Airport Sustainability Plan

The Coeur d'Alene Airport (COE) is developing this Sustainability Plan with the intent of incorporating sustainable goals to run a more efficient and effective airport. Sustainability initiatives could help the Airport reduce costs and provide net financial, operational, environmental and social benefits. View the Sustainability Plan (PDF).

Airport Environmental Assessment

The purpose of this Environmental Assessment is to evaluate the potential environmental impacts associated with the proposed fee simple land acquisition of two parcels of property (Parcels A-14 and A-16) totaling approximately 95 acres. View the Environmental Assessment (PDF).

Airport Idaho Transportation Department Land Use Guide

The purpose of this updated guidebook is to provide a more streamlined document to educate airport owners / operators (airport sponsors), local planning and zoning representatives, local elected officials, and the general public in order to better understand the unique aspects of airports as they relate to compatible land use planning throughout the state. Download the Land Use Guide (PDF).

Other Airport Documents