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Rural Collection Systems

Kootenai County operates 13 rural residential sites for collection of household refuse. The intention of the rural sites is to provide service to those rural areas of the county that do not have private collection or other disposal facilities available locally. The rural sites are NOT for disposal of any commercial waste. This system is designed and contracted to collect only household refuse generated in Kootenai County. Homeowner's solid waste fees are being used every time a commercial business uses the rural system for disposal.

Prohibited materials at these sites include, but are not limited to: yard waste (greater than 3, 32-gallon cans or equivalent), tires, batteries, construction materials, appliances, furniture, carpet, large bulky items, liquid waste, wood or wood products, petroleum products or any other hazardous materials. We ask that these materials be disposed of at either the Prairie or Ramsey Transfer Stations.

If you witness a violation of the posted regulations at the rural sites, including commercial disposal, please contact the Kootenai County Sheriff's Department at (208) 446-1300. If you can provide a description of the vehicle, a license plate number, type of material dumped and date it occurred, there is a better chance of finding the violator.

Limited single stream recycling is also available at the following rural sites: Athol, Chilco, Mica Flats, Sun-Up Bay, Worley, Rose Lake Junction, and Harrison Junction. Recycling containers accept ONLY the following types of materials: newspaper, magazines, office paper, junk mail, phonebooks, corrugated cardboard, paper food packaging (cereal boxes, soda cartons, etc) and aluminum cans. We are NOT able to recycle glass, plastics, metal or batteries in these containers. These recyclable materials are co-mingled and do not need to be separated. At our two northern sites, Athol and Chilco, separate cardboard bins are provided along with the single stream containers to offer more recyclable space to better suit the needs of the customers. Just place all of the acceptable recyclable items you have into the rural site recycling bins. For more information, please see rural recycling here.

The Rural Collection System is broken down into three Categories:

    North Route: Both north sites are staffed seven days a week from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

  • Athol site: 7222 E. Howard Rd, Athol - just north of State Highway 54, east of Athol
  • Chilco site: 20835 N. Ramsey Rd, Rathdrum - between Chilco Road and Diagonal Road

    Southwest Route:

  • Mica Flats site: 6747 E. Kidd Island Rd - adjacent to Worley Highway District Shop
  • Sun-Up Bay site: 13284 W. Sun-Up Bay Rd - off of US 95 South
  • Worley site: 9725 W. B Street, Worley - off Cave Bay Road

    Southeast Route:

  • Blue Creek site: 10632 E. Yellowstone Trail - intersection of Yellowstone Trail Road and Blue Creek Road
  • Wolf Lodge site: 5494 S. Highway 97- intersection of Wolf Lodge Road and I-90
  • Rose Lake Junction site: 10942 S. Hwy 3, Cataldo - intersection of State Highway 3 and I-90
  • Rose Lake site: 14972 S. Queen St, Cataldo - State Highway 3 at Rose Lake Village
  • Valley Mart site: 31500 S. Highway 3, St. Maries - State Highway 3 at Valley Mart store, Medimont
  • East Point site: 45351 S. Highway 97, Harrison - intersection of East Point Rd and Highway 97
  • Carlin Bay site: 1784 E. Deer Rd, Harrison - on Carlin Bay Creek Road, 1/2 mile east of Highway 97
  • Harrison Junction site: 45901 S. Highway 3, St. Maries - intersection of Highway 97 and State Highway 3

Kootenai County Code, Title 4, Chapter 3, Section 15 states the following:

  1. Disposal Of Hazardous Or Dangerous Waste Material: It shall be unlawful and a violation of this chapter for any person to deposit or dispose or in any way aid or assist in the deposition or disposal of, or provide for delivery of, any hazardous waste material within the Kootenai County waste disposal system or anywhere within Kootenai County. Nothing in this chapter is intended to conflict with the provisions of the Idaho hazardous waste management act from Idaho Code section 39-4401 et seq., or any other state or federal regulation.

  2. Improper Disposal At Approved Rural Residential Collection Site:
    1. The county maintains rural residential collection sites solely for the use of its residential citizens who reside on properties that have paid the county solid waste fee, as defined in the current fee resolution.

    2. Rural residential collection sites are for garbage generated from residential dwellings. Prohibited are any commercial waste, yard waste (greater than three 32-gallon cans or equivalent [96 gallons]), tires, batteries, construction materials, appliances, furniture, carpet, large bulky items, liquid waste, wood or wood products, petroleum products or any other hazardous material (as defined in federal code and/or on the label of the container).

    3. Any person who deposits or disposes of any hazardous or otherwise dangerous waste matter at, or provides for delivery of same to an approved solid waste rural residential collection site, transfer station or landfill, shall be liable for the full costs of controlling or eliminating any posed health hazard and/or properly disposing of said dangerous materials, as may be incurred by the county or any other public agency.

    4. Persons shall comply with all signs posted by the county at rural residential collection sites, transfer stations and landfills.

    5. Any person, commercial or industrial entity, or commercial hauler who deposits or disposes of any waste that is prohibited, as defined herein, at, or provides for delivery of same to an approved rural residential collection site, shall be liable for the penalties articulated below, as well as criminal fines.
  1. Covered Loads:
    1. Vehicle Requirements: No vehicle shall be driven or moved on any street or highway unless the vehicle is so constructed, covered or loaded as to prevent:
      1. Any of its contents or load from dropping, sifting or leaking; and
      2. The possibility of any of its contents or load from blowing, spilling or otherwise escaping therefrom.
  1. Throwing or Depositing Materials:
    1. No person shall throw or deposit, nor shall the registered owner or the driver, if such owner is not then present in the vehicle, aid or abet in the throwing or depositing upon any street or highway any bottle, can, garbage, glass, nail, offal, paper, wire, burning materials, any substance likely to injure or damage traffic using the highway, or any noisome, nauseous or offensive matter of any kind.
    2. No person shall place, deposit or dump or cause to be placed, deposited, or dumped, any rocks, refuse, garbage, or dirt in or upon any street or highway, including any portion of the right of way thereof, without the consent of the state or local agency having jurisdiction over the street or highway.
  1. Unauthorized Deposits: No person shall deposit upon any public or private property any debris, paper, litter, bottles, glass, nails, tacks, hooks, cans, barbed wire, boards, trash, garbage, lighted material or other waste substances on any place not authorized by any county, city, village or the owner of such property.

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