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District 2

Commissioner Marc Eberlein
District 1

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Board of County Commissioners

Public Notices / Public Comment

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Files from 2018

 Document Name 
 View File  03/20/2018  Peter Ward  Building Code email  
 View File  03/19/2018  sandy schlepp  Building Code email  
 View File  03/19/2018  Royal Mortier  Building Code email  
 View File  03/19/2018  Option 4 - Repeal of Building Code Ordinance   Building Code Option 4  
 View File  03/19/2018  Option 3 - Adoption of Updated Codes (Chris)   Building Code Option 3  
 View File  03/19/2018  Option 2 - Voluntary Building Permit Program (Marc)   Building Code Option 2  
 View File  03/19/2018  Option 1 - Adoption of Updated Codes with 5-Acre Exemption (Bob)  Building Code Option 1  
 View File  03/19/2018  Hayden Chamber of Commerce  Building code letter  
 View File  03/19/2018  Gordy Ormesher  Building Code email  
 View File  03/19/2018  Chad Cysewski  Building Code email  
 View File  03/19/2018  BOCC 03-19-18 PM Monday Public Hearing agenda  Building code meeting agenda  
 View File  03/18/2018  Mike Bauer  Building Code email  
 View File  03/18/2018  James Whipple  Building Code email  
 View File  03/18/2018  Gerald Dale  Building Code email  
 View File  03/17/2018  Warren Mueller  Building Code email  
 View File  03/17/2018  Shane Greenfield  Building Code email  
 View File  03/17/2018  Ray Murphy  Building Code email  
 View File  03/17/2018  Kim Golden  Building Code email  
 View File  03/17/2018  Chris Walsh  Building Code email  
 View File  03/16/2018  Terry McLeod  Building Code email  
 View File  03/16/2018  Teresa Metz  Building Code email  
 View File  03/16/2018  Suzan Mascall  Building Code email  
 View File  03/16/2018  Sarah Sternberg  Building Code email  
 View File  03/16/2018  Roy Newton  Building Code email  
 View File  03/16/2018  Robyn Bruns  Building Code email  
 View File  03/16/2018  Lyssa Kopke  Building Code email  
 View File  03/16/2018  Kootenai Enviromental Alliance  Building Code email  
 View File  03/16/2018  Joel Elgee  Building Code email  
 View File  03/16/2018  Idaho Association of Mortgage Professionals  Building Code email  
 View File  03/16/2018  Idaho Association of Building Officials  Building code letter  
 View File  03/16/2018  Guy Parkin  Building Code email  
 View File  03/16/2018  Gregory Bruns  Building Code email  
 View File  03/16/2018  George Ricks  Building Code email  
 View File  03/16/2018  Esther Miller  Building Code email  
 View File  03/16/2018  Coeur d’Alene Area EDC  Building code letter  
 View File  03/16/2018  42 Windermere Agent Letters   Building Code email  
 View File  03/15/2018  Samantha Nuttman  Building Code email  
 View File  03/15/2018  Robert A Nettleton  Building Code email  
 View File  03/15/2018  Rich and Mary Boettcher   Building Code email  
 View File  03/15/2018  Rachael Holzhauser  Building Code email  
 View File  03/15/2018  Joa Harrison  Building Code email  
 View File  03/15/2018  Jim Hollingsworth  Building Code email  
 View File  03/15/2018  Jill Satterly  Building Code email  
 View File  03/15/2018  Janelle Starr  Building Code email  
 View File  03/15/2018  Fred Selby  Building Code email  
 View File  03/15/2018  Emily Dishman  Building Code email  
 View File  03/15/2018  Debbie Pedersen  Building Code  
 View File  03/15/2018  Dan Chapleski  Building Code email  
 View File  03/15/2018  Barbara Hedden  Building Code email  
 View File  03/14/2018  Tim Kenny  Building Code email  
 View File  03/14/2018  Stan Moe  Building Code email  
 View File  03/14/2018  Shawn Taylor  Building Code email  
 View File  03/14/2018  Pamela Rogness  Building Code email  
 View File  03/14/2018  ORA18-0002 STAFF REPORT  Building code letter  
 View File  03/14/2018  Mike Stuhlmiller  Building Code email  
 View File  03/14/2018  Mike Icardo  Building Code email  
 View File  03/14/2018  Memo to the BOCC  Building Code Memo  
 View File  03/14/2018  Mary White  Building Code email  
 View File  03/14/2018  Marla Lopez  Building Code email  
