Program Phases

  1. Phase One
  2. Phase Two
  3. Phase Three
  4. Phase Four
  5. Graduation

Phase One - 12 Weeks Minimum

  • Report to probation officer in person at least once a week or as directed by the probation officer.
  • Cooperate with Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) team to determine a treatment plan. Remain or become compliant with ALL mental health treatment directives. This will include daily medication monitoring throughout Phase I.
  • Attend alcohol/drug counseling and /or 12-step meetings at least once daily seven days a week if directed by the treatment team and probation officer. Provide written verification as directed by the probation officer.
  • Submit to random urinalysis or Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) tests one to three times per week or as directed by probation officer or treatment provider.
  • Attend Mental Health Court at least once per week.
  • Attend general health class as directed by probation officer.
  • Obtain a support sponsor (i.e. National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI) "Peer-to-Peer" or "Celebrate Recovery" programs) within 30 days of sign up. Contact sponsor at least once per week and provide written verification as directed by the probation officer.
  • Attend mental health and wellness class, at least once per week, provided by the Idaho State Health and Welfare, Mental Health.
  • Pay a $20 monthly fee.