Statutes & Court Rules

Local Rules of First Judicial Court with scales

Whereas the Local Rules as they now exist for the First Judicial District in the State of Idaho appear to be in need of amendment: and

Whereas a review of those Local Rules has been conducted by the District Judges of the First Judicial District, now, therefore,

It is hereby ordered that the Local Rules of the First Judicial District as they are hereinafter set forth be and are hereby adopted as the Local Rules of the First Judicial District and that they will replace and supersede all prior Local Rules for the counties of Benewah, Bonner, Boundary, Kootenai and Shoshone and are supplemental to the Idaho Rules of Civil Procedure; the Idaho Rules of Evidence; the Idaho Criminal Rules; the Idaho Misdemeanor Criminal Rules; the Idaho Infraction Rules; the Idaho Juvenile Rules; the Idaho Court Administrative Rules; and the Idaho Appellate Rules.

  1. Rule 1
  2. Rule 2
  3. Rule 3
  4. Rule 4
  5. Rule 5
  6. Rule 6
  7. Rule 7
  8. Rule 8
  9. Rule 9
  10. Rule 10

Rule 1: Jurisdiction & Case Assignment

Cases within the jurisdiction of Magistrates will be as established by the Order of the majority of the District Judges. The allocation of caseload assignments by a division of cases among the Magistrates shall be as directed by the order of the Administrative District Judge. If approved by the Administrative District Judge, where there is more than one resident Magistrate, the method of allocating the caseload of that county between Magistrates may be by consensus among resident Magistrates.

All other cases shall be assigned to the District Judges, with the allocation of caseloads by a division of cases between the District Judges to be as directed by the Administrative District Judge.

Assignments upon disqualification of a judge shall be as directed by the Administrative District Judge.