Taxing Districts' Receivables

The receivable is the taxing district's levy amount less the tax payments received monthly for any given property tax year (PTY). (The property tax year lags 1 year behind the Fiscal Year.)

Below you will find links to Kootenai County's taxing districts' receivables reports for periods ending June 30th and September 30th. 

Receivable Reports

Current Report: Kootenai County Receivables Report Sept 30, 2023)

View Prior Reports: Taxing Districts' Receivable Reports.

Reporting Dates

Period Ending Report DateReport Available Date
June 304th Monday in August
September 304th Monday in November


Starting with PTY 2013, the Special Assessments (Such as unpaid water bills or Local Improvement Districts' Fees) certified with the Kootenai County Treasurer's Office will not be included in the tax charge or receivables balance. Special Assessments will continue to be reported for years prior to PTY 2013.