If my application is denied, can I appeal?

Yes, per Idaho Code 31-3505(D). You may appeal a denial of your application by filing a written Notice of Appeal with the Board of County Commissioners (this can be filed in the office of County Assistance). Your Notice of Appeal must be filed within 28 days of the date of the initial determination. If you do not file this appeal timely, the decision of the Board is final. There is no cost to file an appeal.

Please be advised that the provider (doctor or hospital) has the legal right to file an appeal on its own behalf if your application is denied and they may pursue the appeal, even if you choose not to. If an appeal is timely filed, a hearing will be scheduled before the Board of County Commissioners and you will receive a notice from this office giving you the time, date and place of the hearing. You have the right to appear at the hearing and be heard by the Board regarding the denial of your application.

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