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Kootenai County Commissioners Minutes
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Public Meeting Minutes

The minutes found here have been reviewed and approved by the Board of County Commissioners, however, they are not official documents. To view or obtain copies of the official, signed minutes you may submit a Public Records Request (fax to 208-446-1662) or schedule a time to visit the Kootenai County Courthouse. For questions regarding these documents, please call (208) 446-1660. Scheduled County Public Meetings and Agendas, including Business Meetings, may be found on the Public Meeting calendar.

Other minutes of meetings may be found at the following links:

Airport Advisory Board
Community Development
Parks and Waterways
Other Advisory Meeting Minutes

Audio Meeting Minutes-July 2018
Audio Meeting Minutes-June 2018
Audio Meeting Minutes-May 2018

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Files from 2012

 View File  12/31/2012  State of the County Discussion  Minutes  State of the County Discussion  
 View File  12/31/2012  Business Meeting  Minutes  Business Meeting  
 View File  12/28/2012  Strategic Planning  Minutes  Strategic Planning  
 View File  12/28/2012  State of the County Discussion  Minutes  State of the County Discussion  
 View File  12/20/2012  Tax Exempt Hearing  Minutes  Tax Exempt Hearing  
 View File  12/20/2012  Strategic Planning  Minutes  Strategic Planning  
 View File  12/20/2012  Strategic Planning  Minutes  Strategic Planning  
 View File  12/19/2012  Elected Officials  Minutes  Elected Officials  
 View File  12/19/2012  Commissioners Debriefing  Minutes  Commissioners Debriefing  
 View File  12/18/2012  Business Meeting  Minutes  Business Meeting  
 View File  12/17/2012  State of the County Meeting  Minutes  State of the County Meeting  
 View File  12/17/2012  Requests for Waiver of Taxes  Minutes  Requests for Waiver of Taxes  
 View File  12/17/2012  Discussion of Postings - Contract List  Minutes  Discussion of Postings - Contract List  
 View File  12/14/2012  Field Audit Exit Meeting  Minutes  Field Audit Exit Meeting  
 View File  12/12/2012  Commissioners' Debriefing  Minutes  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  12/11/2012  Indigent Program Discussion  Minutes  Indigent Program Discussion  
 View File  12/11/2012  Business Meeting  Minutes  Business Meeting Minutes  
 View File  12/10/2012  Strategic Planning  Minutes  Strategic Planning  
 View File  12/10/2012  State of the County Meeting  Minutes  State of the County Meeting  
 View File  12/07/2012  Restructuring-Remodeling BOCC Office  Minutes  Restructuring-Remodeling BOCC Office  
 View File  12/06/2012  Examination of Records RE Ownership  Minutes  Examination of Records RE Ownership  
 View File  12/05/2012  Requests for Waiver of Taxes  Minutes  Requests for Waiver of Taxes  
 View File  12/05/2012  Commissioner's Debriefing  Minutes  Commissioner's Debriefing  
 View File  12/04/2012  Business Meeting  Minutes  Business Meeting  
 View File  12/03/2012  Strategic Planning  Minutes  Strategic Planning  
 View File  12/03/2012  State of the County Meeting  Minutes  State of the County Meeting  
 View File  11/28/2012  Elected Officials  Minutes  Elected Officials  
 View File  11/28/2012  Department Heads  Minutes  Department Heads  
 View File  11/28/2012  Commissioners Debriefing  Minutes  Commissioners Debriefing  
 View File  11/27/2012  Business Meeting  Minutes  Business Meeting  
 View File  11/26/2012  Worley Historical Society  Minutes  Worley Historical Society  
 View File  11/26/2012  Quarterly Fire Protection District  Minutes  Quarterly Fire Protection District  
 View File  11/26/2012  Airport Advisory Board  Minutes  Airport Advisory Board  
 View File  11/20/2012  Business Meeting  Minutes  Business Meeting  
