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Code Enforcement

Kootenai County receives complaints each year asking for assistance in dealing with such issues as abandoned vehicles, businesses in residential areas, site disturbances, and a variety of other complaints.

In dealing with these complaints, one of the major issues that must be addressed is the rights of the property owner -vs.- County Ordinances. This is the role of the Code Enforcement Agent. The Code Enforcement agent is responsible for reviewing the complaints received and taking the appropriate action.

The following is a general guide through this process:


There are different avenues in which to file a complaint, either in person, e-mailed, or by mail. In all cases, a completed Complaint Form is required, including your name and phone number/address. A Complaint Form may be obtained by clicking here.

Complaint Form Submittal: The Complaint Form must be completely filled out, including a signature. The form may be filled out on-line and then printed for signature or printed and filled out by hand. You may e-mail or mail the complaint form or drop it off at:

Kootenai County Community Development
451 N. Government Way, PO Box 9000
Coeur d'Alene, ID, 83816

In Person: The Complaint Forms must be completely filled out, which can be completed over-the-counter when you come in to the Community Development Department.

NOTE: We cannot take complaints that are Anonymous. Please include your contact information.


Initial Review: Once a complaint is received, the Code Enforcement Agent will first review the complaint to see if it is in violation of a County code. A contact phone call MAY be made to the complainant verifying the information and the proposed plan of action, which could potentially include: 1) a determination of a possible code violation warranting investigation and a site visit; or 2) a determination of no code violation, requiring no further action.

Initial Contact with Violator: The Code Enforcement Agent will then visit the site of the possible violation and make contact with the alleged violator. If a violation does exist, a Notice of Violation will be posted on site for the property owner to contact Kootenai County by the compliance date listed on the Notice.

Follow Up: The Code Enforcement department will then follow up on the deadline date (depending on work load and weekends/holidays - this may be done after the deadline date). If the violation is resolved, then the case is closed.

If the violation is not resolved, the Code Enforcement agent will again contact the alleged violator to discuss why the violation has not been resolved or by correspondence. An extension may be given as determined by the Code Enforcement agent. The Code Enforcement Agent will also notify the alleged violator in writing notifying them of the violation, that the violation has not been resolved and if it is not resolved by a date certain, the possibility of further action. Depending upon the situation, the Code Enforcement agent has the flexibility of extending the time periods.

NOTE: The goal of Kootenai County is to help citizens come into compliance with the County Ordinances.

Court Process: In spite of the efforts of the Code Enforcement agent to help a citizen resolve a County Ordinances violation, if the citizen does not comply with the required actions needed to resolve the violation, legal action may then be initiated. In this case, the Code Enforcement agent works with the County's Legal Department in preparing the case for legal action.


In summary, Kootenai County strives to help residents comply with the existing County Ordinances. Usually this happens with an initial contact and providing the resident with the requirements needed to come into compliance.

Due to the open records law, anyone may request public information if that Code Violation file is closed. This information is provided in order to make our citizens aware of the laws regarding public information, and should not deter you from making legitimate complaints.

For information on what land use approvals or building permits are needed, go to the Community Development web page.


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