How would a prospective applicant apply?

Go to the office to get additional, more detailed information and to pick up the paperwork and schedule an appointment if appropriate. The application process to determine eligibility requires completing an application, submitting various documents, and attending a scheduled interview.

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1. Where is Kootenai County Assistance located?
2. How can this office be contacted?
3. What are the hours and days of service?
4. Who is the administrator of this office?
5. How would a prospective applicant apply?
6. Is this department governed by any regulations?
7. What is the function of Kootenai County Assistance?
8. What happens if I come in for my interview without all the required information and documentation?
9. How long do I have to be a resident of Kootenai County prior to seeking assistance?
10. Are there application time limits for cremation?