Apply for Medical Assistance


Any person seeking assistance with payment of medical bills must do so by completing and filing an approved application form by going to the Idaho Health and Welfare website. Once there you need to click on the "Providers" tab. Under "State and County Medical Assistance" is where you will find the "Combined Application for Assistance". You can also obtain a form at any hospital or at the Kootenai County Assistance Office. Please use black or blue ink if filling out application in your own hand writing. Your signature on the application must be notarized. Failure to have your signature notarized may result in your application being denied. Your signature can be notarized at the Kootenai County Indigent Services office.

After Completing the Application

After you have completed your application:

You must, without delay, bring your completed application to the County Assistance Office the hours of 9 a.m. to noon and 1 to 5 p.m. (no applications will be accepted after 5 p.m.), Monday through Friday. At that time a Claims Specialist will review your application to decide whether to conduct an interview immediately or to schedule an interview for a later date. You should plan on staying for a 1-hour interview just in case. You may be scheduled for a later interview after you've had a chance to gather some important financial documents and other information.

Please be advised that except in cases of an emergency room visit, it is important that your application be filed 10 days prior to any medical services being provided to you. Otherwise, your application may be denied because it is untimely. Please call our office to schedule an interview. If you have questions before you bring your completed application to the office please call us at 208-446-1880.

On a 10 day prior application, you must bring your completed application with you to the interview. An interview will not be conducted unless you have the completed application with you. You will not be allowed to use the interview time to complete your application.

Claims Specialist

The law requires that the Claims Specialist review your medical bills to ensure that the services, procedures and medicines are covered for payment under the indigency statutes. The Claims Specialist will also ensure that your application is complete, was filed timely, and then review all your available resources that could be used to pay for your medical bills.

When to File

If the medical service is not an emergency, you must file your application no later than 10 days prior to receiving services.

If the medical service is an emergency, working with the hospital and Health and Welfare, you must file your application within 31 days beginning with the first day of the provision of the medical service. If you will need additional treatment related to an original diagnosis in accordance with a pre-approved treatment plan, you must file your application 10 days prior to receiving the services. 

A delayed application for necessary medical services may be filed up to one hundred eighty (180) days beginning with the first day of the provision of necessary medical services provided that written documentation is included with the application or no later than 45 days after an application has been filed showing that a bona fide application or claim has been filed for Social Security Disability Insurance, Supplemental Security Income, third party insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, crime victim's compensation, and/or worker's compensation.