 View File  03/14/2018  Jared Jackson  Building Code email  
 View File  03/14/2018  Jack Forsythe  Building Code email  
 View File  03/14/2018  Diane Pryor  Building Code email  
 View File  03/14/2018  Deborah Sohrweide  Building Code email  
 View File  03/14/2018  Danny Davis  Building Code email  
 View File  03/14/2018  Community Development Memo ORA18-0002  Building Code Memo  
 View File  03/13/2018  Lorri Erickson  Building Code email  
 View File  03/13/2018  Eric Pedersen  Building code letter  
 View File  03/11/2018  Roxanne Gunther  Building code email  
 View File  03/11/2018  Jennifer Smock  Building code email  
 View File  03/11/2018  Faith Hazard  Building code email  
 View File  03/10/2018  Tanya Beebe  Building code email  
 View File  03/10/2018  Steve Hill  Building code email  
 View File  03/10/2018  Oromatello  Building code email  
 View File  03/10/2018  Nancy White  Building code email  
 View File  03/10/2018  Melody Jones  Building code email  
 View File  03/10/2018  Kimberly Sitton  Building code email  
 View File  03/09/2018  Toni Caywood  Building code email  
 View File  03/09/2018  Todd Tondee  Building code email  
 View File  03/09/2018  Shannon Kemmish  Building code email  
 View File  03/09/2018  Robin Anthony  Building code email  
 View File  03/09/2018  Patti Oreilly  Building code email  
 View File  03/09/2018  Nancy Nassimbene  Building code email  
 View File  03/09/2018  Melissa Garland  Building code email  
 View File  03/09/2018  Kristen Johnson  Building code email  
 View File  03/09/2018  Katie Bane  Building code email  
 View File  03/09/2018  Karen Lorbecki  Building code email  
 View File  03/09/2018  Gary Schmidt  Building code email  
 View File  03/09/2018  Doris Blakeney  Building code email  
 View File  03/09/2018  David Swarat  Building code email  
 View File  03/09/2018  David Cook  Building code email  
 View File  03/09/2018  Carolyn Joslin  Building code email  
 View File  03/09/2018  Blake Shannon  Building code email  
 View File  03/09/2018  Betsy Rewers  Building code email  
 View File  03/09/2018  Bekka Supp  Building code email  
 View File  03/09/2018  Annie Mote  Building code email  
 View File  03/09/2018  Anne Anderson  Building code email  
 View File  03/08/2018  Miles Jackson  Building code email  
 View File  03/08/2018  Jill Tesulov  Building code email  
 View File  03/08/2018  Highway Districts  Building code letter  
 View File  03/07/2018  Peter Faust   Building code email  
 View File  03/05/2018  Jack Applegate  Building Code email  
 View File  03/05/2018  Daryl Jenkins  Building Code email  
 View File  03/03/2018  Kerry Green  Building code email  
 View File  03/03/2018  Cindy Knowles  Building code email  
 View File  03/02/2018  Vicky Houle  Building code email  
 View File  03/02/2018  Tina Hood  Building code email  
 View File  03/02/2018  Tiffany Avery  Building code email  
 View File  03/02/2018  Tanys Ludka  Building code email  
 View File  03/02/2018  Shelley Hurtado  Building code email  
 View File  03/02/2018  Sandra Fangen  Building code email  
 View File  03/02/2018  Rocky Banks  Building code email  
 View File  03/02/2018  Robyn Andrews - 2  Building code email  
 View File  03/02/2018  Mercile Goes  Building code email  
 View File  03/02/2018  Melissa Romjue  Building code email  
 View File  03/02/2018  Lyn Pelton  Building code email  
 View File  03/02/2018  Kristy Norman  Building code email  
 View File  03/02/2018  Kari Romeo  Building code email  
 View File  03/02/2018  Joseph Few  Building code email  
 View File  03/02/2018  Jennifer Keiffer  Building code email  
 View File  03/02/2018  Gail Bauer-Mondine  Building code email  
 View File  03/02/2018  Chrissy Johnson  Building code email  
 View File  03/02/2018  Chelsea Carpenter-Hosea  Building code email  
 View File  03/02/2018  Chanelle Bligh  Building code email  
 View File  03/02/2018  Allyson Knapp  Building code letter  
 View File  03/02/2018  Ali Taylor  Building code letter  
 View File  03/01/2018  Young Burdette  Building code email  
 View File  03/01/2018  William Robinette  Building code email  
 View File  03/01/2018  Tammy Didier Maskell  Building code email  