 View File  11/19/2012  Mental Health Contract  Minutes  Mental Health Contract  
 View File  11/19/2012  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(b)  Minutes  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(b)  
 View File  11/16/2012  Canvass of General Election  Minutes  Canvass of General Election  
 View File  11/14/2012  Larsen Allen - Annual Audit Kickoff  Minutes  Larsen Allen - Annual Audit Kickoff  
 View File  11/14/2012  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(b)  Minutes  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(b)  
 View File  11/14/2012  Commissioners' Debriefing  Minutes  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  11/13/2012  Public Hearing - Alpine Meadows Water & Sewer District  Minutes  Public Hearing - Alpine Meadows Water & Sewer District  
 View File  11/13/2012  Business Meeting Minutes  Minutes  Business Meeting Minutes  
 View File  11/09/2012  Commissioners' Debriefing  Minutes  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  11/08/2012  FY12 Year-End Closeout  Minutes  FY12 Year-End Closeout  
 View File  11/08/2012  Commissioners' Debriefing  Minutes  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  11/07/2012  Commissioners' Debriefing  Minutes  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  11/06/2012  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(c)  Minutes  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(c)  
 View File  11/06/2012  Business Meeting  Minutes  Business Meeting  
 View File  11/02/2012  FTA Funding Discussion  Minutes  FTA Funding Discussion  
 View File  10/31/2012  Commissioners' Debriefing  Minutes  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  10/30/2012  Business Meeting  Minutes  Business Meeting  
 View File  10/29/2012  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(b)  Minutes  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(b)  
 View File  10/26/2012  Commissioners' Debriefing  Minutes  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  10/24/2012  Tax Status Issues - Property Owenership  Minutes  Tax Status Issues - Property Ownership  
 View File  10/24/2012  Elected Officials  Minutes  Elected Officials  
 View File  10/23/2012  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(b)  Minutes  Executive Session 67-2345(1)(b)  
 View File  10/23/2012  Business Meeting  Minutes  Business Meeting  
 View File  10/22/2012  Salary Survey Discussion  Minutes  Salary Survey Discussion  
 View File  10/22/2012  Annual Settlement of Accounts  Minutes  Annual Settlement of Accounts  
 View File  10/22/2012  Airport - Salary - Merit Discussion  Minutes  Airport - Salary - Merit Discussion  
 View File  10/16/2012  Business Meeting  Minutes  Business Meeting  
 View File  10/15/2012  BOCC Tax Exempt Hearing KYRO  Minutes  BOCC Tax Exempt Hearing KYRO  
 View File  10/11/2012  Jabo LLP - Discussion of Taxes  Minutes  Jabo LLP - Discussion of Taxes  
 View File  10/10/2012  Salary Survey Discussion  Minutes  Salary Survey Discussion  
 View File  10/10/2012  Contract Maintenance Discussion  Minutes  Contract Maintenance Discussion  
 View File  10/10/2012  Commissioners' Debriefing  Minutes  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  10/09/2012  Business Meeting  Minutes  Business Meeting  
 View File  10/04/2012  Kennel License Denial Hearing - Bartosovsky  Minutes  Kennel License Denial Hearing - Bartosovsky  
 View File  10/03/2012  Requests for Waiver of Taxes  Minutes  Requests for Waiver of Taxes  
 View File  10/02/2012  Commissioners' Debriefing  Minutes  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  10/02/2012  Business Meeting  Minutes  Business Meeting  
 View File  09/28/2012  Executive Session  Minutes  Executive Session  
 View File  09/25/2012  Executive Session 67-2345-1f  Minutes  Executive Session 67-2345-1f  
