Upon a timely application, if the requirements of indigency and residency are met, Kootenai County will pay an amount established by the Board of County Commissioners to pay for the cremation or burial of deceased Kootenai County residents or unclaimed bodies.

Local funeral homes, friends or relatives of the deceased, or the Kootenai County Coroner can submit an application for cremation. Download the Non-Medical Assistance Application (PDF)


Please note state law requires that the application must be filed with the Kootenai County Assistance Office BEFORE the cremation or burial services are rendered.

A copy of a valid death certificate must be submitted to County Assistance upon receipt of certificate.

County Assistance Will Not Pay For

Kootenai County will not pay for transporting human remains either into or out of Kootenai County.

Kootenai County will not pay to exhume a deceased body buried as an indigent.

Kootenai County is not financially responsible for the burial of a deceased person who at the time of their death was in the custody of the State of Idaho Department of Corrections, Federal Government or any of its agencies, either in Kootenai County or elsewhere.

Additional Information

For more information please refer to the Kootenai County Ordinance regarding Cremation/Burial. (Idaho Code 31-3412)