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Kootenai County Planning Commission


Planning Commissioners are chosen to represent the broad interests of the public and serve in an advisory capacity to the Board of County Commissioners. The primary goals for the commission members include providing recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners regarding:

  • Comprehensive Plan Amendments Applications and Documents;
  • Adoption or Amendment of local ordinances (pursuant to Title 67, Chapter 65 of Idaho Code)

The current planning commission members are:


David Levine, Chairman
Most Recent Appt.: January 1,2018
Expiration: December 31, 2020
Board Member Since: 2015
e-mail: cdarow1@aol.com
Collin Coles, Vice Chair
Most Recent Appt.: January 1, 2017
Expiration: December 31, 2019
Board Member Since: 2011
e-mail: ccoles46@gmail.com
John McFaddin
Most Recent Appt.: January 1,2018
Expiration: December 31, 2020
Board Member Since: 2015
e-mail: mcfaddinj@aol.com
John Malloy
Most Recent Appt.: January 1,2016
Expiration: December 31, 2018
Board Member Since: 2016
e-mail: jmalloy@idahoveneer.com
Wes Hanson
Most Recent Appt.: January 1, 2017
Expiration: December 31, 2019
Board Member Since: 2011
e-mail: wesleyrhanson@gmail.com
Robert Grossglauser
Most Recent Appt.: January 1,2016
Expiration: December 31, 2018
Board Member Since: 2016
e-mail: grossglauserrobert@gmail.com

Planning commission members are selected by the County Commissioners for three year terms.

Meeting Times

Usually meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of each month.

All meetings are open to the public and publicized to allow and promote public participation in the decisions of the Commission. Meetings are held in Meeting Room 1A/B of the County Administration building at 451 Government Way, Coeur d'Alene Idaho.

Minutes and agendas of the Planning Commission, Hearing Examiner and Board of County Commissioners may be found below.

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Minutes & Agendas for Hearing Examiner Meetings

The files listed below are in Adobe Acrobat Format. If you don't have the Acrobat Reader, you can get it here.

 Document Name 
 Document Type 
View File 08/02/2018 Hearing Examiner Agenda Public Hearing 
View File 07/19/2018 Hearing Examiner Agenda Public Hearing 
View File 06/21/2018 Hearing Examiner Minutes Public Hearing 
View File 06/21/2018 Hearing Examiner Agenda Public Hearing 
View File 06/07/2018 Hearing Examiner Minutes Public Hearing 
View File 06/07/2018 Hearing Examiner Agenda Public Hearing 
View File 05/17/2018 Hearing Examiner Minutes Public Hearing 
View File 05/17/2018 Hearing Examiner Agenda Public Hearing 
View File 05/03/2018 Hearing Examiner Minutes Public Hearing 
View File 05/03/2018 Hearing Examiner Agenda Public Hearing 
View File 04/19/2018 Hearing Examiner Minutes Public Hearing 
View File 04/19/2018 Hearing Examiner Agenda Public Hearing 
View File 03/01/2018 Hearing Examiner Minutes Public Hearing 
View File 03/01/2018 Hearing Examiner Agenda Public Hearing 
View File 02/15/2018 Hearing Examiner Minutes Public Hearing 
View File 02/15/2018 Hearing Examiner Agenda Public Hearing 
View File 02/01/2018 Hearing Examiner Minutes Public Hearing 
View File 02/01/2018 Hearing Examiner Agenda Public Hearing 
View File 01/18/2018 Hearing Examiner Minutes Public Hearing 
View File 01/18/2018 Hearing Examiner Agenda Public Hearing 
View File 01/04/2018 Hearing Examiner Minutes Public Hearing 
View File 01/04/2018 Hearing Examiner Agenda Public Hearing 
View File 12/07/2017 Hearing Examiner Minutes Public Hearing 
View File 12/07/2017 Hearing Examiner Agenda Amended Public Hearing 
View File 11/02/2017 Hearing Examiner Minutes Public Hearing 
View File 11/02/2017 Hearing Examiner Agenda Public Hearing 
View File 10/19/2017 Hearing Examiner Agenda Public Hearing 
View File 10/05/2017 Hearing Examiner Minutes Public Hearing 
View File 10/05/2017 Hearing Examiner Agenda Public Hearing 
View File 09/21/2017 Hearing Examiner Minutes Public Hearing 
View File 09/21/2017 Hearing Examiner Agenda Public Hearing 
View File 09/07/2017 Hearing Examiner Minutes Public Hearing 
View File 09/07/2017 Hearing Examiner Agenda Public Hearing 
View File 08/03/2017 Hearing Examiner Minutes Public Hearing 
View File 08/03/2017 Hearing Examiner Agenda Public Hearing 
View File 07/20/2017 Hearing Examiner Minutes Public Hearing 
View File 07/20/2017 Hearing Examiner Agenda Public Hearing 
View File 07/06/2017 Hearing Examiner Minutes Public Hearing 
View File 07/06/2017 Hearing Examiner Agenda Amended Agenda Public Hearing 
View File 06/15/2017 Hearing Examiner Minutes Public Hearing 
View File 06/15/2017 Hearing Examiner Agenda Public Hearing 
View File 06/01/2017 Hearing Examiner Minutes Public Hearing 
View File 06/01/2017 Hearing Examiner Agenda Public Hearing 
View File 05/18/2017 Hearing Examiner Agenda Public Hearing 
View File 05/04/2017 Hearing Examiner Minutes Public Hearing 
View File 05/04/2017 Hearing Examiner Agenda Public Hearing 
View File 04/20/2017 Hearing Examiner Minutes Public Hearing 
View File 04/20/2017 Hearing Examiner Agenda Public Hearing 
View File 04/06/2017 Hearing Examiner Minutes Public Hearing 
View File 04/06/2017 Hearing Examiner Agenda Second Amended Public Hearing 

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