How do I become a guardian or conservator?

A desire to assist a vulnerable person, followed by a legal consultation may be your first steps. A petition is then filed with the Court. Completing a background check and online training (to become familiar with the rules of guardianship and conservatorship) are not optional, and will be ordered by the presiding Judge in your case. For more information contact the Guardianship and Conservatorship Monitor at 208-446-2147.

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1. How do I become a guardian or conservator?
2. What are least restrictive measures?
3. What if I cannot afford an attorney?
4. Am I liable for the protected person's decisions?
5. How often must I report to the Court?
6. Who reviews my reports?
7. Can I be paid for being a conservator?
8. What rights do persons under guardianship and/or conservatorship have?