What are grounds for termination from Drug Court?

You will be terminated from Drug Court if you do not comply with the treatment. Although a relapse is not absolute grounds for termination, a continual inability to meet your treatment goals will result in expulsion. There are several grounds for possible termination. These include:

  • Possession of alcohol, drugs, or paraphernalia at your residence, in your car or on your person
  • Attending a treatment group under the influence
  • New charges, especially violent or sexual crimes
  • Corrupting or negatively influencing another Drug Court Participant
  • Tampering with a urinalysis sample, using the urine of someone else for your own, or allowing someone else to use your urine for their sample
  • Any instance necessitating the issuance of a bench warrant

You can reach out to Tanya Reynolds, Drug Court Coordinator for any further questions.

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