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Marine Addressing (water access only) FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

1. As a landowner, what do I need to do with the US Postal Service?

According to US Postal Service requirements, following this 12-month period, all mail must have the correct new address. You are required to fill out a change-of-address card (Form 3575) at your local post office, or online at usps.gov.

2. When will the marine address actually change?

The new Marine Addressing will become effective on November 1, 2009.

3. How can I ensure that I continue to receive my magazine subscriptions?

If you so choose, you may submit Form 3576, Change-of-Address Request for Correspondents, Publishers, and Businesses, which is available at your local post office.

4. Where am I required to place the Marine Address numbers?

Where a Marine Response Identification Number is used as an address for a parcel, the number shall be posted on a pier, dock, or other waterfront appurtenance, no less than four (4) feet nor more than six (6) feet above the ground or high water line. The sign must be clearly readable to emergency providers arriving by boat.

5. What size and configuration is required for displaying the Marine Address numbers?

The address sign shall be, no less than four (4) feet nor more than six (6) feet above the ground on a substantial, maintained support structure. The view of the address from the water must be unobstructed and maintained. All primary letters, numbers, and symbols shall be a minimum of 3 1/2 inches in height, with a one-half inch stroke, and shall contrast with the background color.

6. What is a "Marine Response Identification Number"?

A Marine Response Identification Number is used to identify parcels of land along waterfront property. The Marine ID Number is not used as an address; rather it is for emergency assistance. The dispatchers would be able to cross reference the parcel address and the Marine ID number and send a water craft for a faster emergency response time.

7. What is a "Marine Address"?

A Marine Address is a number assigned to waterfront property that is accessible only by water. The Marine Address can be used for US Postal Service delivery as well as for emergency assistance.

8. What needs to be included on the Marine Identification posting; the entire address or just the numbers?

Posting of Marine ID numbers only requires the "numbers" be posted (just like house numbers). DO NOT POST the entire address.

Helpful LINKS:

US Postal Service forms and change of address information: www.usps.com
Kootenai County Addressing Ordinance: www.kcgov.us/departments/planning/ordinance.asp Scroll down to Ordinance No. 301 - Addressing and click on the link.
Kootenai County FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS regarding Marine Addressing: www.kcgov.us

MAPS of the affected areas.

Sample "Notification Letter" for Marine Identification Numbers

Example Placement and Locations for Marine ID Numbers

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