Kootenai County, Idaho

Commissioner Bob Bingham
District 3

Commissioner Chris Fillios
District 2

Commissioner Marc Eberlein
District 1

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Kootenai County Commissioner

Board of County Commissioners

Commissioner Bob Bingham-District 3

We live in a wonderful place, with all four seasons of weather, awesome scenery and many very nice people. The rural areas of North Idaho have attracted many people with an independent mindset who embrace a self-reliant lifestyle. Kootenai County has much to offer: a vibrant tourist component, a solid educational and technical training component, successful technology, machinery and other innovative entrepreneurs and many mom and pop businesses some of which are still in their infancy being fostered in a shop or garage.

Kootenai County is a place where people still help one another, we wave and say hello, if your car breaks down, someone will likely stop to see if they can help.

As our county continues to grow and mature my desire is to make government more transparent and accountable to citizens and to encourage all 44 taxing districts to do the same. I hope to work together with other elected officials to lighten the regulatory and tax burdens upon property owners while still servicing the many mandated services we are required to do. That said there are a variety of budget matters facing us that are challenging, but I am confident in being able to find solutions as we examine what we do, how we do it and work together to do it better. When the logging and mining industries shrank we reinvented ourselves and recovered, our citizens, workforce and businessmen are a hearty people, with a "can do" attitude.

Our county government has over 770 employees, while I have only met a fraction of them before taking office, everyone I have met has been sincere, dedicated and enjoys serving citizens. I am honored to join their team and I am honored to represent the voters who placed their trust in me.

I look forward to these next two years as your elected leader, I have two groups to serve, citizens and employees. I am not the sharpest stick and getting up in my years, if you have constructive ideas, would like to help or you are thinking about moving your business to our County, please contact me.

In the meantime, be all you can be, strive for your best potential while remembering your faith, family and friends.

Bob Bingham
Aka, the 9th grader

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