What is Adult Misdemeanor Probation

About Probation

Probation is a privilege, granted by court-order, that allows a convicted criminal offender to remain in the community under the supervision of a probation officer. Probation is not punishment, and is not always an appropriate option. Those who are placed on Kootenai County's Supervised Probation are required to regularly meet with their probation officer, and usually must submit to searches, drug testing, and counseling. They are expected to be honest, work, not use or abuse drugs or alcohol, and reimburse their victims, if appropriate.

Major goals are that the probationer not re-offend, that victim safety is increased, and that the probationer leaves supervision as a more functional and contributing member of the community. Those who choose to violate probation risk full imposition of their sentence, which usually means costly fines and lengthy jail time. Probationers on supervised probation must also pay a monthly cost of supervision fee to the office, since they were the ones responsible for their crimes and the resultant supervision. This supervision fee greatly reduces the taxpayer burden for providing the supervision services.

Types of Offenses

Types of offenses typical of those placed on supervised misdemeanor probation include:

  • Domestic Violence (assault, battery, violation of protection order)
  • Driving Under the Influence
  • Driving while suspended
  • Felonies amended to misdemeanors
  • Misdemeanor charges of theft
  • Misdemeanor drug offenses (possession of paraphernalia, etc.)

Probation Officers

Probation Officers work hand in hand with community groups, social service agencies, and treatment providers, to make available to offenders and victims the support and services they need. Probation Officers also maintain strong partnerships with law enforcement and other justice agencies so that all can benefit from shared expertise and information. In addition to standard probation services, the Kootenai County Adult Misdemeanor Probation Office is also involved with: Kootenai County Drug Court; Kootenai County DUI Court; Domestic Violence Probation and the Domestic Violence Diversion Program.