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Kootenai County New Comprehensive Plan
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The Board of County Commissioners approved the amended Kootenai County Comprehensive Plan on Thursday, December 30, 2010. The Plan is posted below and includes seventeen chapters, a bibliography and glossary.

Document Name 
 View File    Chapter 1 Introduction 
 View File    Chapter 2 Excutive Summary 
 View File    Chapter 3 History Special Sites 
 View File    Chapter 4 Population 
 View File    Chapter 5 Economic Develelopment 
 View File    Chapter 6 Housing 
 View File    Chapter 7 Education 
 View File    Chapter 8 Public Service Utilities 
 View File    Chapter 9 Transportation 
 View File    Chapter 10 Parks and Recreation 
 View File    Chapter 11 Natural Resources 
 View File    Chapter 12 Hazardous Areas 
 View File    Chapter 13 Community Design 
 View File    Chapter 14 Land Use 
 View File    Chapter 15 Property Rights 
 View File    Chapter 16 Plan Implementation 
 View File    Chapter 17 Capital Improvements 
 View File    GLOSSARY 
 View File    RESOLUTION No 2010-117 

The updating of the Plan began in the fall of 2006 with the firm Kezziah Watkins conducting "Meetings in a Box" in order to gather a wide-range of public input. In January 2007, the Kootenai County Planning and Zoning Commission (Planning Commission) began an intensive Comprehensive Plan amendment process that incorporated public comments received at the many workshops and "road show" informational meetings they conducted. Following the recommendation of the Planning Commission, the Board of County Commissioners provided additional opportunities for public review in order to gain final public and agency input. Following an extensive review of the draft plan and supplemental public comments, the Board completed their deliberations on December 28, 2010.

The Planning Commission deserves special recognition for their extraordinary effort over many long evenings that they dedicated to the planning process. It was their careful, considerate review of draft elements, public comments and the statutory requirements that led to articulation of Kootenai County's vision for the future in this plan. We sincerely thank each of you for your tremendous effort on this most difficult task.

We are also grateful to the many state agencies, city mayors, councils, managers, planners, and staff from County departments for their effort in developing and reviewing this plan.

The Board of County Commissioners acknowledges and thanks the hundreds of citizens who attended countless public meetings, workshops, local neighborhood meetings, and public hearings. Your thoughtful review of the plan and its goals and policies have been essential to capturing the spirit and vision of what makes and will keep Kootenai County great.

Again, the Board of County Commissioners expresses sincere appreciation to all those who contributed time, energy, and vision to develop the County's Comprehensive Plan. (See Acknowledgements)

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