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1. Is a fee required to launch at Kootenai County Launches?
2. Is a fee required to park at Kootenai County Launches?
3. Is a fee required for launching a kayak or canoe without a trailer?
4. How long can I park or moor at a Kootenai County facility?
5. Is the Idaho State Parks pass valid at Kootenai County Launches?
6. What is the process to request a change to a County Waterways Ordinance, request placement of buoys, or make other requests related to Kootenai County Waterways?
7. How do I obtain a permit for construction and installation of a private dock at my waterfront property?
8. Is a boater safety course required in Idaho?
9. How do I contact other public agencies?
10. I need information on how to have my household water turned off/on.
11. Is the water level of Lake Coeur d'Alene going to change?