Focus on Children Class Information

Focus on Children

This course is required for all parents with children under age 18 who file a divorce / custody / visitation or modification in Bonner and Benewah counties.

This course is ordered when an answer is filed in a divorce / custody / visitation or modification case in Kootenai and Shoshone counties.

Please view available class times and to submit your application by email.

Class Specifics

The ability of parents to co-parent during and after their separation or divorce has a direct impact on how well children do in school, in the community and their personal relationships.

The class is designed to help minimize the negative impact of divorce or separation on children at a time when parents are naturally preoccupied with their own adjustments.

The experts who testify in court have repeatedly told us that children deal best with divorce and separation when they are not caught in, or become the object of their parent's disputes.

About the Workshop

The workshop includes:

  • Information and options on how to help your children during this transition.
  • Hear from a Judge regarding options other than litigation for coming to a legal resolution in your case.
  • Children's reactions to the separation or conflict between the parents via video.
  • Attachment and Developmental issues of children explained by a mental health professional.
  • Resources: additional parenting classes, mediator lists, etc.

Additional Information

For information about the classes offered in your county, please call Family Court Services at 208-446-1179.