DUI Court Phases

  1. Phase One
  2. Phase Two
  3. Phase Three
  4. Phase Four

Phase One

  • You will be drug tested at least once per week on a random basis.
  • You must appear before the judge when ordered, which will be twice monthly.
  • You will verify that you attended at least thirty self-help (AA/NA) meetings within the first thirty days of the program.
  • You will meet with your probation officer at least four times a month.
  • You will attend at least three group sessions per week and meet with your primary counselor for individual sessions.
  • You will complete a minimum of two days on the Sheriff's Labor Program or serve therapeutic community.
  • You will find an AA home group.
  • You will have employment, begin job search, or enroll in an educational program or be required to serve community service.
  • You will install Ignition Interlock immediately upon reinstatement of driver's license, for a minimum of 60 days.
  • You will obtain a mental health evaluation, if requested by DUI Court staff.
  • You will attend the victims panel within 60 days of entry into the program.
  • You will prepare an orientation speech and present it in court.