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Kootenai County


The Kootenai County Adult Misdemeanor Probation Department currently deploys two K9s for the department. AMP takes great pride in being a department that wants to help protect and serve the community and having both these canines as protectors has been a great advantage to being a well-developed and professional department.

The current K9s are Vulcan and Shade and they serve two very different types of disciplines. K9 Vulcan is an Idaho certified Narcotic Detection K9 and K9 Shade is an Idaho Certified Explosive Detection K9. Since the inception of the K9 program in 2016, both K9s have provided a great service to our community as we look forward to many more years of service with these two lovable and furry guys.

A little history on each K9. K9 Vulcan is a Belgian Mal. and is certified to locate Meth, Heron, Cocaine and Marijuana. K9 Vulcan is deployed on a daily basis to check for narcotics in probationers houses and vehicles and has deployed many times with local areas police departments to assist in searching for narcotics on vehicle stops, schools and search warrants. K9 Shade is a Black Lab and has an extensive history and training in the area of locating explosives. After serving two plus years for the United States overseas at the US Embassy, in Baghdad, he could be brought home and matched up with the current handler. K9 Shade was on R and R for three months, and with his strong desire to work, K9 Shade was placed back into service as an Explosive Detection K9. He currently has responded to several explosives calls and provided security during high profile functions. K9 shade has worked so well that he is being deployed into houses to locate firearms stolen or in illegal possession by criminals or certain probationers not allowed to possess guns or ammo. Having these two great detection K9s has saved us valuable time and has provided a safety net that no one else could provide for us as a department. Please, if you see these two K9s working, just a pet on the head would be welcome. We look forward to serving our great community and be safe out there.

Kootenai County Kootenai County

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