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Community Development Related Ordinances

Community Development Related Ordinances

The following ordinances have been repealed and are no longer in use. They are provided here for historical and research related purposes. If you have questions, feel free to contact Community Development at 208 446 1070.

The files listed below are in Adobe Acrobat Format. If you don't have the Acrobat Reader, you can get it here.

 Document Name 
 Document Type 
 View File  04/26/2018  Resolution No. 2018-44  Resolution  Community Development Fee Schedule 
 View File  04/18/2018  Ordinance 518  Ordinance  Conservation Design Subdivision Density 
 View File  02/27/2018  Ordinance 493-Land Use Development Code Amended 02-27-18  Ordinance  Amended 02-27-18 Land Use Development Code 
 View File  01/30/2018  Ordinance No. 517   Ordinance  Omnibus II Amendments to Land Use Code 
 View File  10/04/2017  Ordinance No. 514  Ordinance  Omnibus Land Use and Development Code Amendments 
 View File  10/04/2017  Ordinance No. 513  Ordinance  Code Amendments-Zoning Map Amendment Standards 
 View File  10/04/2017  Ordinance No. 493-as Amended 10-04-17 Land Use and Development Code  Ordinance  As Amended 10-04-17 Land Use and Development Code 
 View File  09/14/2017  ORA17-0001  Ordinance  2nd Draft Zoning Ordinance Amendment 
 View File  03/15/2017  ORA17-0002  Ordinance  Draft Flood Damange Prevention Standards 
 View File  09/18/2014  Ordinance 473  Ordinance  Annual Special Events 
 View File  08/15/2014  Ordinance No. 472  Ordinance  Design Standards 
 View File  06/04/2014  ORA13-0002  Ordinance  Draft Hauser ACI Map AMendment Ordinance 
 View File  06/04/2014  ORA13-0002  Ordinance  Draft Hauser ACI Agreement Ordinance 
 View File  05/20/2014  Ordinance No. 470  Ordinance  Repeal of Impact Fee Ordinance 
 View File  05/15/2014  Resolution No. 2014-39  Resolution  Dissolution of Impact Fee Advisory Committee 
 View File  03/12/2013  Ordinance No. 465  Ordinance  Refund of Impact Fees 
 View File  12/06/2012  Ordinance No. 464  Ordinance  Suspending Impact Fee Collection 
 View File  05/19/2011  Ordinance No. 453  Ordinance  Site Disturbance Text Amendments 
 View File  03/23/2011  Ordinance No. 451  Ordinance  Impact Fee Table 
 View File  10/21/2010  Ordinance No. 448  Ordinance  Extension of Expiration Dates for Land Use Approvals and Financial Guarantees 
 View File  09/09/2010  Resolution No. 2010-76  Resolution  Amendment to Capital Improvements Chapter (Development Impact Fees) 
 View File  09/09/2010  Ordinance No. 446  Ordinance  Development Impact Fee 
 View File  08/18/2010  Ordinance No. 445  Ordinance  Site Disturbance 
 View File  06/24/2010  Ordinance No. 444  Ordinance  Amend Official Zoning District Map 
 View File  04/15/2010  Ordinance No. 441  Ordinance  Flood Damage Prevention 
 View File  05/07/2009  Ordinance No. 427  Ordinance  Coeur d'Alene ACI Map Amendment 
 View File  08/21/2008  Resolution No. 2008-66  Resolution  Adoption of Capital Improvements Plan - Comprehensive Plan Amendment 
 View File  07/30/2008  Ordinance No. 415  Ordinance  Condo Plat  
 View File  01/31/2008  Ordinance No. 411  Ordinance  Conditional Zoning Development Agreements 
 View File  05/24/2007  Ordinance No. 401  Ordinance  Zoning Ordinance 
 View File  12/14/2006  Ordinance No. 394  Ordinance  Subdivision Ordinance 
 View File  11/14/2006  Ordinance No. 391  Ordinance  Hayden Lake ACI Map 
 View File  11/14/2006  Ordinance No. 389  Ordinance  Hayden Lake ACI 
 View File  08/18/2006  Ordinance No. 385  Ordinance  Development Intensity Ordinance 
 View File  11/03/2005  Ordinance No. 373  Ordinance  Rathdrum ACI Map amendment 
 View File  05/19/2005  Ordinance No. 355  Ordinance  Hearing Procedures 
 View File  09/15/2004  Ordinance No. 340  Ordinance  Coordinated Area of City Impact Legal 
 View File  09/15/2004  Ordinance No. 339  Ordinance  Coordinated Area of City Impact Standards 
 View File  04/18/2001  Ordinance No. 301  Ordinance  Road Naming and Addressing 
 View File  10/27/1999  Ordinance No. 290  Ordinance  Hauser ACI Map 
 View File  10/27/1999  Ordinance No. 289  Ordinance  Hauser ACI 
 View File  03/05/1997  Resolution 97-10  Resolution  Site Disturbance 
 View File  04/19/1995  Ordinance No. 226  Ordinance  Spirit Lake ACI 
 View File  04/19/1995  Ordinance No. 225  Ordinance  Spirit Lake ACI Map 
 View File  03/29/1995  Ordinance No. 223  Ordinance  Worley ACI 
 View File  03/29/1995  Ordinance No. 222  Ordinance  Worley ACI Map 
 View File  01/11/1995  Ordinance No. 215  Ordinance  Dalton Gardens ACI 
 View File  01/11/1995  Ordinance No. 214  Ordinance  Dalton Gardens ACI Map 
 View File  12/28/1994  Ordinance No. 211  Ordinance  Harrison ACI 
 View File  12/28/1994  Ordinance No. 210  Ordinance  Harrison ACI Map 
 View File  12/21/1994  Ordinance No. 208  Ordinance  Athol ACI 
 View File  12/21/1994  Ordinance No. 207  Ordinance  Athol ACI Map 
 View File  10/28/1993  Ordinance No. 194  Ordinance  Coeur d'Alene ACI 
 View File  07/23/1985  Ordinance No. 81  Ordinance  Historic Preservation 
 View File  11/12/1984  Ordinance No. 72  Ordinance  Huetter ACI 

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