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Kootenai County Resolutions

Board of County Commissioners


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Files from 2014

Document Name 
 View File  04/29/2014  Res 14-34 Fund Balance Policy Amendment  Resolution  
 View File  04/22/2014  Res 14-33 Advisory Board Terms  Resolution  
 View File  04/15/2014  Res 14-32 Designation of Title VI Compliance Officer  Resolution  
 View File  04/08/2014  Res 14-31 Surplus Equiptment-Solid Waste  Resolution  
 View File  03/25/2014  Res 14-30 Designate Polling Places-May 20th Primary Election  Resolution  
 View File  03/11/2014  Res 14-29 Cancel Taxes-Close  Resolution  
 View File  03/11/2014  Res 14-28 Cancel Taxes-Dobbins  Resolution  
 View File  03/11/2014  Res 14-27 Cancel Taxes-Trinity Church  Resolution  
 View File  02/25/2014  Res 14-13 Transfer Oversight of 911 Advisory Board to KCSO  Resolution  
 View File  02/18/2014  Res 14-23 Surplus Vehicles-Assessor  Resolution  
 View File  02/18/2014  Res 14-22 Authorizer Chairman-Execute Noxious Weed Agreement  Resolution  
 View File  02/18/2014  Res 14-21 Cancel Taxes-Miller  Resolution  
 View File  02/18/2014  Res 14-20 Cancel Taxes-Peace Lutheran  Resolution  
 View File  02/18/2014  Res 14-19 Cancel Taxes-City of Post Falls  Resolution  
 View File  02/11/2014  Res 14-18 Destroy Records-Cilvil PAO  Resolution  
 View File  02/11/2014  Res 14-17 Classify Records-Cilvil PAO  Resolution  
 View File  02/11/2014  Res 14-16 Surplus Property-County Assistance  Resolution  
 View File  01/28/2014  Res-14-14 Surplus Vehicle-Airport  Resolution  
 View File  01/28/2014  Res 14-15 Designate Polling Places-March School Election  Resolution  
 View File  01/21/2014  Res 14-11 Dissolution of Vetrans Affairs Advisory Committee  Resolution  
 View File  01/14/2014  Res 14-10 ADA Resolution  Resolution  
 View File  01/14/2014  Res 14-09 Polling Places-2014  Resolution  
 View File  01/14/2014  Res 14-08 Cancel Taxes-Lari Padilla  Resolution  
 View File  01/14/2014  Res 14-07 Cancel Taxes-Katherine J. Bridges  Resolution  
 View File  01/14/2014  Res 14-06 Cancel Taxes-Resort Aviation Services  Resolution  
 View File  01/07/2014  Res 14-05 Surplus Property-Human Resources  Resolution  
 View File  01/07/2014  Res 14-04 Surplus Property-Building and Grounds  Resolution  
 View File  01/07/2014  Res 14-03 Destroy Records-OEM  Resolution  
 View File  01/07/2014  Res 14-02 Classify Records-OEM  Resolution  
 View File  01/07/2014  Res 14-01 Adoption of the County Seal  Resolution  

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