Medical Assistance

Idaho Code 31-3501(1) states that citizens should be responsible for paying for their own medical care. To the extent that is not possible, the county and the state are required to offer some assistance. County Assistance is a program created and controlled by state law designed to help Kootenai County residents in paying hospital and medical bills in limited situations.


You must be a resident of the State of Idaho and Kootenai County.

You will be considered a resident of the State if:

  • You can prove you have actually lived in Idaho for a consecutive period of 30 days after having moved from another state
  • You do not live in the State on a temporary basis

You will be considered a resident of Kootenai County if:

  • You have actually maintained a residence in Kootenai County 30 days or longer preceding the date of your application for assistance after having moved from another state
  • You do not live in Kootenai County on a temporary basis
  • Residency requirements between counties in the State of Idaho is dependent upon the situation

You must be "medically indigent". This means that your income versus allowable expenses, and resources available to you are not sufficient to pay the medical bills if payments were spread out over a period of 5 years.

Your income and resources include: 

  • All property, whether tangible or intangible, real (for example: land, house, building) or personal 
  • Liquid or non-liquid, including, but not limited to:
    • All forms of public assistance
    • Any other property from any sources for which you may be eligible or in which you may have a vested interest
    • Crime victim's compensation
    • Medicaid
    • Medicare
    • Veteran's benefits
    • Worker's compensation


To qualify for assistance, your medical services must be deemed as a "necessary medical service" under Idaho law. Your medical records will be reviewed by utilizing a Medical Review process under Idaho Code 31-3503, 31-3503(D).

Violations & Penalties

It is a misdemeanor (crime) if an applicant or obligated person either:

  • Willfully gives false or misleading information to a hospital, a county or an agent thereof, or to any individual in order to obtain necessary medical services as or for a medically indigent person.
  • Obtains necessary medical services as a medically indigent person who fails to disclose insurance, worker's compensation, resources, or other benefits available to him or her as payment or reimbursement of such expenses incurred.


You must cooperate in the application and investigation process!

Idaho law provides that:

  • Any applicant who fails to cooperate with a county or makes a material misstatement or material omission to a county in an application pursuant to this chapter shall be ineligible for non-emergency assistance under this chapter for a period of 2 years
  • Any application or request which fails to meet the provisions of this section, and/or other provisions of this chapter [law] shall be denied.
  • Failure by the patient and/or obligated persons to complete the application process shall result in denial of the county assistance application.