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Kootenai County Commissioners Minutes
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Public Meeting Minutes

The minutes found here have been reviewed and approved by the Board of County Commissioners, however, they are not official documents. To view or obtain copies of the official, signed minutes you may submit a Public Records Request (fax to 208-446-1662) or schedule a time to visit the Kootenai County Courthouse. For questions regarding these documents, please call (208) 446-1660. Scheduled County Public Meetings and Agendas, including Business Meetings, may be found on the Public Meeting calendar.

Other minutes of meetings may be found at the following links:

Airport Advisory Board
Community Development
Parks and Waterways
Other Advisory Meeting Minutes

Audio Meeting Minutes-April 2018
Audio Meeting Minutes-March 2018
Audio Meeting Minutes-February 2018

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Files from 2007

 View File  12/04/2007  Two Transfer Trailers-Reliance Trailer-SW  Minutes  Minutes  
 View File  12/04/2007  Sealed Bid Open - Ford Pickup-Solid Waste  Minutes  Minutes  
 View File  12/04/2007  Purchase Agreement-Knuckleboom Crane  Minutes  Minutes  
 View File  12/04/2007  Good Neighbor Citizenship Grant  Minutes  Minutes  
 View File  12/04/2007  Contract for Services with EWU-Comp Plan  Minutes  Minutes  
 View File  12/04/2007  All West Testing Agreement  Minutes  Minutes  
 View File  11/27/2007  Thorco Contract-Airport  Minutes  Minutes  
 View File  11/27/2007  Airport Lighting Contract-Thorco Inc.  Minutes  Minutes  
 View File  11/20/2007  MOA-Panhandle Health  Minutes  Minutes  
 View File  11/20/2007  Award Bid-RFQ-Airport  Minutes  Minutes  
 View File  11/13/2007  Public Defender Conflict Contract-Hull  Minutes  Minutes  
 View File  11/13/2007  County Extension Agreement-Budget-U of I  Minutes  Minutes  
 View File  11/13/2007  CH2MHill Amendment-Solid Waste  Minutes  Minutes  
 View File  11/13/2007  Avista Electric Service Agreement-Solid Waste  Minutes  Minutes  
 View File  11/06/2007  Tax Deed Bid-Blahnik  Minutes  Minutes  
 View File  11/06/2007  Sales Agreement-Election Systems & Software  Minutes  Minutes  
 View File  11/06/2007  Pure Health Solutions Agreement-BOCC  Minutes  Minutes  
 View File  11/06/2007  Ordinance 408-Trail Disturbance-Cenntennial Trail  Minutes  Minutes  
 View File  11/06/2007  Maintenance Agreement-H & H-KCSD  Minutes  Minutes  
 View File  11/06/2007  Customer Rental Agreement-Pure Health Solutions-Auditor  Minutes  Minutes  
 View File  11/06/2007  Construction Contract-StormKing-Parks & Waterways  Minutes  Minutes  
 View File  10/30/2007  Xerox Lease-Reprographics  Minutes  Minutes  
 View File  10/30/2007  Motorola Agreement-911  Minutes  Minutes  
 View File  10/30/2007  MOA - CIP-REP-MHP - JPRO  Minutes  Minutes  
 View File  10/30/2007  Lease Agreement-Blackwell-Parks & Waterways  Minutes  Minutes  
 View File  10/30/2007  Jester Janitorial-911  Minutes  Minutes  
 View File  10/30/2007  Historic Preservation Commission Bylaws  Minutes  Minutes  
 View File  10/30/2007  H & H Maintenance Agrmt - SW  Minutes  Minutes  
 View File  10/30/2007  FTA Agrmt Ltrs - Rathdrum-Hayden  Minutes  Minutes  
 View File  10/30/2007  COBRA Contract  Minutes  Minutes  
 View File  10/30/2007  Blackwell Lease-KCSD  Minutes  Minutes  
 View File  10/09/2007  Voting System Agreement-Elections  Minutes  Minutes  
 View File  10/09/2007  Snowgroomer Ordinance Amendment  Minutes  Minutes  
 View File  10/09/2007  Propertyroom.com-KCSD  Minutes  Minutes  
 View File  10/09/2007  Professional Services Agreement-Elections  Minutes  Minutes  
 View File  10/09/2007  Polling Place Accessibility Grant-Auditor  Minutes  Minutes  
 View File  10/09/2007  Independent Contractor Agreement-Tenneson-Parent Project  Minutes  Minutes  
 View File  10/09/2007  Dispatch Agreement-CDA Tribe  Minutes  Minutes  
 View File  10/09/2007  Certification of County Levies-Auditor  Minutes  Minutes  
 View File  10/09/2007  2007-08 Storage Agreement-Fairgrounds  Minutes  Minutes  
 View File  10/02/2007  Tax Deed Bid-Stricklin-09000130030  Minutes  Minutes  
 View File  10/02/2007  Tax Deed Bid-Bowen-09000130030-R7600005999H  Minutes  Minutes  
 View File  10/02/2007  Release of Agreement to Provide Security for Improvements-Greenfield  Minutes  Minutes  
 View File  10/02/2007  Receive Request for Qualifications-Experience-Airport  Minutes  Minutes  
 View File  10/02/2007  Public Hearing-Resolution 2007-59 Unscheduled Revenue  Minutes  Minutes  
 View File  10/02/2007  Public Entity Multi-Lines Insurance Policy-ICRMP  Minutes  Minutes  
 View File  10/02/2007  Professional Services Agreement Renewal-Parametrix-Solid Waste  Minutes  Minutes  
 View File  10/02/2007  Kremples-Silverwood Lease-Kriss Termination-Airport  Minutes  Minutes  
 View File  10/02/2007  Inmate Housing Agreement-CDA Tribe-KCSD  Minutes  Minutes  
 View File  10/02/2007  Contract Award-Fairgrounds  Minutes  Minutes  
 View File  10/02/2007  Consider-Award Bid 2007-07 and Agreement-Transfer Station  Minutes  Minutes  
 View File  10/02/2007  City Letters of Agreement-FTA  Minutes  Minutes  
 View File  10/02/2007  Certification Request-City of Post Falls-2007 Taxes  Minutes  Minutes  
 View File  10/02/2007  Certification of Delinquent Yield Tax and Deferred Tax  Minutes  Minutes  
 View File  10/02/2007  Cable Business Service Agreement-Time Warner 9-1-1  Minutes  Minutes  
 View File  09/11/2007  Reconsider Aquifer  Minutes  Minutes  
 View File  08/13/2007  Reconsideration of Decision  Minutes  Minutes  

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