Mediation Services

Mediation is a process where an impartial third person, known as a mediator is hired by the parties to help them move toward a mutually acceptable agreement about co-parenting issues (custody and visitation).

  • Mediation is confidential and involves both parents meeting one or more times with a court approved mediator.
  • Parents are encouraged to focus on the needs of their children and put aside their conflicts.
  • Each party has an equal role in decision-making during the mediation process.
  • As a neutral party, the mediator works with the parents to find areas of agreement for a parenting plan. Agreements reached are drafted by the mediator and provided to the parents and/or attorneys.
  • Those agreements will need to be entered properly in the court file and finalized by an order by the judge.

Who Mediators Are

A mediator is an impartial person, outside of your dispute, that has been specially trained to assist in resolving custody disputes. The Idaho Supreme Court maintains a roster of mediators who meet minimum standards for training. This roster is available from Family Court Services, or online.

Why Have Mediation

A working, mutual agreement between parents is usually preferable to a court imposed one. Courts require that all parties ordered to mediation, shall participate in good faith. Parents who work together, act responsibly, minimize costs in time and money, and reduce the stress on everyone involved, including, most importantly, the child. Access more information on divorce mediation.