74-206(1)(b)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(b)  
 View File  02/02/2017  Executive Session 74-206(1)(b) & (1)(f)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(b) & (1)(f)  
 View File  02/02/2017  Community Development Deliberations  Agenda  Community Development Deliberations  
 View File  02/02/2017  CDA Basin Restoration  Agenda  CDA Basin Restoration  
 View File  02/01/2017  Request for Cancellation of Taxes  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  02/01/2017  Parks & Waterways  Agenda  Parks & Waterways  
 View File  02/01/2017  Human Resources  Agenda  Human Resources  
 View File  02/01/2017  Human Resources - 2  Agenda  Human Resources - 2  
 View File  02/01/2017  Executive Session 74-206(1)(f)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(f)  
 View File  01/31/2017  Quarterly Meeting - City of Hayden  Agenda  Quarterly Meeting - City of Hayden  
 View File  01/31/2017  Information Systems  Agenda  Information Systems  
 View File  01/31/2017  Employee Recognition Committee  Agenda  Employee Recognition Committee  
 View File  01/31/2017  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  01/30/2017  Quarterly Jobs Plus Discussion  Agenda  Quarterly Jobs Plus Discussion  
 View File  01/30/2017  Debriefing  Agenda  Debriefing  
 View File  01/30/2017  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  01/27/2017  Human Resources  Agenda  Human Resources  
 View File  01/27/2017  FY2018 Budget Discussion  Agenda  FY2018 Budget Discussion  
 View File  01/27/2017  City of Post Falls  Agenda  City of Post Falls  
 View File  01/25/2017  Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer  Agenda  Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer  
 View File  01/25/2017  Executive Session 74-206(1)(f)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(f)  
 View File  01/25/2017  Executive Session 74-206(1)(b) and (1)(f)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(b) and (1)(f)  
 View File  01/24/2017  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  01/23/2017  Debriefing  Agenda  Debriefing  
 View File  01/23/2017  Community Development Update  Agenda  Community Development Update  
 View File  01/23/2017  BOE Assessment Appeal Hearing  Agenda  BOE Assessment Appeal Hearing  
 View File  01/23/2017  Airport Advisory Board Update  Agenda  Airport Advisory Board Update  
 View File  01/19/2017  Executive Session 74-206(1)(b)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(b)  
 View File  01/19/2017  BOE Assessment Appeal Hearing  Agenda  BOE Assessment Appeal Hearing  
 View File  01/18/2017  Office of Emergency Management  Agenda  Office of Emergency Management  
 View File  01/18/2017  Human Resources  Agenda  Human Resources  
 View File  01/18/2017  Coeur d Alene Basin  Agenda  Coeur d Alene Basin  
 View File  01/17/2017  Indigent Hearing  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  01/17/2017  Fair Board Monthly Update  Agenda  Fair Board Monthly Update  
 View File  01/17/2017  Executive Session 74-206(1)(f)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(f)  
 View File  01/17/2017  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  01/13/2017  KCSO Jail  Agenda  KCSO Jail  
 View File  01/13/2017  Executive Session 74-206(1)(f)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(f)  
 View File  01/12/2017  Executive Session 74-206(1)(b)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(b)  
 View File  01/12/2017  Executive Session 74-206(1)(b)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(b)  
 View File  01/12/2017  Executive Session 74-206(1)(b)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(b)  
 View File  01/12/2017  Basin Restoration  Agenda  Basin Restoration  
 View File  01/11/2017  Transit Center  Agenda  Transit Center  
 View File  01/11/2017  Indigent Hearing  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  01/11/2017  County Assistance  Agenda  County Assistance  
 View File  01/10/2017  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  01/09/2017  Executive Session 74-206(1)(b)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(b)  
 View File  01/09/2017  Debriefing  Agenda  Debriefing  
 View File  01/06/2017  Personnel Meeting  Agenda  Personnel Meeting  
 View File  01/04/2017  Requests for Cancellation of Taxes  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  01/04/2017  Executive Session 74-206(1)(b)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(b)  
 View File  01/04/2017  Executive Session 74-206(1)(b)  Agenda  Executive Session 74-206(1)(b)  
 View File  01/04/2017  Debriefing  Agenda  Debriefing  
 View File  01/03/2017  Indigent Hearings  Agenda  Agenda  
 View File  01/03/2017  Business Meeting  Agenda  Agenda  

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