Duties of the Elections DEPARTMENT

Elections are extremely complex. Transparency and accuracy are critical to this department.

Key Functions

  • Conducts Elections in the County for over 50 Taxing Districts
  • Counts all ballots cast, including absentee by mail, Early Voting, Election Day and Write-ins
  • Voter Registration
    • Register voters and maintain all voter registration cards; hard copy and electronic
    • Remove voters from the registered voter rolls who no longer live in Idaho, are deceased, or for any other reason are not eligible to vote in Idaho
    • Changes information on registered voter rolls when a change request is received
  • Absentee Voting 
    • Accepts and processes absentee ballot requests; properly ensures the sending, receiving and verification of absentee ballots
    • Provide an Early Voting Polling place to voters at the Elections Department two to four weeks before each election
  • Prepares ballots and supplies an appropriate amount to each Polling place
  • Works closely with 50 taxing districts
  • Qualifies candidates for County offices
  • Processes Petitions for all candidate filings
  • Reviews online candidate campaign finance reports for County Offices, Special District Offices and PACs (Political Action Committees).
  • Provides County candidates with Nomination and Election Certificates
  • Publishes all election notifications in the local newspaper

Other Functions

  • Hires and trains poll workers
  • Selects, acquires and equips polling places
  • Maintains election equipment
  • Maintains statistics on election results, voting history, and voter registration
  • Verifies petition signatures for initiative, referendum and recall petitions as well as candidate qualifying petitions
  • Maintains precinct information, including a listing of streets and parts of streets that are in each precinct
  • Manages storage and retention requirements for all Elections documents
  • Participates and assists with redistricting and Commissioner District changes
  • Makes precinct boundary adjustments as needed


The Elections Department is comprised of a team of five full-time staff members and temporary employees as needed.