The Coeur d'Alene Airport is currently preparing a Sustainability Plan with the intent of incorporating sustainable goals to run a more efficient and effective airport. Sustainability initiatives could help the Airport reduce costs and provide net financial, operational, environmental and social benefits.

 The Airport is committed to the philosophy of running a more sustainable airport that upholds high standards for cost effectiveness, community involvement, safety and environmental awareness, while providing economic benefit to the region.

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The Sustainability Plan will have several components including a Sustainable Mission Statement, Focus Categories, an inventory of existing conditions at the Airport, Sustainability Goals and Metrics, Sustainability initiatives to meet the goals, Stakeholder Outreach to gain community input, and a tracking / implementation discussion.

Additionally, the Coeur d'Alene Sustainability Plan will have a special focus on two of the categories in particular. For the Airport Finance category, a Sustainable Business Plan will be developed to document financial assets and liabilities, project future revenue and expenses, and establish sustainable budget goals and objectives. The Adjacent Land Use Compatibility category will also receive particular attention during the planning process. This Sustainability Plan process will include direct coordination with local stakeholders, including surrounding jurisdictions and agencies, regarding land use compatibility planning. It is envisioned that an agreed upon path forward to establish a coordinated, cooperative, and proactive land use planning process between the Airport and stakeholders will be developed.

Working papers, presentations and other materials will be added to the website over the course of the project. Useful websites and links are also provided for additional information about sustainability planning for airports and the Federal Aviation Administration sustainability planning process.