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Welcome to our polling place locator tool.

To locate your polling place and other voter district information for an address, enter the address in the address box on the Polling Place Lookup form and hit enter or click the "Look Up" button. If the system finds the exact match of the address the map will zoom to that location and basic polling place information will be displayed, if not, a list of possible address matches will display. Use the scroll bar to look through the list and click the correct address to display the information.

Occasionally you may not find your address due to changes in our database, especially for new addresses and streets. If you have any problems please contact the Elections Office at or by phone during office hours at (208) 446-1030.

Jim Brannon, County Clerk


  • After an address is located more functions are available, the polling place for a given address can be displayed by pressing the "Show Location on Map" link.

  • The image of the polling location can be enlarged by clicking on the "Click Here to See Larger" on the top of the small image.

  • Precinct/District details are available by clicking the "Show Dist Details" Button, re-click to close the window.

  • About Four weeks prior to the upcoming election date, a link should appear to display a sample ballot for the searched address district's elections, if no election is applicable it should indicate so with "No Election" in the links place.

  • The address search is fairly forgiving in formatting and spelling but the more information available, such as pre-directional and street type, the more accurate the results will be.

  • The City is optional, but may be used to narrow a search down if needed.

  • If the map is not visible, please click here to trouble-shoot your Microsoft Silverlight installation.

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