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GIS and Mapping Department

Kootenai County has several Elected Official Offices and departments that produce or offer various map products as part of regular business services, and/or as requirements of the Idaho Code. Some of these maps are available in a digital format, and may be downloaded from this site for viewing and printing by both the professional and lay public. Please be sure to check that the format of the map files are compatible with programs you use on your PC, the County is not responsible for any problems that may occur from the use of these files.


All Kootenai County Digital Data is projected into Idaho State Plane West coordinates, 1983 North American Datum (NAD 83) with U.S. Survey Foot units. File formats may be in ArcView shapefiles (.shp /.shx /.dbf) or AutoCAD R14 drawing files (.dwg), contained within WinZip compressed files (.zip), which additionally contain standard metadata and projection files.

Digital GIS data (in .zip files) can be downloaded from our FTP site, and are located in logical named subdirectories under the link below. Additionally, we have published various standard map products in Adobe Acrobat file format (.pdf), and which are also available from the FTP site using the link below. 

The files are logically named, and are available in two sizes - A size (8.5 inches by 11 inches) for printing on letter size paper through a standard printer, and E size (36 inches by 48 inches) for printing at poster size on a plotter. The E size product has substantially more detail, and the file size is quite large.

County map
  1. Geographic Information Systems
  2. Assessor's Office
  3. County Surveyor's Office
  4. Recorder's Office

For GIS data or hard copy map questions call 208-446-1390 or email us.

  • Digital Data (formerly FTP*)  Cut and paste the following line into File Explorer, or equivalent program:
  • Standard County Map Products – Map Gallery or Zip File Gallery or Cut and paste the following line into File Explorer, or equivalent program:
  • KCEarth On-Line Mapping Tool

* FTP protocols are no longer supported in most modern browsers, Windows File Explorer can be used to download from legacy FTP locations. For an example click here.

Service Addresses

To obtain the service address of a parcel, call the Community Development Department at 208-446-1070. To obtain a specific parcel number (PIN) or short legal description for a piece of property, call the Assessors Office at 208-446-1500 or email us.