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Current Development Code, Fee Structure, and Expired Building Permits

Current Development Code, Fee Structure, and Expired Building Permits

Please note: Ordinance 493 listed below encapsulates all of the current County land use and development code regulations. In the near future, this ordinance will be codified into the County Code, which includes all County statutes. The entire County Code can be found by clicking here. Until then, Ordinance 493 is the best source to find all of the County's applicable land use and development regulations.

Also listed below are two resolutions and one ordinance. Resolution 2018-44 establishes the current fee structure for land use applications and all other Community Development fees. Resolution No. 2014-98 explains how the County handles certain building permits for construction work that was never finalized. Ordinance Number 289-Section 4 is the current code adopted by the City and the County, and used to implement the Hauser Area of City Impact (ACI).

The files listed below are in Adobe Acrobat Format. If you don't have the Acrobat Reader, you can get it here.

 Document Name 
 Document Type 
 View File   02/28/2018   Ordinance 493-Land Use Development Code-Amended   Ordinance   Land Use Development Code 
 View File   06/14/2016   Ordinance 493-Land Use Development Code   Ordinance   Land Use Development Code 
 View File   10/27/1999   Ordinance 289 Section 4-Hauser Development Code   Ordinance   Hauser Development Code 
 View File   12/30/2014   Resolution No. 2014-98-Expired Building Permit   Resolution   Expired Building Permits 
 View File   04/26/2018   Resolution 2018-44-Fee Schedule   Resolution   Community Development Fee Schedule 

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