What is a noxious weed?

Noxious weeds are non-native plants that were brought into Idaho through human actions. Because they grow aggressively and have no natural enemies in our area, these species of plants can be destructive to wildlife habitat, competitive with crops and difficult to control. Legally, a noxious weed is any plant designated by a Federal, State or county government as injurious to public health, agriculture, recreation, wildlife or property. Some characteristics of noxious weeds include:

  • They produce large numbers of new plants each season.
  • They tolerate many soil types and weather conditions.
  • They spread easily and efficiently, usually by wind, water, or animals
  • They grow rapidly, allowing them to displace slower growing plants.
  • Spread rampantly when they are free of the natural checks and balances found in their native range.

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1. Is there a law in Idaho that requires landowners to control the noxious weeds on their property?
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4. What is a noxious weed?
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11. Does your office provide herbicide to private landowners or can they purchase it from the county?
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