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PO Box 9000
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Building Ordinances, Statutes and Rules

Please find a link to the International Code Council Online Library here.
Then select edition year and specific code.

Below are links to the Kootenai County Building Code Ordinances. Please call the Building Department at (208) 446-1040 if you have questions.

 Document Name 
 Document Type 
 View File  04/26/2018  Resolution No. 2018-44  Resolution  Community Development Fee Schedule 
 View File  04/19/2018  Ordinance 522  Ordinance  Building Code 
 View File  04/12/2018  DRAFT Resolution 2018-44  Resolution  Community Development Fee Schedule 
 View File  06/30/2016  Resolution%202016-76%20Fee%20Schedule  Resolution  Community%20Development%20Fee%20Schedule 
 View File  11/20/2015  Resolution 2015-94  Resolution  Windstorm Damage 2015 
 View File  11/20/2015  Ordinance 487  Ordinance  Emergency Building Permits 
 View File  12/30/2014  Resolutin No. 2014-98  Resolution  Expired Building Permits 
 View File  12/04/2014  Ordinance No. 477  Ordinance  Building Code Amendments effective 1-1-15 
 View File  05/20/2014  Ordinance No. 470  Ordinance  Repeal of Impact Fee Ordinance 
 View File  05/15/2014  Resolution No. 2014-39  Resolution  Dissolution of Impact Fee Advisory Committee 
 View File  12/18/2013  Ordinance No. 468  Ordinance  Building Code Ordinance Amendment 
 View File  03/12/2013  Ordinance No. 465  Ordinance  Refund of Impact Fees 
 View File  01/01/2013  HVAC Board Statutes  Statute  2013 HVAC Board Statutes 
 View File  01/01/2013  Building Board Statutes  Statute  2013 Building Board Statutes 
 View File  12/06/2012  Ordinance No. 464 Suspending Impact Fees  Ordinance  Adopted Ordinance 
 View File  12/16/2010  Building Ordinance No. 450  Ordinance  Ordinance No. 450 

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