Timber Information

Timber Documents

  1. Annosum Root Disease (Canadian FSFPL 15) (PDF)
  2. Bark Beetle Identification and Tree Spacing (PDF)
  3. Bark Beetles Are Your Trees at Risk (PDF)
  4. Basic Forest Inventory Techniques (PNW 630) (PDF)
  5. Controlling Pocket Gophers (OSUEC 1255) (PDF)
  6. Controlling Vole Damage to Conifer Seedlings (OSUEC 1256) (PDF)
  7. Douglas-fir Beetle (IDL) (PDF)
  8. Douglas-fir Beetle (PDF)
  9. Douglas-Fir Tussock Moth (IDL) (PDF)
  10. Dwarf Mistletoe (IDL) (PDF)
  11. Estimating Harvesting Costs (PDF)
  12. Field Guide Northern Idaho Plants (INTGTR 180) (PDF)
  13. Fir Engraver (IDL) (PDF)
  14. Fir Engraver Beetle (PDF)
  15. Fire and Insects Key Pests (PDF)
  16. Forest Habitat Types of Northern Idaho (USDA Report INT236) (PDF)
  17. Forest Pest Fact Sheet (PDF)
  18. Forest Stewardship Planning Workbook (WSUEB 2016) (PDF)
  19. Forestry Short Course (PDF)
  20. Idahos Forestland Taxation Law (PDF)
  21. Important Plants to Know (Montana) (PDF)
  22. Introduction to Diseases (Canadian FSFPL 54) (PDF)
  23. Keeping Your Forest Soils Healthy and Productive (WSUEB 2019) (PDF)
  24. Laminated Root Disease (PDF)
  25. Larch Foliar Diseases (Canadian FSFPL 71) (PDF)
  26. Management Planning for the Family Forest Owner (UICIS 1141) (PDF)
  27. Mistletoes and Dwarf Mistletoes (PDF)
  28. Mountain Pine Beetle (IDL) (PDF)
  29. Pine Bark Beetles (WSUEB 0936) (PDF)
  30. Pine Egraver (IDL) (PDF)
  31. Porcupines (PDF)
  32. Precommercial Thinning (PDF)
  33. Resources for Idaho Family Forestland Owners (PDF)
  34. Riparian Forest Stewardship (MTEB 0118) (PDF)
  35. Secondary Bark Beetles (PDF)
  36. Stem Rusts of Pines (Canadian FSFPL 37) (PDF)
  37. Terminology For Forest Landowners (WSUEB 1353) (PDF)
  38. Tools for Measuring Your Forest (OSUEC 1129) (PDF)
  39. Using Verbenonet o Protect Trees from Mountain Pine Beetle (PDF)
  40. Western Gall Rust (IDL) (PDF)
  41. Western Pine Beetle (IDL) (PDF)
  42. Western Pine Beetle (PDF)
  43. Wood Borers (PDF)