Land Records Division

The Land Records Division's goals are to:

  • Accurately and efficiently identify and map real property
  • Identify ownership and taxing district boundaries for assessment purposes
  • Prepare pertinent documentation for completing assessment and valuation
  • Develop and organize assessment-related GIS (Graphical Information System) data sets for use by County departments, outside agencies and the public
Black and white image of a map

In the performance of these tasks, we strive to provide prompt, high quality cost-effective service to internal and external clients requesting map, ownership, and other property information.

Our Product

Our primary map product is the set of Assessment Parcel Maps, which include ownership parcels with parcel numbers and other identification text, by section, quarter section, or township scale. 

These maps are available for purchase in the Assessor's Office or can be viewed (or downloaded) for free from this website. You can follow "Parcel Maps" in the menu below. Additional parcel map information, including pricing, may be found in our FAQs.

Land Records Division Data & Maps