Department of Motor Vehicles

The Assessor acts as a vendor for the Idaho Transportation Department and provides two convenient locations for Kootenai County residents to handle registrations. These local auto license offices tend to be very busy around the beginning and end of each month. More information on vehicle registration, fees and requirements can be found online here.

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“The Qless system is very useful. Great job implementing this system!” 

– Aaron G.

“Christy was very friendly, courteous, and helpful with my title issue. Lovely rep! J Wonderful to work with to resolve my multiple issues.” 

– Lauren

“Jenette was so nice, it was a very fast process.”

- Laura B.

“Christy was extraordinarily helpful, polite, very accommodating to our needs. Very good person to deal with.” 

- Frank A.

“Getting everything together was hard, but Brandy was very helpful and patient with us.” 

– Larissa S.

“Chrissy was an amazingly helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly employee. She is an asset to your team and deserves a raise.” 

– Linda R.

“Beth was very thorough and knowledgeable. Extremely courteous and helpful.” 

– Jeff O.

“Leanna is doing awesome. Is very courteous and concerned for my needs.” 

– Keith H.