 View File  09/25/2012  Exective Session 67-2345-1b  Minutes  Exective Session 67-2345-1b  
 View File  09/25/2012  Business Meeting  Minutes  Business Meeting  
 View File  09/24/2012  ICRMP Policy Renewal Discussion  Minutes  ICRMP Policy Renewal Discussion  
 View File  09/24/2012  Elected Officials Meeting  Minutes  Elected Officials Meeting  
 View File  09/24/2012  Dalton RV Dump Station  Minutes  Dalton RV Dump Station  
 View File  09/24/2012  Airport Advisory Board  Minutes  Airport Advisory Board  
 View File  09/21/2012  Salary Survey Discussion  Minutes  Salary Survey Discussion  
 View File  09/21/2012  District Court Budget Clarification  Minutes  District Court Budget Clarification  
 View File  09/14/2012  Alpine Meadows Water Sewer Bond  Minutes  Alpine Meadows Water Sewer Bond  
 View File  09/12/2012  Leased Jail Space  Minutes  Leased Jail Space  
 View File  09/12/2012  Commissioners' Debriefing  Minutes  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  09/11/2012  KCEMSS Budget Presentation  Minutes  KCEMSS Budget Presentation  
 View File  09/11/2012  Business Meeting  Minutes  Business Meeting  
 View File  09/06/2012  Canvass of August Election  Minutes  Canvass of August Election  
 View File  09/05/2012  Requests for Waiver of Taxes  Minutes  Requests for Waiver of Taxes  
 View File  09/05/2012  Kootenai County Council on Aging  Minutes  Kootenai County Council on Aging  
 View File  09/05/2012  Commissioners' Debriefing  Minutes  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  09/04/2012  Business Meeting  Minutes  Business Meeting  
 View File  08/29/2012  Waterways Advisory Board  Minutes  Waterways Advisory Board  
 View File  08/29/2012  Public Hearing Budget FY 2012-2013  Minutes  Public Hearing Budget FY 2012-2013  
 View File  08/29/2012  Commissioners Debriefing  Minutes  Commissioners Debriefing  
 View File  08/29/2012  Budget Hearing Packet Discussion  Minutes  Budget Hearing Packet Discussion  
 View File  08/28/2012  Business Meeting  Minutes  Business Meeting  
 View File  08/27/2012  Airport Advisory Board  Minutes  Airport Advisory Board  
 View File  08/22/2012  Elected Officials  Minutes  Elected Officials  
 View File  08/22/2012  Department Heads  Minutes  Department Heads  
 View File  08/21/2012  Business Meeting  Minutes  Business Meeting  
 View File  08/17/2012  Commissioners' Debriefing  Minutes  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  08/16/2012  BOE Tax Exempt Findings Discussion  Minutes  BOE Tax Exempt Findings Discussion  
 View File  08/14/2012  Scott Fischer - B & G Building Contract  Minutes  Scott Fischer - B & G Building Contract  
 View File  08/14/2012  Business Meeting  Minutes  Business Meeting  
 View File  08/13/2012  Executive Session 67-2345-1b  Minutes  Executive Session 67-2345-1b  
 View File  08/13/2012  Budget Meeting  Minutes  Budget Meeting  
 View File  08/08/2012  Budget Meeting  Minutes  Budget Meeting  
 View File  08/07/2012  Business Meeting  Minutes  Business Meeting  
 View File  08/06/2012  Commissioners' Debriefing  Minutes  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  08/06/2012  Budget Meeting  Minutes  Budget Meeting  
 View File  08/06/2012  Budget Discussion  Minutes  Budget Discussion  
 View File  08/03/2012  Commissioners' Debriefing  Minutes  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  08/02/2012  Budget Discussion  Minutes  Budget Discussion  
 View File  08/01/2012  Kootenai-Shoshone Soil & Water Conservation  Minutes  Kootenai-Shoshone Soil & Water Conservation  
 View File  08/01/2012  Budget Discussion  Minutes  Budget Discussion  
 View File  07/31/2012  Community Development Update  Minutes  Community Development Update  
 View File  07/31/2012  Business Meeting  Minutes  Business Meeting  
