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Solid Waste Window Sticker

This Department Policy governing the disposal of solid waste is promulgated under the authority of Kootenai County Code, Title 4, Chapter 3, and Kootenai County Resolution 93-31, and is effective on December 1, 2006.

This policy provides for the establishment of a windshield sticker program to improve service to out-of-county residents who own property within Kootenai County and have paid a solid waste fee with their property taxes.
The windshield sticker program allows for the disposal of residential household waste generated at the recorded Kootenai County property only and is NOT transferable. The program is for residential customers only. All residential charges will apply. Unauthorized use or loaning out of the windshield sticker may result in the permanent revocation of the customer's privileges.

The purpose of this program is to readily identify Kootenai County property owners and allow them access to the Solid Waste System. The windshield sticker allows the customer to dispose of waste at the transfer station and the rural sites. The rural collection sites will not accept more than three (3) thirty-two (32) gallon cans per week. Waste such as vehicle tires, vehicle batteries, construction and demolition materials, roofing material, appliances, furniture, carpet, large bulky items, wood or wood products, and hazardous materials are not covered under the residential solid waste fee and as such are not accepted at the rural sites, but at a transfer station only. These wastes and other materials may be subject to additional charges.

In order to receive a windshield sticker, the Applicant must provide to the Solid Waste Department the following information:

  1. Property owner name, mailing address and telephone number;
  2. If applicable, renter's name, address and telephone number;
  3. Address for the Kootenai County property; and
  4. Description of the vehicle (year, make & model) as well as license plate number and state issuing the plates.

Upon the completion of the Windshield Sticker Application, the Solid Waste Department will investigate and determine whether or not a parcel of property has been assessed a solid waste fee. If the property has been assessed a solid waste fee, and the fees have been paid, then the Department will issue two (2) current year windshield stickers to the customer at no charge. Stickers will be issued to vehicles that do not have an Idaho, Kootenai County license plate (i.e. K####). An additional three (3) stickers, above the two issued free, may be purchased at a cost of $5.00 each. It is established that the program will allow a maximum of five (5) stickers per parcel. If a customer requires a replacement of stickers for any reason, a charge of $5.00 each sticker will be assessed.

Stickers expire on December 31st of the last year indicated on the sticker. The windshield stickers are good for two (2) years. Renewal information should be completed prior to the expiration date. The Solid Waste Department will notify all current applicants of the renewal date, prior to the expiration of the windshield stickers.

The windshield sticker must be affixed to the vehicle to which it has been assigned. This program does not allow for the issuance of a windshield sticker to rental vehicles and/or dealer plates. The windshield sticker should be displayed in the lower left hand corner of the windshield.

The Windshield Sticker Application Form is attached hereto and incorporated by reference.


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