Clerk's Responsibilities

The County Clerk has one of the most diverse jobs of all county elected officials. In fact, constitutional and statutory laws have given this one elective county officer five distinct titles: 

  • Auditor
  • Chief Elections Officer of the County (County Resource Manual, Idaho Association of Counties)
  • Clerk of the Board of County Commissioners
  • Clerk of the District Court
  • Recorder

In Kootenai County, there are over 100 deputy clerks who work in the various departments under the Clerk as well as in the Board of County Commissioners' Office. In the role of Auditor, the Clerk's office is responsible to prepare the annual county budget for the Board of County Commissioners. 

The Auditor's office also notifies every taxing district or authority as well as the State Board of Education of the total taxable valuation of all the taxable property located within each taxing district, including Urban Renewal funding.

Clerk's Division Public Records Request

A list of commonly requested Clerk's records and the applicable department, how to contact their records department and where to send your form is as follows:

Elections Forms

  • Canvass Documents
  • Election Results
  • Voter Registration Reports
  • Voting History Reports


Phone: 208-446-1030
Email Elections Office

Clerk Forms

  • Board of County Commissioners Meeting Minutes
  • Budget Information
  • Financial Information
  • Tort Claims


Please send all Public Records Request via email.

Jennifer Locke
Phone: 208-446-1650
Email Jennifer Locke