Pleasant View Moratorium Request

At the request of the Pleasant View Neighborhood Association, the Kootenai County Board of Commissioners (BOCC) conducted a public hearing on October 9, 2019 to consider whether or not to impose a moratorium on all platting processes in Pleasant View for a period of 6 months.  At the hearing, the BOCC heard testimony on the merits of the request from the public who wished to speak.  The BOCC decided to continue the public hearing to a date uncertain to allow the County to re-notice the public hearing to a broader geographical area as requested by the Pleasant View Neighborhood Association to encourage potentially affected property owners participation.


The Pleasant View Neighborhood Association (PVNA) raised concerns with regard to availability of sufficient groundwater supply to serve a density of 1 dwelling per 5 acres.  The PVNA is convinced a groundwater study in Pleasant View is necessary to investigate their concerns regarding the dwindling water supply.  The PVNA will form an inter-agency working group that will collect current groundwater data on select wells and springs, compare data to well drilling logs, and provide a clear summary of its findings.  In the meantime, the PVNA believes it is unwise to continue approving subdivisions in the Pleasant View Area.  Therefore, the PVNA is requesting a moratorium on all platting processes.  When the moratorium expires, the PVNA will present preliminary findings from the study to the BOCC.

Prior to a public hearing, the PVNA wants to provide you, the public, an opportunity to participate in the process by voicing your questions and concerns.   

The Moratorium Would Affect:

Minor and Major Subdivisions

Condominium Plats 

Planned Unit Developments

The Moratorium Would Not Affect:

Exempt Divisions of Land as defined in Kootenai County Land Use Development Code Section LUDC 8.6.103 

Building and Development permits on any existing parcel of land

How To Submit a Public Comment:

Public comment forms will be available online once a second public hearing is scheduled.


Pleasant View Area Detailed


Pleasant View Area Location Within Kootenai County