 View File  07/31/2012  Budget Discussion  Minutes  Budget Discussion  
 View File  07/30/2012  Budget Meeting  Minutes  Budget Meerting  
 View File  07/30/2012  Budget Discussion  Minutes  Budget Discussion  
 View File  07/30/2012  Amended Designation of Polling Places  Minutes  Amended Designation of Polling Places  
 View File  07/26/2012  Executive Session 67-2345-1b  Minutes  Executive Session 67-2345-1b  
 View File  07/25/2012  Elected Officials  Minutes  Elected Officials  
 View File  07/25/2012  Commissioners' Debriefing  Minutes  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  07/25/2012  Budget Meeting  Minutes  Budget Meeting  
 View File  07/24/2012  Museum of North Idaho Budget  Minutes  Museum of North Idaho Budget  
 View File  07/24/2012  Business Meeting  Minutes  Business Meeting  
 View File  07/23/2012  Airport Advisory Board  Minutes  Airport Advisory Board  
 View File  07/20/2012  Clerk's Division Requests  Minutes  Clerk's Division Requests  
 View File  07/19/2012  Mercer Benefits Renewal Strategy  Minutes  Mercer Benefits Renewal Strategy  
 View File  07/19/2012  Law Clerk Pay Discussion  Minutes  Law Clerk Pay Discussion  
 View File  07/19/2012  BOE Appeals Filing Date Discussion  Minutes  BOE Appeals Filing Date Discussion  
 View File  07/18/2012  Budget Meeting  Minutes  Budget Meeting  
 View File  07/17/2012  Executive Session 67-2345-1b  Minutes  Executive Session 67-2345-1b  
 View File  07/17/2012  Business Meeting  Minutes  Business Meeting  
 View File  07/16/2012  Requests for Waiver of Taxes  Minutes  Requests for Waiver of Taxes  
 View File  07/16/2012  Justware Software System Discussion  Minutes  Justware Software System Discussion  
 View File  07/16/2012  CASA Director Sandra Gunn  Minutes  CASA Director Sandra Gunn  
 View File  07/16/2012  Budget Discussion  Minutes  Budget Discussion  
 View File  07/11/2012  Commissioners' Debriefing  Minutes  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  07/10/2012  Budget Meeting  Minutes  Budget Meeting  
 View File  07/10/2012  Budget Discussion  Minutes  Budget Discussion  
 View File  07/09/2012  BOE Tax Exempt - The Upper Columbia Corp  Minutes  BOE Tax Exempt - The Upper Columbia Corp  
 View File  07/09/2012  BOE Tax Exempt - New Life Church  Minutes  BOE Tax Exempt - New Life Church  
 View File  07/09/2012  BOE Tax Exempt - Habitat for Humanity  Minutes  BOE Tax Exempt - Habitat for Humanity  
 View File  07/05/2012  Architectural Discussion - B & G Building  Minutes  Architectural Discussion - B & G Building  
 View File  07/03/2012  Business Meeting  Minutes  Business Meeting  
 View File  07/02/2012  EMS Study Update  Minutes  EMS Study Update  
 View File  06/29/2012  Executive Session 67-2345-1cf  Minutes  Executive Session 67-2345-1cf  
 View File  06/29/2012  Department Heads  Minutes  Department Heads  
 View File  06/27/2012  Commissioners' Debriefing  Minutes  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  06/25/2012  Executive Session  Minutes  Executive Session  
 View File  06/25/2012  BOE Tax Exempt - Spirit Lake Senior Citizens  Minutes  BOE Tax Exempt - Spirit Lake Sr Citizens  
 View File  06/25/2012  Airport Advisory Board  Minutes  Airport Advisory Board  
 View File  06/22/2012  Tax Exempt Hearing   Minutes  Tax Exempt Hearing   
 View File  06/22/2012  Kootenai County Master Plan  Minutes  Kootenai County Master Plan  
 View File  06/21/2012  Building & Grounds RFQ Discussion  Minutes  Building & Grounds RFQ Discussion  
 View File  06/20/2012  Treasurer Salvage Dollar Issues  Minutes  Treasurer Salvage Dollar Issues  
 View File  06/20/2012  Solid Waste Financial Strategy Discussion  Minutes  Solid Waste Financial Strategy Discussion  
 View File  06/20/2012  Funding of Harrison Boat Launch  Minutes  Funding of Harrison Boat Launch  
