Sharps Disposal Program

It is very important that customers use the used sharps receptacles at the transfer stations. This is due to:

  • Careless disposal of loose used needles can cause accidental sticks and pokes, which can result in illness or injury and possibly even death.
  • The County's commitment to safe and efficient service is demonstrated by the creation of the Used Sharps Disposal Program.
  • Loose needles in the trash jeopardize the safety of our customers and employees of the transfer stations and landfill.

Used Sharps

Used sharps must be transported and disposed of in a thick-walled plastic jug, which can be tightly capped (designated sharps containers, bleach bottles, detergent bottles and milk jugs work best). 

Do not use plastic pop bottles, as the plastic is not thick enough to avoid punctures. Clearly mark the bottle as "Used Sharps". Decals are available from the scale house operators or the administration office. 

When the jug/bottle is full, cap it tightly and bring to the transfer station any day of the week. Used needles must be transported in a closed container; they will not be accepted if they are not contained. There are used sharps collection receptacles at both inbound and outbound recycling areas.  Should your container not fit in the opening of the receptacle, please notify a solid waste employee for proper disposal.

Please do not leave used sharps containers on the ground.

Syringe Bins