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Kootenai County Resolutions

Board of County Commissioners


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Files from 2013

Document Name 
 View File  04/09/2013  Res 13-34 Surplus Phones-Assessor  Resolution  
 View File  04/09/2013  Res 13-33 Designate Polling Places-May 21 2013 Taxing District-Elections  Resolution  
 View File  04/09/2013  Res 13-32 Cancel Taxes Penalties Interest - BIA  Resolution  
 View File  04/09/2013  Res 13-31 Cancel Taxes Penalties Interest - CdA Tribe  Resolution  
 View File  04/02/2013  Res 13-30 Waiver of User Fees-Manatron Database-Attorney General  Resolution  
 View File  04/02/2013  Res 13-29 Study of Public Defense System-Supercedes 12-26  Resolution  
 View File  03/28/2013  Res 13-28 Cancel Penalties Interest - David White-KAL  Resolution  
 View File  03/26/2013  Res 13-27 Surplus Equipment-Tanker Trailer-Solid Waste  Resolution  
 View File  03/19/2013  Res 13-26 Comprehensive Study of Public Defense Delivery System   Resolution  
 View File  03/12/2013  Res 13-22 Cancel Penalties Interest - Scott E Lewis  Resolution  
 View File  03/12/2013  Res 13-21 Surplus Property-Parks & Waterways  Resolution  
 View File  03/05/2013  Res 13-20 Surplus Van-Juvenile Detention  Resolution  
 View File  03/05/2013  Res 13-19 Cancel Taxes Penalties Interest - Indian Springs Community Club Inc  Resolution  
 View File  03/05/2013  Res 13-18 Cancel Taxes Penalties Interest - North Star Church  Resolution  
 View File  03/05/2013  Res 13-17 Cancel Taxes Penalties Interest - Rimrock Cemetary  Resolution  
 View File  03/05/2013  Res 13-16 Cancel Taxes Penalties Interest - Union Gospel Mission  Resolution  
 View File  02/26/2013  Res 13-15 Authorize Chairman to Sign Noxious Weed Agreements  Resolution  
 View File  02/19/2013  Res 13-14 Forklift Bidding-Solid Waste  Resolution  
 View File  02/13/2013  Res 13-13 Surplus Equipment KCSD  Resolution  
 View File  02/12/2013  Res 13-11 Surplus Equipment Ricoh 1045-450e District Court  Resolution  
 View File  01/29/2013  Res 13-08 Destroy Records-Civil Division-KCSD  Resolution  
 View File  01/29/2013  Res 13-07 Classify Records-Civil Division-KCSD  Resolution  
 View File  01/29/2013  Res 13-06 Designate Polling Places-School District Election  Resolution  
 View File  01/29/2013  Res 13-05 Policy Manual Revisions  Resolution  
 View File  01/08/2013  Res 13-03 Surplus Vehicle 1994 Peterbuilt Tractor Truck-Solid Waste  Resolution  
 View File  01/08/2013  Res 13-02 Surplus Equipment-Solid Waste  Resolution  
 View File  01/08/2013  Res 13-01 Cancel Taxes Penalties Interest - Union Gospel Mission  Resolution  

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