Your Kootenai County  2022 Tax Bills were mailed, November 23rd. The 1st half payment is due by December 20th.

New Assessor and Treasurer Public Access Portal 

Starting Tuesday, October 18, the new Public Access portal, which uses a modern design which is easier to read and navigate, will be launched. This new design is also easier to read on a mobile device. To access, just click on the "Property Tax Payment & Look-Up" link on the menu to the left. 

Benefits of the new site include:

  • You can now access the Treasurer’s and Assessor’s office on one shared portal.
  • Making your tax payment has been significantly streamlined – Search for and then pay your tax bill in just a couple of minutes!
  • Tax payments are now integrated; enter your account number and the payment page will automatically populate. 
  • The site has an updated search interface that puts all pertinent Assessor search criteria on a single page and allows more search options. 
  • The updated Assessor’s display features a streamlined view of data including: Value history, improvements, sketches, and property images.

*You may access 2022 Levy Rates here. (PDF)

Steve Matheson

Steve Matheson is your Kootenai County Treasurer. He was elected as Treasurer on November 4, 2014. One of the primary goals of the Treasurer's office is to continue to enhance the excellent customer service that has been established.

Primary Functions

The Treasurer's office has 3 primary functions for Kootenai County. They are:

  • Treasurer: The responsibility as a Treasurer is to ensure all monies received by Kootenai County are deposited and accounted for in a timely manner. The Treasurer is also responsible for investing idle funds and ensuring there is adequate money available to meet the county's financial obligations.
  • Tax Collector: As the tax collector, it is the Treasurer's responsibility to collect the taxes on real and personal property, on harvested timber, and the certification of special assessments for water districts, fire protection districts, and local improvement districts.
  • Public Administrator:The Treasurer is also appointed as the Public Administrator in the following situations:
    • Estates ordered because the State of Idaho is the heir
    • The estates where there is no known heir
    • For the estates where no personal representative is appointed