 View File  06/20/2012  Commissioners' Debriefing  Minutes  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  06/19/2012  BOE Tax Exempt-Immaculate Conception  Minutes  BOE Tax Exempt-Immaculate Conception  
 View File  06/19/2012  BOE Tax Exempt - Immaculate Conception  Minutes  BOE Tax Exempt - Immaculate Conception  
 View File  06/19/2012  Ancillary Budget Discussion  Minutes  Ancillary Budget Discussion  
 View File  06/18/2012  Hardship Request 2012-04  Minutes  Hardship Request 2012-04  
 View File  06/18/2012  Board of Community Guardians  Minutes  Board of Community Guardians  
 View File  06/07/2012  Position Review Committee Findings - Sheriff  Minutes  Position Review Committee Findings - Sheriff  
 View File  05/23/2012  Elected Officials  Minutes  Elected Officials  
 View File  05/21/2012  Hydroplane Event Discussion  Minutes  Hydroplane Event Discussion  
 View File  05/21/2012  CAFR Audit Discussion  Minutes  CAFR Audit Discussion  
 View File  05/14/2012  Solid Waste Financial Strategy  Minutes  Solid Waste Financial Strategy  
 View File  05/09/2012  Joint Meeting with City of CDA City Council  Minutes  Joint Meeting with City of CDA City Council  
 View File  05/02/2012  Commissioners' Debriefing  Minutes  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  04/30/2012  Dept of Energy Closeout Requirements  Minutes  Dept of Energy Closeout Requirements  
 View File  04/26/2012  School District 271 Board of Trustee Interviews  Minutes  School District 271 Board of Trustee Interviews  
 View File  04/25/2012  Elected Officials  Minutes  Elected Officials  
 View File  04/23/2012  Wildlife Services Update  Minutes  Wildlife Services Update  
 View File  04/23/2012  Quarterly Highway Districts Meeting  Minutes  Quarterly Highway Districts Meeting  
 View File  04/18/2012  Commissioners' Debriefing  Minutes  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  04/12/2012  Commissioners' Debriefing Cont.  Minutes  Commissioners' Debriefing Cont.  
 View File  04/11/2012  FTA Grant Process  Minutes  FTA Grant Process  
 View File  04/09/2012  Insurance RFP Discussion  Minutes  Insurance RFP Discussion  
 View File  04/09/2012  Chris Holloway  Minutes  Chris Holloway  
 View File  04/03/2012  Business Meeting  Minutes  Business Meeting  
 View File  03/26/2012  Elected Officials  Minutes  Elected Officials  
 View File  03/23/2012  Commissioners' Debriefing cont.  Minutes  Commissioners' Debriefing cont.  
 View File  03/21/2012  Commissioners' Debriefing  Minutes  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  03/21/2012  Area Agency on Aging  Minutes  Area Agency on Aging  
 View File  03/19/2012  Justice Case Management  Minutes  Justice Case Management  
 View File  03/16/2012  Executive Session  Minutes  Executive Session  
 View File  03/16/2012  Executive Session 67-2345-ab  Minutes  Executive Session 67-2345-ab  
 View File  03/14/2012  Commissioners' Debriefing  Minutes  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  03/13/2012  Assessor's Office Salary Review  Minutes  Assessor's Office Salary Review  
 View File  03/12/2012  Employee Benefit Consultant Discussion  Minutes  Employee Benefit Consultant Discussion  
 View File  03/07/2012  Requests for Waiver of Taxes  Minutes  Requests for Waiver of Taxes  
 View File  03/07/2012  Commissioners' Debriefing  Minutes  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  02/29/2012  Hardship Request  Minutes  Hardship Request  
 View File  02/24/2012  Commissioners' Debriefing  Minutes  Commissioners' Debriefing  
 View File  02/16/2012  Auditor's Quarterly Report  Minutes  Auditor's Quarterly Report  
 View File  02/03/2012  Precinct Discussion  Minutes  Precinct Discussion  
 View File  01/25/2012  Department Heads  Minutes  Department Heads  
 View File  01/03/2012  Business Meeting Minutes  Minutes  Minutes  

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