Records Research

All recorded documents are now available for viewing free of charge on our recorders page. Records of survey, plat maps, and corner perpetuating and filing documents can also be found on our website. Copies are available for $1 per page in our main office during regular business hours. If you would like assistance finding documents, please contact one of the research companies.

Requesting a Copy of a Document

You can request a copy of the document:

By Mail

  • View and print the request form (PDF).
  • Mail your request and payment to:
    Kootenai County Recorder's Office
    P.O. Box 9000
    Coeur d'Alene, ID 83816

If you are unable to print our form, please send as much of the following information as possible:

  • Book and page
  • Check or money order; copies of recorded documents are $1 per page and an additional $1 for certification
  • Instrument number
  • Party names
  • Please also include an additional $1 for return of your document
  • Recording date
  • Type of document
  • Your return address and phone number, and/or email address

In Person

  • Visit our office and pay the appropriate fee