 View File  03/01/2018  Siera Hoza  Building code email  
 View File  03/01/2018  Sherrt Floyd  Building code email  
 View File  03/01/2018  Scott Lenz  Building code email  
 View File  03/01/2018  Richard Dussell  Building code email  
 View File  03/01/2018  Nancy Johnson  Building code email  
 View File  03/01/2018  Michaela Corcoran-Hall   Building code email  
 View File  03/01/2018  Michael Wendland  Building code email  
 View File  03/01/2018  Michael Ward  Building code email  
 View File  03/01/2018  Matthew Lambert  Building code email  
 View File  03/01/2018  Loretta Hartman  Building code email  
 View File  03/01/2018  Linda Wilhelm  Building code email  
 View File  03/01/2018  Lea Williams  Building code email  
 View File  03/01/2018  Kim Cooper  Building code email  
 View File  03/01/2018  Kevin Bennett  Building code email  
 View File  03/01/2018  Judith Cooper  Building code email  
 View File  03/01/2018  Jonathan Wilson  Building code email  
 View File  03/01/2018  John Morrison  Building code email  
 View File  03/01/2018  Jodi Meyer  Building code email  
 View File  03/01/2018  Joan Genter  Building code email  
 View File  03/01/2018  Jared McFarland  Building code email  
 View File  03/01/2018  Janna Scharf  Building code email  
 View File  03/01/2018  Heidi Hershly  Building code email  
 View File  03/01/2018  Erica Sharbono  Building code email  
 View File  03/01/2018  Deborah Arnson  Building Code  
 View File  03/01/2018  Dawn Porter  Building code email  
 View File  03/01/2018  David Slover  Building code email  
 View File  03/01/2018  Cynthia Winslow  Building code email  
 View File  03/01/2018  Craig Smith  Building code email  
 View File  03/01/2018  Brian Shioya  Building code email  
 View File  03/01/2018  Amanda Kuespert  Building code letter  
 View File  02/28/2018  B-4 Eberlein Draft Redline Ordinance with Comments  Building code draft  
 View File  02/28/2018  B-3 Eberlein-Draft Ordinance re Voluntary Building Permit Program  Building code draft  
 View File  02/26/2018  Mike Momb - Pole Barn Guru  Building code email  
 View File  02/25/2018  Jim Pierce  Building code email  
 View File  02/23/2018  Tom Torgerson  Building code email  
 View File  02/22/2018  CDA Chamber of Commerce  Building code letter  
 View File  02/21/2018  Robyn Andrews  Building code email  
 View File  02/20/2018  Sean Rogers  Building code email  
 View File  02/20/2018  Ron Nelson  Building code email  
 View File  02/20/2018  Regan Comment Misinformation Call to Action NIBCA  Building code email  
 View File  02/20/2018  Marcello Conigliaro  Building code email  
 View File  02/20/2018  Kim Lewis  Building code email  
 View File  02/20/2018  Katie Bane  Building code email  
 View File  02/20/2018  Chris Hardy  Building code email  
 View File  02/20/2018  Carrie Miller  Building code email  
 View File  02/20/2018  Brian Kleinjans  Building code email  
 View File  02/20/2018  Ben Weaver  Building code email  
 View File  02/20/2018  Art Elliott  Building code email  
 View File  02/15/2018  Collin Coles  Building code email  
 View File  02/14/2018  Legal Notice - Building Ord Alternatives - final  Building code press  
 View File  02/14/2018  CDA Press Affidavit of of Publication   Building code press  
 View File  02/09/2018  Barbara Yeager  Building code email  
 View File  02/04/2018  Jim Hollingsworth  Building code email  
 View File  02/01/2018  BOCC Deliberation Minutes  Building code meeting minutes  
 View File  02/01/2018  BOCC Delberations Agenda  Building code meeting agenda  
 View File  01/31/2018  NIBCA  Building code letter  
 View File  01/31/2018  County Bulletin  Building Code Bulletin  
 View File  01/31/2018  CD Meeting Protocol  Building code miscellaneous  
 View File  01/29/2018  Jim Hollingsworth  Building Code email  
 View File  01/29/2018  Dean Isaacson  Building Code Facebook Post  
 View File  01/25/2018  Richard Caldwell  Building code letter  
 View File  01/23/2018  Edwards Smith Construction  Building code letter  
 View File  01/16/2018  Mittman Architect  Building code letter  
 View File  01/12/2018  Post Falls Chamber  Building code letter  

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