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Kootenai County Resolutions

Board of County Commissioners


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Files from 2015

Document Name 
 View File  08/11/2015  Resolution 2015-65 Surplus Equipment-Solid Waste  Resolution  
 View File  08/11/2015  Resolution 2015-64 Cancel Taxes-Bergman-Gilman  Resolution  
 View File  08/04/2015  Resolution 2015-63 Surplus Equipment-KCSO  Resolution  
 View File  08/04/2015  Resolution 2015-62 Destroy Records-Background Files-KCSO  Resolution  
 View File  08/04/2015  Resolution 2015-61 Classify Records-Background Files-KCSO  Resolution  
 View File  07/28/2015  Resolution 2015-60 Designation of Applicants Agent-Office of Emergency Management  Resolution  
 View File  07/28/2015  Resolution 2015-59 Adoption of All Hazard Mitigation Plan-Office of Emergency Management  Resolution  
 View File  07/28/2015  Resolution 2015-58 Cancel Penalties-Interest-Massegossa  Resolution  
 View File  07/14/2015  Resolution 2015-55 Surplus Vehicles-KCSO  Resolution  
 View File  07/07/2015  Resolution 2015-57 Cancel Solid Waste Fee-Lake City Develpment Corp  Resolution  
 View File  07/07/2015  Resolution 2015-53 Surplus Vehicles-Prosecuting Attorneys Office  Resolution  
 View File  06/30/2015  Resolution 2015-50 Destroy Records - Elections  Resolution  
 View File  06/30/2015  Resolution 2015-49 Classify Records - Elections  Resolution  
 View File  06/16/2015  Resolution 2015-51 Printing Services-Reprographics  Resolution  
 View File  06/02/2015  Resolution 2015-48 Surplus Copier-Elections  Resolution  
 View File  05/19/2015  Resolution 2015-47 Donation of Office Furniture to KC Public Defender  Resolution  
 View File  05/12/2015  Resolution 2015-46 Cancel Taxes-MailFinance  Resolution  
 View File  05/05/2015  Resolution 2015-45 Authorization to Pay Rental Payments to Lakes Hwy District  Resolution  
 View File  04/14/2015  Resolution 2015-44 Surplus Materials-District Court  Resolution  
 View File  04/14/2015  Resolution 2015-43 Destroy Records-Jail-KCSO  Resolution  
 View File  04/14/2015  Resolution 2015-42 Classify Records-Jail-KCSO  Resolution  
 View File  04/14/2015  Resolution 2015-41 Surplus Vehicles-KCSO  Resolution  
 View File  04/14/2015  Resolution 2015-40 Surplus Vehicle-Juvenile Probation  Resolution  
 View File  04/07/2015  Resolution 2015-39 Designate Polling Places-May 19 2015 Election  Resolution  
 View File  04/07/2015  Resolution 2015-38 Surplus Equipment-Jail-KCSO  Resolution  
 View File  04/07/2015  Resolution 2015-37 Decliing Stipends for Commissioners Serving on Certain Boards  Resolution  
 View File  03/31/2015  Resolution 2015-36 Authorize Return of Found Money to Finder-Hendricks  Resolution  
 View File  03/31/2015  Resolution 2015-35 Public Records Request Policy-Addn to KC Personnel Policy Manual  Resolution  
 View File  03/31/2015  Resolution 2015-34 Surplus Equipment-Airport  Resolution  
 View File  03/24/2015  Resolution 2015-33 Surplus Property-Office of Emergency Management  Resolution  
 View File  03/24/2015  Resolution 2015-32 Surplus Property-Assesor  Resolution  
 View File  03/10/2015  Resolution 2015-31 Authorization to Write Off Bad Debt-Lowry-Airport  Resolution  
 View File  03/02/2015  Resolution 2015-30 Authorize Chair Signature on NWC Agreements-Notices  Resolution  
 View File  03/02/2015  Resolution 2015-21 Donate Surplus Vehicle-North Idaho Fair  Resolution  
 View File  03/02/2015  Resolution 2015-20 Surplus Property-Noxious Weed Control  Resolution  
 View File  02/24/2015  Resolution 2015-29 Criminal Background Fees-Concealed Weapons Permits-KCSO  Resolution  
 View File  02/24/2015  Resolution 2015-28 Surplus Equipment-KCSO  Resolution   
 View File  02/24/2015  Resolution 2015-27 Surplus Equipment-Public Defender  Resolution  
 View File  02/17/2015  Resolution 2015-26 Surplus Equipment-District Court  Resolution  
 View File  02/17/2015  Resolution 2015-25 Surplus Equipment-Recorder  Resolution  
 View File  02/17/2015  Resolution 2015-24 Fund Balance Addendum-Auditor  Resolution  
 View File  02/10/2015  Resolution 2015-22 Special Use Permit-Facilities Use-Parks and Waterways  Resolution  
 View File  02/09/2015  Resolution 2015-23 Treasurers Authorization to cancel penalties-interest  Resolution  
 View File  01/27/2015  Resolution 2015-19 Surplus Property-Juvenile Detention Center  Resolution  
 View File  01/27/2015  Resolution 2015-18 Surplus Property-Airport  Resolution  
 View File  01/20/2015  Resolution 2015-16 Designate Polling Places-March 10th Election  Resolution  
 View File  01/20/2015  Resolution 2015-15 Destroy Records-Inmate Files-KCSO  Resolution  
 View File  01/20/2015  Resolution 2015-12 Cancel Taxes-Penalties-Interest-Gregg  Resolution  
 View File  01/20/2015  Resolution 2015-11 Surplus Property-Solid Waste  Resolution  
 View File  01/20/2015  Resolution 15-14 Classify Records-Inmate Files-KCSO  Resolution  
 View File  01/20/2015  Resolution 2015-17 Surplus Property-Solid Waste  Resolution  
 View File  01/13/2015  Resolution 2015-10 Cancel Taxes-Penalties-Interest-Kootenai County Surplus Property  Resolution  
 View File  01/07/2015  Resolution 2015-01 Cancel Taxes-Penalties-Interest-Title Fees-Kootenai County Surplus Properties  Resolution  
 View File  01/06/2015  Resolution 2015-08 Destroy Records-Juvenile Detention  Resolution  
 View File  01/06/2015  Resolution 2015-07 Classify Records-Juvenile Detention  Resolution  
 View File  01/06/2015  Resolution 2015-06 Surplus Equipment-Radio Tower-Office of Emergency Management  Resolution  
 View File  01/06/2015  Resolution 2015-05 Surplus Equipment-Richo Copier-District Court  Resolution  

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