Justice Services

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The County Justice Services program encompasses four divisions. The three Juvenile Divisions work in a cooperative effort to deal with juveniles who come into conflict with the community. The philosophy adhered to by these divisions is the "Balanced Approach", which is made up of three elements:

  1. Community Protection
  2. Competency Development
  3. Offender Accountability

Juvenile Diversion

Most first-time offenders are offered this program as an alternative to the formal court process. Diversion agreements are established to hold the juveniles accountable for their offenses thus avoiding a court record. Accountability is established through community service work, apology letters, reports, restitution and random drug testing. Additional programs are put in place to address the needs to the youth, parents and victims.

Juvenile Probation

Juvenile Probation is a more structured and restrictive program for the habitual/serious youth offender. Individuals are formally adjudicated in court when placed on probation. Probation provides the youth with an alternative to incarceration, while requiring that they be held accountable for their actions. Various programs are in place to address the needs of the youth, their families and the victims of their crimes.

Three story stone building
Image of District One Detention center building and parking lot

Juvenile Detention

Juvenile Detention provides direct supervision and guidance to the residents through supportive encouragement and instruction. The facility serves five Idaho counties. The program assists juveniles in learning appropriate behaviors and interpersonal skills. Education programs are provided. The Detention Center is a maximum-security facility.

Adult Misdemeanor Probation

Adult Misdemeanor Probation is a new program that will provide supervision to adults placed on misdemeanor probation in Kootenai County. Probationers will be monitored to see that they comply with court ordered conditions. If misdemeanor probationers do not comply, they will be given the opportunity to explain their non-compliance to the Court.